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Girls’ Generation Finished Performing ‘The Boys’ on David Letterman Show

The Girls’ Generation is currently performing on the late-night program, ‘The Late Show with David Letterman.’
The show that’s famous for their A-list celebrity and Hollywood stars, politicians, athletes, and news anchors. Considered to be one of the top late-night TV programs in the States. The girls performed the title track of their US maxi single, "The Boys".
The girls was the last of the performance of the show.

FT Island's Lee Hong-gi Melting Hearts with his Sexy Voice.

Lee Honggi was seen performing at the MBC Festival, singing a heart-wrenching ballad. 

The festival which celebrates the opening of the new channel 'MBC Music' will be aired on TV tomorrow in order to celebrate the launching of the new channel, "MBC Music". 

Kan Mi Yeon's hand made chocolate grabbing attention of the fans

Kan Mi Yeon made a bunch of hand-made chocolate for her fans.
On February 1st she posted on her me2day "Kan Mi Yeon's best friend~ 100th episode special event! I made hand made chocolate for CHIN CHIN family" along with a photo of the chocolate.
Kan Mi Yeon added "it's really small compared to the love that I received but thank you for always loving, thank you! I want to spend the next 1000days, 10000days with you! I love you".
Kan Mi Yeon is currently DJing for the radio program 'Kan Mi Yeon's best friend'.
Netizens who saw the photo commented "I want it too", "so pretty", "I listen to the radio everyday", "so pretty, even your naked face", and etc...
Photo Credit: Kan Mi Yeon me2day

Song Ho Young and Moon Hee Jun 'whoever wins needs to bring the group back together'

1st generation idol H.O.T Moon Hee Jun and Son Ho Young battled to decide who will bring his group back together.
The two made their appearance on JTBC 'Idol conference-1st generation idol special'. On this day's filming the tension was tight between the two.
In the middle of this 'battle' Moon Hee Jun said to Son Ho Young "whoever wins between the two has to bring their team back together". Son Ho Young also cooly accepted this challenge and it turns out that whoever wins the last round has to bring their team back together.
Netizens who heard of this showed a lot of interest. Because there has been many rumors regarding the two team's reunion, the attention is on whether or not they will keep their promise.
Photo Credit: JTBC Capture

T-ara’s Ji Yeon Reveals Her Past Relationship for Two Years

T-ara’s youngest Ji Yeon revealed her past relationships on MBC’s “Joo Byung Jin’s Talk Concert.” Fellow guest Super Junior’s Shindong, KARA’s Kang Ji Young, ZE:A’s Im Siwan and RAINBOW’s Kim Jae Kyung shared their experience as hallyu artists.
Ji Yeon shared her personal experience and confessed that she used to be in a relationship for two years. Her story led Kang Ji Young to confess that she too had a boyfriend before her debut.
As well as sharing the hardships of being part of a popular girl group in tears, fellow guest nodded their heads in understanding and consoled her.
The full story of Ji Yeon can be seen on MBC’s “Joo Byung Jin’s Talk Concert – K-POP Star” on February 2nd at 11:10PM KST.
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Se7en's new song was originally Son Ho Youngs?!

Se7en's new song 'Even if I can't sing anymore' has been revealed to have been Son Ho Young's in the first place.
Son Ho Young's recent appearance on MBC 'Memory shining night' was posted on a online community. In March 2011 broadcast Son Ho Young came on the show and sang his new song. He stated "it's a song called 'Even if I can't sing anymore' by Park Jin Young. You'll be able to see it soon" and sang a snippet of the song.
Netizens who saw the program commented "of my it's crazy", "so is was SHY's then it went to Se7en?", and etc...
Photo Credit: MBC

Solbi new photos and hints for the new month

Singer Solbi posted a photo of her recent how-abouts.
On the 1st of February Solbi posted on her Twitter "start of February... February is a month to conclude the last year and start the new year... So exciting... I am preparing myself for another courageous challenge as I dream".
She added "I hope everyone has a happy day^^ Happiness comes from a thanksgiving heart. Thankfulness also makes you smile. Everyone have a joyful month of February".
In the photos Solbi is smiling big while under the sunlight. Her extraordinarily while teeth catches the attention.
Netizens who saw her photo commented "Solbi unni your teeth is unusually...", "getting prettier and prettier", and etc...
Photo Credit: Solbi Twitter

