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Yoo Jae Seok confesses his love for his wife at 2011 SBS Entertainment Awards

Yoo Jae Seok openly expresses his love for his wife, anchor Na Kyung Eun.
On December 30 at 8:50, 2011 SBS Entertainment Awards was held at SBS Open Hall in Deunchon-dong, Gangseo-gu, in Seoul, and Yoo Jae Seok was awarded with the grand prize. The emcee Kim Won Hee asked him to show his affection to his wife by sending her a live message.
Yoo hesitated shyly for a bit, but then said, “I love you and thank you, Na Kyung Eun,” confessing his love to his wife and became the envy of his surroundings.
Even right after receiving an award, Yoo showed his sense of humor. He said, “Let’s wrap up this ceremony with a fun dance,” and danced freely in a funny way with the emcees, Kim Yong Man, Shin Bong Sun, and Kim Won Hee. Then other participants at the awards ceremony, including Lee Kyung Kyu, Jo Hye Ryun, Lee Seung Gi, and Kim Byung Man, came up to stage to dance with them, and closed the ceremony.

Greatest Love receives 7 awards on MBC’s Drama Awards

MBC’s Greatest Love that captivated many viewers with Jin Dokgo’s charms was nominated as the ‘Best Drama of The Year’ at MBC’s Drama Awards.
On December 30, 2011 MBC Drama Awards was held at MBC Dream Center and Jung Joon Ho, and Lee Honey emceed the event that was broadcast live. Just like its title, Greatest Love received the greatest love by receiving seven awards.
Right after receiving the award, Park Hong Gyun producer said, “I want to thank the scriptwriter, staff, and actors. I’m honored to have met these people. I also would like to thank all of you who gave me so much love and support.”
Besides receiving the ‘Best Drama of The Year’, Greatest Love’s Gong Hyo Jin(Most Popular), Yang Han Yeol(Best Child Actor), Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin(Best Couple), Hong Ja Mae writer(Best Writer), and Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin(Grand Prize in the male and female category) received many awards.
In the other hand, Can You Hear My Heart received four awards (Grand Prize- Kim Jae Won, Hwang Jung Eum, Golden Acting Award- Jung Bo Seok, Popularity Award- Kim Jae Won), Miss Ripley’s Park Yoo Cheon, My Princess’s Lee Gi Kwang, Mate’s Seo Hyun Jin, Gae Baek’s Hyo Min, and Indomitable Daughter-in-law’s Park Yoon Jae and Lee Honey all received the Best Rookie Awards.
The following is the list of 2011 MBC Drama Awards:
▲Best Rookies in miniseries category: Male section, Park Yoo Cheon(Miss Ripley), Lee Gi Kwang(My Princess) Female section Seo Hyun Jin(Mate), Hyomin(Gae Baek)
▲Best Rookies in soap opera category: Male section, Park Yoon Jae(Indomitable Daughter-in-law) Female Section Lee Honey(Indomitable Daughter-in-law)
▲Best Rookies writer: Hong Ja Mae, Hong Jung Eun, Hong Mi Ran(Greatest Love), Bae Yoo Mi(Twinkle Twinkle)
▲Best Dubbing Actor for foreign films: Park Seon Young(CSi Miami 9, and more)
▲Best Child Actor: Kim Yu Bin(Hurray for Love), Yang Han Yeol(Greatest Love)
▲Special Awards: Kim Young Ae(Royal Family), Yoon Tae Young(Night Hospital)
▲Achievement Awards: Kang Boo Ja(Indomitable Daughter-in-law)
▲Golden Acting Awards in miniseries category: Jung Bo Seok(Can You Hear My Heart/Hurricane Couple), Bae Jong Ok(Hurray for Love)
▲Golden Acting Awards in soap opera category: Cha Hwa Yeon(A Thousand Kisses), Gil Yong Woo(Twinkle Twinkle)
▲Best Producer Awards: Kim Jung Tae(Miss Ripley, Can’t Live With Losing), Choi Jong Hwan(Gae Baek, Mate) Song Ji Hyo(Gae Baek)
▲Popularity Award: Kim Jae Won(Can You Hear My Heart)/ Gong Hyo Jin(Greatest Love)
▲Best Couple: Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin(Greatest Love)
▲Excellence Award in soap opera category: Male section Ji Hyun Woo(A Thousand Kisses), Female section Gil Yong Woo(Twinkle Twinkle)
▲Excellence Award in miniseries category: Male section Kim Jae Won(Can You Hear My Heart) Female Section Lee Bo young(Hurray for Love), Hwang Jung Eum(Can You Hear My Heart)
▲Grand Prize in soap opera category: Male section Kim Seok Hoon(Twinkle Twinkle) Female section Shin Ae Ra(Indomitable Daughter-in-law), Kim Hyun Joo(Twinkle Twinkle)
▲Grand Prize in miniseries category: Male section Cha Seung Won(Greatest Love) Female Section Gong Hyo Jin(Greatest Love)
▲The Best Drama of the Year: Greatest Love

SNSD’s Jessica of the past: “She looks different, but how exactly?”

