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SHINee Key's Success is Because of His Large Forehead?

SHINee Key's Success is Because of His Large Forehead?

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On the most recent episode of “Entertainment Relay – Guerilla Date” aired on March 31, the shining members of SHINee were interviewed. In the interview, Key expressed the grudge he holds against Lee Soo Man for the comment he made about Key’s forehead.

Five years ago when Lee Soo Man watched SHINee on stage for the first time, he complimented the members and gave advice to each. To told Jonghyun, “Your voice is very nice. Practice that song a lot from now on.” ToMinho, “You’re stiflingly good-looking. Take care of yourself.” To Taemin, he said, “You need to dance well in a circular motion.” To Onew, he said, “You sing well.” To Key, however, Lee Soo Man said, “You’re bound to be successful since you have a large forehead!” Key then expressed how the comment had upset him and brought much laughter to the interview scene.

Pictures of IU Singing at a Wedding Show Off Her Thin Figure

Pictures of IU Singing at a Wedding Show Off Her Thin Figure

Recently, on an online community site, a picture titled, "IU Singing at a PD's Wedding," was posted. In the photo, IU can be spotted singing at a wedding.

IU is seen with her hands together on the microphone and singing sincerely while looking at the happy couple. With a 33.5 (XXS) tiny body size, IU is wearing a sophisticated mini dress that shows off her slim figure, which caught the attention of many people.

Netizens who saw the picture said, "IU is so pretty. Poor bride. People may not have said anything, but their beauty was probably compared," "She was probably surrounded by all the uncle fans at the wedding," "IU singing at your wedding..so lucky," "So skinny. Please gain some weight," "Looks like she's going to break," and "IU has a nice figure."

On another note, IU released her Japanese debut single, "Good Day," on March 21. She is currently busy promoting it in Japan.

SHINee's Key is a BB Cream Enthusiast?

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On the most recent episode of “Entertainment Relay – Guerilla Date” aired on March 31, the members of SHINee showcased their unstoppable and honest personalities during the interview.

SHINee has finally made its comeback after a year and a half, and Key was given the question, “Do you wear make-up when you are just Kim Ki Bum (Key’s real name)?” As soon as the question was asked, all of the members broke into laughter to the curiosity of the viewers and all who were present.

Key looked pensive for a moment then shyly answered, “Yes,” to which the other members added, “Key separately carries his own make-up bag.” They continued, “He also uses eyeliner.” Key then interjected and accidentally admitted, “I only draw my eyebrows,” and caused much laughter.

Key stated, “BB cream is like money to me. I always need to carry it around,” and expressed his love of make-up.

Krystal Breaks Down at Finale Meeting of "High Kick 3"

Krystal Breaks Down at Finale Meeting of "High Kick 3"

With the series end of MBC’s sitcom, “High Kick: The Counter-Attack of the Short Legged,” f(x)’s Krystal and actress/model Kim Ji Won teared up at the final episode screening meeting.
A video of the final screening meeting that was held on March 29 was uploaded on March 30 through MBC’s Cupitter Messenger’s blog.
The actors and staff of “High Kick 3” and director Kim Byung Wook attended the last screening meeting.  As the final credits of the show were rolling, the actors all gave a bittersweet standing ovation.  
High Kick 3’s youngest actress, Krystal, began to tear up while Director Kim Byung Wook comforted her. Kim Ji Won followed suit and was seen wiping away her tears at the emotion-packed screening. At the final moments of the gathering, Director Kim Byung Wook bowed soberly to the cast and crew and sincerely thanked everyone.
Following the end of series “High Kick 3,” MBC is set to air “Stand By” on April 9.
The series will be missed! There have been mixed reviews of High Kick 3 – did you enjoy watching it? 
Last Episode Screening of High Kick 3

Big Bang on Happy Music Japan and MTV Czech

Big Bang on Happy Music Japan and MTV Czech

Big Bang released the Japanese version of their hit album, “Alive” earlier this week.  The group has received much love for their latest album since its release.  “Alive” debuted at second place on the Oricon Daily Chartbeating out other steep competition.  The album also managed to top the Japanese iTunes album charts for the past few days.
Continuing with their busy schedule the kings of K-Pop had the chance to perform one of their latest hit singles on NTV’s “Happy Music Japan.” The group gave a characteristically flawless performance of the Japanese version of “Fantastic Baby.”
Big Bang will hold the Japanese leg of their 2012 “Alive Tour” throughout mid- May and early June. The tour will kick-off on May 17 and will travel to five cities across Japan.
The group continues to make their mark around the globe as the MV for their single "Blue" appears on MTV Czech.  "Wishlist" is a program on MTV Czech that features music videos as voted by viewers.  Thanks to the support of Czech fans Big Bang's "Blue" made it to the number two spot on the show's chart.  Since the music video recieved such an outcry of support from fans the video was shown during this weeks episode.  Congratulations to Big Bang and Czech VIPs. Big Bang's clip from the show can be viewed below.
Feel free to view Big Bang’s Japanese performance of “Fantastic Baby” below.  Which version of “Fantastic Baby” do you prefer?