Lee Seung Gi’s Japanese Debut Single Music Video Teaser Ft. Park Shinhye

Oricon reported earlier about singer Lee Seung Gi’s Japanese single “Alone in Love” to be released on March 6th. Universal Music Japan released a music video teaser featuring actress Park Shinhye.
The Japanese version single “Alone in Love” will feature songs such as “Love Time” and “Friends” from his fifth full-length album “Tonight.”
The singer is to perform at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo in June, within just three month of his debut in Japan, which is the fastest for a Korean artist.
Watch the music video teaser below.
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2NE1 Bom giddy over a 'corn shaped key chain'

2NE1 Park Bom got all giddy over the corn key chain she found at YG family Japan concert.
On the 31st Bom posted on her Twitter "Look at this. It's our Japan product. It's cool", along with a photo of a corn key chain.
She is known to be a corn lover. In the past Bom was rebuked by her trainee for her love for corn, making the fans laugh.
Fans have encouraged Bom's love for corn by sending her corn to congratulate her in times of celebration.
Photo Credit: Park Bom Twitter

Ji Yeon on "living the life of a popular idol...", filming stopped during the show

T-ara revealed the behind the stories of her celebrity life.
MBC 'Joo Byung Jin Talk Concert' will feature a 'K-POP Star' special. Super Junior Shin Dong, Kara Kang Ji Young, T-ara Ji Yeon, Rainbow Kim Jae Kyung, and ZE:A Shi Wan will be sharing their behind the scenes stories.
Ji Yeon shed tears while talking about her life as a popular idol. They had to stop the show for a while to comfort her.
On the other hand, Ji Yeon also opened up about her past dating experience. She had dated for about two years in the past, to the surprise of everyone. Kang Ji Young also revealed the story of her ex-boyfriend.
This show will also broadcast stories of Shin Dong's perverted fans, Shi Wan's ideal girl, and other interesting stories.
Photo Credit: MBC

JYJ's Peru Concert Opened Limited Seating Due to Fans Request

JYJ Peru’s concert in Peru on March 11th was sold out within 2 days. Fans endless request to C-Jes Entertainment for additional seats seems to have been heard.
C-Jes and Noizu have decided to expand the general area for more seating. The announcement stated an agreement has been reached to expand the General Area as many fans were not able to purchase a ticket while only 60% of the arena is being utilized.
The tickets were said to be available for limited seating on January 31st.
There will be no additional dates added to the concert, as the group would follow their set schedule.

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliff is a fans of SNSD??

World-wide popular movie series 'Harry Potter' hero Daniel Radcliff revealed that he was a fans of SNSD.
Radcliff made an appearance on ABC TV show 'LIVE! With Kelly' and raised the anticipation for SNSD's appearance on TV. The host Kelly stated "It's all over Twitter that SNSD is making their apperance on our show. They are such a popular group", introducing the group." To which Radcliff added "I also have a CD of SNSD", agreeing with their popularity.
SNSD will be making their appearances on both 'Live with Kelly' and 'The Late Show with David Letterman'.

“City Hunter” Air on Japanese Fuji TV on February 6

Popular drama “City Hunter” has been decided to start airing on Japanese Fuji TV from February 6th to the 29th. Starring Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young will air for five times a week for an hour at 2pm JST.
Fuji TV representative stated, “We are very excited about ‘City Hunter.’ As the drama is based Japanese manga we expect the drama to gain a lot of popularity and Lee Min Ho will arrive on instant stardom.”
Lee Min Ho’s agency shared, “After releasing the announcement of airing the ‘City Hunter’ in Japan we have received many other countries request as well. Currently he is taking rest and deciding on his next project. He will be joining the promotion of the drama series to greet his fans.”

“The Wonder Girls” Movie First BTS Video

Its only two days away from the debut of Wonder Girl’s U.S. movie “The Wonder Girls” on TeenNick. The music video of their main soundtrack “The DJ Is Mine” has been released featuring School Gyrls.
The girl group held a red carpet event premiering the movie on January 29th in Los Angeles at the CGV Cinemas.
JYP released the Wonder Girls first behind-the-scenes video focusing on Wonder Girls and School Gyrls. Also second teaser of the film has been released on TeenNick in anticipation of the debut.
Don’t miss the debut of “The Wonder Girls” on TeenNick on February 2nd.
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NU'EST Plans a Valentine's Day Movie Date with Fans

Pledis Entertainment rookie group NU’EST announced to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their fans. Before their debut to show thanks to their fans for the love and support, NU’EST asked their fans on a date, through a special event at a movie theater.
Further updates will be provided on their official fancafe and Facebook.
Pledis Entertainment shared, “Aside from this, there are other events for the boys to meet their fans before their debut please give them your support.”
The group will be making their official debut in March