A picture of SNSD’s Jessica taken in the past is attracting people’s attention.
On December 31, a picture of Jessica was uploaded on an online community board with the comment, “Jessica of the past.”
In the picture, Jessica looks pleasantly simple with no makeup on. Especially, she looks somewhat different from her present look.
People responded: “She looks different but I can’t say exactly how she looks different,” “She’s become really pretty,” “Jessica has really changed in a good way.”

Kim Hyun Joong absolute impersonation of ‘Rain’ garn applause.

On the recent broadcast of ‘KBS Music Festival‘ heart throb Kim Hyun Joong performed Rain’s song ‘Rainism‘.
Kim Hyun Joong performed it before his own song and skillfully imitate the choreography, sexy vocals and interesting postures which gran applause from audience.
He very well proved the truth of his nickname ‘Post Rain
Source: kpopstarz

JYJ Wins 3 So-Loved Awards

JYJ became the most decorated boy group in the recently concluded So-Loved Awards as they bagged three titles, Best Male Band, Best Album and Best Music Video. Junsu’s You Are So Beautiful also nabbed OST Song Award while Jaejoong‘s drama, Protect the Boss snatched the Best Drama title.Boy group Infinite also proved their popularity to European fans as they collected 2 awards, Best Song and Best Choreography.Now on its 2nd year, So-Loved Awards is the first official European K-Pop Award giving body catering to all German speaking K-Pop fans in the region. It is presented by K-Colors of Korea a magazine based in Germany and the country’s most influential K-Pop community, So-Loved. Voting poll was opened from Nov 1st to 30thwith 17 categories. 75,000 German speaking K-Pop fans voted to expressed their supports to their favorite K-Pop groups. Here are the winners of other categories:
Best Female Band- 2NE1
Solo Artist (Female)- IU  (Male)- Jay Park
Newcomer (Female)- Rania (Male)- B1A4
Comeback- Big Bang
EP (Mini Album)- Brown Eyed Girls – Sixth Sense
Japan Release- TVXQ – B.U.T
Rock/Alternative- 10cm
Hip Hop- Tablo
 Special awards.
K Culture Award- Sorea
So-loved Special Award- U-Kiss
K Special Award- HITT

B2ST beat Infinite and IU and took first place at the Song Festival

Idol group B2ST received the grand prize ‘The Best Song of The Year’ at Song Festival. B2ST beat the other two strong candidates Infinite and IU.
On December 30 at 8:55 p.m, B2ST’s “Fiction” has been chosen as ‘The Best Song of The Year’ at 2011 KBS Song Festival that was held at Yeouido KBS Hall in Seoul.
‘The Best Song of The Year’ is very significant because the public voted for the award during the live broadcast of the show. B2ST received 90,000 votes out of 600,000 text message votes. Besides B2ST, Infinite, IU, and SNSD received the most votes in a descending order.
Yo Seop says, “I want to thank all our members, my parents, families of the agency, and staff members. We will try harder in 2012.”
Lee Gi Kwang states, “We’re honored to receive such a big award. We will make it up to the fans by trying our hardest next year. Thank you Beauty(fan club) for cheering us on.”
In the first part of the event, B2ST performed “Fiction” and in the second part, they performed Shim Soo Bong’s “Man is Ship, Woman is Harbor.”
Lee Gi Kwang who went on stage in a chair due to his injured ankle, was nominated as the Best Rookie in miniseries category at 2011 Drama Awards that was held at MBC Ilsan Dream Center at 9:55 p.m that day. He attracted attention because he swiftly went and came from the Drama Awards despite his injury.
Lee Hwi Jae, Jeon Hyun Moo and Park Sa Im emceed the Song Festival, and 21 groups including SNSD, Super Junior, f(x), 2PM, Wonder Girls, T-ara, Davichi, Secret, and Sistar appeared and performed at the event.