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Tablo Shares Recent Photos of Daughter Haru

Rapper and producer Tablo recently updated fans with recent photos of his daughter Haru. Fans might also remember when the adorable Haru prepared a meal for her father several months ago.
On September 29, Tablo tweeted photos of his daughter wearing a straw hat and spiffy tennis shoes along with comfy yellow pants and a black sweater. 
In one of the photos, Haru shyly clutches on to her red backpack while letting her dad take the photo. The two appear to be enjoying a father-daughter outing together on a sunny afternoon. Fans were especially surprised at how much Haru had grown to resemble her father. 
Netizens commented, “Wow, Haru looks just like her daddy!”, “Wow, she’s so adorable!” and “She must be happy to be spending time with her dad!”
Tablo married actress Kang Hye Jung back in 2009; the couple had their first child, Haru, on May 2, 2010. 

XIA Leaves Sydney Breathless at his Incredible Concert

Xia took to the Big Top stage in Sydney last night to the hysterical screams of his Australian fans. The recognisable thundering drums that begin Tarantallegra sounded and Xia appeared sitting on his throne, looking absolutely incredible.

The crowd waved their red light sticks throughout the whole concert, while Xia managed to dance like crazy and sing his lungs out without missing a single beat. The set list ranged from his Pop songs to Ballads, from his first album ‘Tarantallegra’ to his latest album ‘Incredible’, including ‘No Gain’, ‘Turn It Up’, ’11am’ and ‘Chocolate Girl’.

Xia talked to his audience throughout the concert, with the help of a translator. During the ‘Xia Wish Granting Session’, at the request of audience members, he performed a (very) sexy dance and a super cute Gwiyomi! Xia had very little choice but to perform the Gwiyomi Dance, after the crowd just kept chanted “Gwiyomi, Gwiyomi, Gwiyomi!!”. Laughing and embarrassed, Xia shouted to the crowd- “You ask a 28 year old man to do this?? To my male fans, please close your eyes!”

Xia dedicated the final song, the title ’Incredible’, to all the fans. The crowd danced and swayed their arms with Xia singing “Oooo Oooo Ooo Ooo – you’ve got me screaming! Oooo Oooo Ooo Ooo – you’ve got me singing! Oooo Oooo Ooo Ooo – you’re something something! Oooo Oooo Ooo Ooo – INCREDIBLE!”

The crowd then chanted “KIM JUNSU, KIM JUNSU, KIM JUNSU” until Xia reappeared on the stage to perform a final encore stage- a super energetic ‘Fever’ which left him (and the crowd) completely breathless.


G-Dragon at Incheon Airport to China

G-Dragon is on his way to China as a guest in  Jackie Chan's charity concert that will be held on later today, and the Shanghai West Bank Music festival which is October 2nd.
Also from G-Dragon's Twitter:
tp china tweet
to china2to china3to china4
to china5
to china6
to china7to china8to china9to china10

G-Dragon with his Mutizen Award from Inkigayo

4th Week of September (Crooked):
5th Week of September (Crooked):inkigayo win trophy2

G-Dragon's Instagram: "COUPD'ETAT Japanese ver 'The White' is coming soon..."

COUPD'ETAT Japanese ver 'The White' is coming soon art by @owvbics"

Seungri's Instagram: "EXILE Magazine"

"JAPAN 月刊EXILE Magazine #SR #月刊EXILE"

G-Dragon Leaving SBS Inkigayo

leaving 2leaving 3leaving 4leaving 5leaving 6leaving 7leaving 8leaving 9leaving 10leaving 11leaving 12leaving 13

G-Dragon to Release LP Edition of “Coup d’état”

G-Dragon, trendsetter and always ahead of the game, goes back to analog with the release of his second studio album, “Coup d’état,” in LP form.
YG Entertainment announced today that this limited edition of “Coup d’état” will be released October 18. This is the second time G-Dragon has released one of his albums in LP form; the first was for “One of a Kind.”
Taking inspiration from G-Dragon’s lucky number “8,” there will only be 8,888 copies sold, each one numbered on the cover jacket by G-Dragon himself.
There will also be package editions of this album available, with lyrics booklet, badge, mask, and other never before seen images combined with the LP.
Pre-sale orders start September 30.
g-dragon vinyl lp

Siwon claims that he's also an ELF after Super Junior Japanese fan meeting

Super Junior held fan meetings on the 26th and 27th at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan.
Afterwards, Siwon tweeted in Japanese, "Wow! The 4th time (fan meeting), you worked hard/congrats. I had lots of fun, what about you guys? Anyway, I'm an elf too!"
He also attached a picture of himself with tousled hair and facial hair as if he had been casually bumming out at home--yet he still manages to look this good, don't you agree? 

2NE1 attend Vogue's Fashion Night Out in Seoul + Dara sports a new pink and blonde hairstyle

On September 27, the stylish girls of 2NE1 attended Vogue's 'Fashion Night Out' event in Seoul.  It must have been hard not to notice the girls as they made their appearance and even harder to tear your eyes away!  Many Korean news sources quickly gathered around the girls to take a ton of pictures.