“Dream High 2” Soundtrack, JYP’s Song Sweeping Music Charts

First episode “Dream High 2” featured the first part of the drama’s soundtrack. JYP was once again involved in composing, writing and interpreting the soundtrack of the drama.
JYP also composed “Someday” and gave to IU for her to sing for Dream High’s first season, it received a lot of love and topped various music charts.
The track “Falling” is slow-tempo with beautiful guitar melody. It has gained a lot of popular response sweeping music charts since its release. Raking first, second and third on real time charts. The song is available on digital music portals such as Melon, Soribada, Bugs and Mnet. The rest of the soundtrack will include more beautiful melodies reflecting character stories, struggles and dreams in the drama.
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Se7en Release Music Video "When I Can't Sing" Featuring G-Dragon

Se7en now has finally returned with his new single “When I Can’t Sing” releasing the full music video.
The track is a first joint collaboration between YG and JYP Entertainment. The video features Big Bang’s G-Dragon while he works with J.Y. Park for his comeback in 18months to surprise his fans.
Watch the music video below.
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MBC on Strike - Shows Cancelled.

MBC labor force went on strike today (January 31st EST), effectively stalling at least a week's worth of shows. The shows include, "Infinite Challenge," "The Great Birth of a Star 2" "We Got Married", MBC News, and other specials. The representative of MBC announced that "It is likely that the programs will be stalled indefinitely until we resolve the situation." Viewers, however, are not amused, crying out: "What did Infinite Challenge do wrong?" "I can't stand a week without my program!" "You took away the joy of my life."
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Teen Top: "We prefer Sohee over SNSD's Yoona"

Teen Top which recently gained popular status was interviewed in radio talk show. The talk host, Choi Hwajung, asked many questions including "Do you prefer SNSD's YoonA or Wondergirl's Sohee?" Teen Top, known for their unity, unanimously answered together at once, "Sohee!"

 The issue was put on spotlight as all 6 members decided together. When the host asked the reason, they replied, "Wondergirls selected Teentop as one of the best idol groups out there so we wanted to return the favor."

In addition, they unanimously answered "Cooking over cleaning" and "Hamburger over kimbap" - showing their miraculous teamwork. 

Super Junior Striding in the Snow

The MBC Music Festival opened up at the Olympic Park Olympic Hall in Seoul. All members of the Super Junior came down the red carpet as well as Kara, MBlaq, Sg Wannabe, A Pink, Teen Top, and many more. 

Lee Seunggi and Ayase Haruka

Lee Seunggi recently sent out a love call to Ayase Haruka. 

When Lee Seunggi was interviewed for his move into Japan, he was asked the question, "which actress do you want to work with?"  - to which he replied, "Ayase Haruka."

Lee Seunggi, already famous for his acting in "The Glorious Inheritance" unwaveringly said he would "love to work with her in a love comedy."

In addition, Lee Seunggi praised Japanese music and said that he really wanted to perform with the rock band "ONE OK ROCK."

In the meanwhile, Lee Seunggi will be debuting in Japan with the single "Love Ages" and is expecting a concert at the Budokan in June.

Possible Second Season for ‘K-Pop Star’

SBS’s ‘K-Pop Star’ has revealed that producers are strongly considering a second season. PD Park Sung Hoon revealed to reporters, “We are beginning to think of a second season for ‘K-Pop Star.’ However for a second season we would need to discover a winner with potential to become a star within the first season.”
The show launched on December 4, 2011 is hoping for a winner to be decided by at least April. Although they have yet to reach any milestones, the program has been acknowledged by viewers and the industry.
As the judges of SM, YG and JYP Entertainment is the core defining factor that sets the program apart, the second season will rely on their return to the program.
SBS representative shared, “The priority first lies in the discovery of one star in season one. Then we’ll begin the discussion of a second season.”
The live broadcast of the program will begin February after the ‘Top 10’ announcement.

Shin Se Kyung proudly shows off her culinary skills

Not only is actress Shin Se Kyung beautiful, but it seems she’s quite the chef as well!
On January 29th, Shin Se Kyung tweeted a photo of some handmade pancakes and proudly wrote, “I made this.”
Adorably, she defended her culinary masterpiece even when her friends poked fun of her attempt.
She argued, “I know it doesn’t look good, but they were delicious. Looks like I’m going to be a master chef.” She then added, “Why do I crave kimchi stew after eating this…?
Netizens remarked, “What can’t you do?”, “They look so elegant“, and “Can you be my wife already?”
In related news, the actress-turned-chef is busy filming her new drama series, ‘Fashion King‘.