Shin Se Kyung: "I Would Like My Daughter to Not Have My Personality."

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On a celebrity news segment titled “Hot Rising” on "Entertainment Relay" aired on March 31, actress Shin Se Kyung had an interview at one of her CF shoots.

Among the comments she made during the interview, Shin stated, “I would like my daughter to not have my personality.”

When asked, “What would you liked to be called other than an actress,” Shin Se Kyung answered, “Mom?” She explained, “Although not right away, I would like to be a mom. However, I would like my daughter to not have my personality. My mother always tells me that I need to have a daughter like myself (to understand what it’s like), ” and brought much laughter to the interview.

Additionally, when she was asked what actor she would like to meet again, Shin answered Song Kang Howithout a moment’s hesitation. She said, “I would like to meet him again after I’ve matured some more.”

HyunA was offended by Boom getting her name wrong + teary goodbyes on ‘Birth of a Family’

4minute‘s HyunA expressed her discontent after Boom called her by the wrong name on this week’s broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Birth of a Family‘.
The March 31st episode of ‘Birth of a Family’ featured Boom, G.NA, HyunA, and ZE:A‘s Siwan. The trouble started when Boom called HyunA, “Hyoyeon,” to which she replied offended, “What did you just say?” making the members of the on-screen family laugh. G.NA then revealed, “He called me HyunA last time.”
Additionally, the members shed some tears as they said goodbye to their beloved dog Cherry that they looked after over the series. ‘Birth of a Family’ has been running a special animal shelter project since November 12th of 2011. This was the final episode and the series’ time slot will be replaced by ‘Invincible Youth 2‘ starting from April 7th.
Source & Image: Osen

The Voice Korea contestants battle it out over “Hoot”, “Replay”, and “Trouble Maker”

The contestants on the March 31st edition of Mnet’s ‘The Voice Korea‘ battled it out over some classic Kpop songs.
First up was Park Tae Young versus Lim Byung Suk as they battled over SHINee’s “Replay”, unfortunately for Lim Byung Suk he forgot some of the lyrics to the song.
The second battle featured Jang Eun Ha versus Lee Yoon Kyung over Girls’ Generation’s “Hoot”, the ladies gave a completely different feel of the song with their wonderful voices.
The third battle featured In Ji Yoon versus Ham Sung Yoon over Trouble Maker’s “Trouble Maker”.
Which performance was your favorite?

Girls’ Generation appear on Japanese variety show “Mecha×2 Iketeru!” special

As previously reported, the ladies of Girls’ Generation appeared on the 3-hour long special of the Fuji TV variety show “Mecha×2 Iketeru!“.
The girls appeared in about 30 minutes of the special and showed off their charms.
The Japanese comedians calling themselves the ‘Okamura Takashi Exploration Party’ or ‘explorers’ traveled to Seoul in order to capture the descendants of the ancient ‘Shoujo Tribe’, who now exist in the modern age as Shoujo Jidai (Girls’ Generation). Along the way they even bump into a few members of the group Super Junior, check out the segment below!
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Royal Pirates cover Ailee’s “Heaven”

Nearly three years we interviewed SoCal (Southern California) independent rock band Royal Pirates.
The group started in 2004, originally as Fading From Dawn, featuring guitarist-vocalist Moonchul Kim, drummer Sooyoon Kim, and bassist Richard Kim (Moonchul’s older brother). Unfortunately, after a tragic car accident in Pomona, California, Richard died at the age of 21 in April of 2008.
The remaining duo renamed the group to Royal Pirates and they later added bassist James Lee to return to a three member band. The group gained popularity through YouTube covers of popular Kpop hits such as Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” and Wonder Girls’ “Nobody”. Their popularity even led for them to receive a love call from Star King.
The group has kept quiet as of late but they recently uploaded a wonderful cover of Ailee‘s “Heaven“, check it out below!
Hey guys! This is Team RP. As the Royal Pirates mentioned earlier today on Facebook and Twitter, we wanted to share a small piece of what RP has been up to lately. After almost 7 months since their last public performance, we all have been working passionately in Korea for RP’s next step. Hope you guys enjoy this raw cover RP recently recorded for you all~ More exciting updates to come! Please stay tuned with us on Facebook & Twitter for all the lastest updates and whereabouts. We love you guys! Thanks for supporting Royal Pirates! – Team RP
For more information on the Royal Pirates, check out their Facebook Page.