Park Bom looked cute and pretty with her usual long hair and bangs. Her one-piece was simple yet unique with its colorful pattern.  Minzy also boasted a very colorful blazer with a mesmerizing orange, pink, and black pattern.  To make sure her blazer stood out but her outfit wasn't too overwhelming, Minzy showed a good sense of fashion by choosing black for the rest of her apparel.

CL looked charismatic as usual with her dark black hair.  Most notably, she was wearing bright red leather pants with a matching jacket casually placed around her shoulders. The black under shirt exposed enough of her skin so that she looked both sexy and classy overall.

Perhaps most notable, however, was Dara sporting a new and attention-grabbing hairstyle!  Her hair had been dyed mostly blonde with some bright, bubble gum pink highlights.  She was also wearing a furry yellow vest with black stripes that bees would undoubtedly envy as it looked incredibly warm--perfect for the chilly fall weather!

The perpetrator responsible for repetitive malicious comments against YG Entertainment and its artists caught + apologizes

YG Entertainment has taken legal action against the perpetrators behind the malicious rumors and comments about the agency and its artists, and now one of the perpetrators, a Mr. Kim, has been caught.

YG Entertainment stated, "Whenever articles would get released concerning the agency and its artists, malicious comments would interfere with our business and cause emotional distress so we filed a complaint to request an investigation this past July. The Mapo Police Station traced the IP address and through persistent tracing, Mr. Kim was caught. Mr. Kim confessed to his crimes.

"Mr. Kim was so obtrusive with his malicious rumors that even the agency staff and fans knew his name. The uncountable amount of malicious comments continued repetitively, and become more malicious with time, causing harm to YGE and its artists."

"When the level of damage became serious, in order to protect the agency, our artists and representatives, we filed with the police. The Mapo Police Station working on this case managed to receive a confession from the suspect after two months of investigation."

Mr. Kim wrote in his letter of apology, "When I first began to write malicious comments a few years ago, I was receiving a lot of stress from personal issues so I wrote negative comments to relieve my anger. It became an addiction like drinking and smoking and I became addicted to writing those comments. I send my apology and I promise that I won't do it again."
The agency also revealed that despite having been lenient for a while to these malicious comments as the perpetrators are usually teens, they will now be taking a more aggressive stance on the matter and respond with legal action.

G-Dragon invited to perform at Jackie Chan's charity concert and the 'Shanghai West Bank Music Festival' in China

G-Dragon, who's been receiving more and more recognition as an artist, has been invited to perform at a series of large-scale concerts in China.

The Big Bang member was invited to make a special appearance at Jackie Chan's charity concert in honor of his 100th film appearance held at Huanglong Stadium, Hangzhou, China on the 30th. The concert is expected to attract an approximate audience of 23,000 in support of the restoration of Sichuan in the aftermath of the earthquake.

The concert rep stated, "We see G-Dragon as an artist who is receiving attention not only in Asia but across the world, so we invited him especially."

The rapper will also represent K-pop at the 'Shanghai West Bank Music Festival', which begins on October 1 at the Xuhui District in Shanghai. G-Dragon will perform a day later on the 2nd in front of the expected 6,000 in attendance at the festival.
Fans in China, don't miss your chance to see G-Dragon live at these events!

G-Dragon with Infinite Challenge's HaHa

HaHa: Because I felt like you guys wanted a GD selca so much~~
G-Dragon replied with:
GD: Hyung, then me too...^^^^^

G-Dragon performs ‘R.O.D’ with CL + wins #1 on Inkigayo

GD: leaders #gd #gdragon #giyongchy
with @chaelin_cl #inkigayo #ROD #rideordie
CL: Ma big brobro Jiyong-shi#rideordie#r.o.d
CL: #crazyfunhappyG-Dragon performs ‘R.O.D’ for the first time live on Inkigayo with 2NE1's CL:

[SPECIAL STAGE: G-Dragon - R.O.D feat. CL]

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Lee Joon's movie 'An Actor is an Actor' sells out its BIFF screening in under a minute

Lee Joon's movie 'An Actor is an Actor' has sold out all of its Busan International Film Festival screening seats in under a minute!

The movie will be playing at the film festival on October 4th and 5th with a special 'Conversing with the Audience' section. All of these special tickets sold out in under a minute. It's also playing on October 6th and 11th as just a regular screening, and all of those seats were sold out within five minutes.

Lee Joon, Director Shin Yeon Sik, and Kang Shin Hyo will be at the panel to converse with the audience on the 4th and 5th.   
To the general audience, the movie will be released on October 24th. Are you excited yet?

YG Entertainment Wins 3 Awards from YouTube

At the YouTube Pulse event, which was held at Blue Square in Hannamdong on the 25th, YG Entertainment received three YouTube Partner Gold Play trophies for its Psy, Big Bang, and 2NE1 channels. The trophies are given to YouTube partner channels that have over one million subscribers. Currently, Psy has about 6.5 million, Big Bang has over 2 million, and 2NE1 has almost 1.8 million subscribers. Across all the YG Entertainment YouTube channels, there are approximately 13.3 million subscribers in all. YG Entertainment is not only known for its impressive use of YouTube but also for its use of social media in general.

 It was also revealed that YG was the agency that used SNS channels the most. The top five celebrities that are the most popular on Facebook are also all represented by YG Entertainment.

 G-Dragon has also recently become known as one of the biggest stars on Twitter and Weibo.