Dream High 2 addresses the harsh reality of idol life

The long anticipated second season to the KBS 2TV drama Dream High aired its pilot on January 30th. While the first season mainly consisted of the standard school-romance genre with a fame-seeker twist, the second season portrays a much more realistic view on the hard lives of idol singers.
From talent credibility to the ever-reoccurring question as to whether or not idols are really considered artists, Dream High 2 aims to tell a story that will give the audience a gist of what it is like being an artist in the K-Pop industry.
Out of the various idol issues that the show covers, the most notable ones from its pilot are as follows:
1. Idol singers-turned-actors
The first scene shows idol star Rian (played by T-ara’s Jiyeon) playing Go Hyemi in what seems to be an autobiographical production on the life of Samdong, a main character from the first season who became an world-famous pop star since his Kirin School of Arts days. While the actor who portrays Samdong (ironically played by Kim Soohyun himself) managed to pull off the part smoothly, Rian is shown having trouble with conveying any emotions into her role whatsoever. Even in her girl group,HerShe, Lian is given the “visuals” position, usually given to the member who lacks skill in both dance and vocals, but possesses good looks.
Rian’s struggle as both an actress and an entertainer is a satirical portrayal of the handful of actor/actress-turned-idols in the industry, ones who depend on their looks to forgive any criticism on their mediocre acting. While the statement is rather harsh, it is one of the many motives of Dream High 2 to portray the controversies shadowing the K-Pop industry.
2. Under-aged idols and their ever-fleeting education
One of the many plot devices in Dream High 2 is the fictitious law that forbids underaged idols to perform on any broadcasting programs past 10PM. In addition, the law sees it fit that all idols attend 20 hours of classes a week.
While giving idols a curfew for their artistry may seem groundless, the matter of young idols missing their education due to their hectic schedules is indeed a concern.
3. Are idols really considered artists?
The pilot episode saw Jin Yoojin (played by 2AM’s Jung Jinwoon) and JB (rumored member ofJYPE’s upcoming boy group) as artistic rivals. Their history goes far back to the Kirin School of Arts auditions back in 2010, where the two were put in the same audition session: the former’s impressive talents and ambitions to become a real musician disheartened the former’s dreams to become an idol, ultimately distracting him from showcasing his abilities to its full potential.
While both are aspiring musicians who both take the craft of songwriting seriously, Yoojin sees idols as nothing more than one’s childish dreams to become a musician not for the music, but for the fame: “Idols are nothing but fools who have no heart and soul for music. All they do is sing and dance as they are told, like little puppets on string. Don’t you find that disgusting?” says Yoojin.
This addresses the criticism of the factory-like method that most labels take to create their artists. While fans of K-Pop see and appreciate the hard work and passion idols carry to become entertainers, the majority of fans against K-Pop put down idols as being nothing but “puppets on strings.
Meanwhile, Dream High 2 has received generally favorable reception since its pilot. The next episode will air January 31st

Super Junior’s Siwon promotes the proper pronunciation of “kimchi”

A recent tweet by Super Junior‘s Choi Siwon has Korean fans glad that he’s supporting his culture.
Siwon responded to a fan on Twitter“Not ki mu chi. Kimchi… In Korea, we don’t call kimchi ‘kimuchi’, but kimchi. ^^ It’s not kimuchi, but kimchi.” A Japanese follower had previously tweeted Siwon with the post, “ki mu chi 555…” Apparently, kimchi has been popularized in Japan as “kimuchi.”
Fans commented, “Of course, a young man with common sense,” “It’d be nice if Hallyu stars did things like this more often,” and “Siwon fighting.”

K.Will gets teary while recording his new song, “I Hate Myself”

Today, the producer The Name tweeted a file of a recent recording session with K.Will for his new single I Hate Myself.
The Name posted on Twitter, “I’m uploading this knowing that K.Will is going to kill me. An unrevealed recording of ‘I Hate Myself’.” Coupled with a moving melody, the powerful lyrics of “I Hate Myself” describe the despair and agony one experiences after separating from a lover.
The Name went on to state that the session had to be temporarily delayed because of K. Will’s tears, and that he was touched by K.Will’s sincerity towards the song’s emotion.
Fans commented, “I know K.Will’s a vocal who sings with emotion,” and “[My tears] were simmering, and then I cried too.”
K.Will’s new album will be released early February. Check out the clip below:
Source + Photo: The Name’s Twitter