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‘The Best of Big Bang 2006-2014’ Japanese Release
Release Date: November 26
1) 3 CD + 2 DVD – ¥6,480 [Preorder @ YesAsia]
2) 3 CD – ¥3,780 [Preorder @ YesAsia]
Track List:
CD Disc 1
01 My Heaven
02 Gara Gara Go!!
03 Baby Baby -Japanese Version-
04 Always -Japanese Version-
05 Let Me Hear Your Voice
06 Tell Me Goodbye
07 Beautiful Hangover
08 Hands Up
09 Tonight
10 Ms. Liar
11 Haru Haru -Japanese Version-
12 Fantastic Baby
13 Blue
14 Feeling
15 Bad Boy
16 Ego
17 Monster
01 Oh Yeah Feat. Bom (From 2NE1) / GD&TOP
02 High High / Gd&Top
03 That XX / G-Dragon
04 Crooked / G-Dragon
05 Who You? / G-Dragon
06 Turn It Up / T.O.P
07 Doom Dada / T.O.P
08 Eyes, Nose, Lips / Sol
09 Ringa Linga / Sol
10 1AM/ Sol
11 Wings / D-Lite
12 Rainy Rainy / D-Lite
13 Shut Up / D-Lite
14 What Can I Do / V.I
15 Gotta Talk To U / V.I
16 Strong Baby / V.I
CD Disc 3
01 We Belong Together
02 A Fool Of Tears
03 V.I.P
04 Bigbang
05 La-La-La
06 She Can’t Get Enough
07 Dirty Cash
08 Shake It
09 Lies
10 Always
11 Last Farewell
12 Crazy Dog
13 Lady
14 Number 1
15 Sunset Glow
16 Hallelujah
17 Lollipop
DVD Disc 1
・ My Heaven -Music Video-
・ Gara Gara Go!! -Music Video-
・ Let Me Hear Your Voice -Music Video-
・ Tell Me Goodbye -Music Video-
・ Beautiful Hangover -Music Video-
・ Tonight -Music Video-
・ Fantastic Baby -Music Video-
・ Blue -Music Video-
・ Bad Boy -Music Video-
・ Monster -Music Video-
・ Oh Yeah Feat. Bom (From 2NE1) -Music Video- / Gd&Top
・ Crooked -Music Video- / G-Dragon
・ Who You? -Music Video- / G-Dragon
・ Turn It Up-Music Video- / T.O.P
・ Doom Dada -Music Video- / T.O.P
・ Ringa Linga -Music Video- / Sol
・ 1AM -Music Video- / Sol
・ Wings -Music Video- / D-Lite
・ Shut Up -Music Video- / D-Lite
・ Gotta Talk To U -Music Video- / V.I
・ Strong Baby -Music Video- / V.I
・ We Belong Together-Music Video-
・ A Fool Of Tears-Music Video-
・ La-La-La -Music Video-
・ Dirty Cash -Music Video-
・ Lies -Music Video-
・ Always -Music Video-
・ Last Farewell -Music Video-
・ Haru Haru -Music Video-
・ Number 1 -Music Video-
・ Sunset Glow -Music Video-
・ Lollipop -Music Video-
DVD Disc 2
・A-Nation Stadium Fes. 2014 ー Stage Movie
Hands Up
Fantastic Baby
Gara Gara Go!!
Haruharu -Japanese Version-
Bad Boy
Let Me Hear Your Voice
My Heaven
Fantastic Baby (Encore)


Below are question and answers that have been translated. Daesung answered a lot of questions, and not all have been translated. When/if more become translated, we will post those as well.
Fan: Who do you wanna spend Halloween with?
Daesung: TOP
Fan: Have you eaten Oden today?
Daesung: I’ve eaten everyone’s love!
Fan: After Hokkaido, what’s your favorite place in Japan?
Daesung: The place you’re at!
Fan: Can I wear the D-kun pajama to your release events?
Daesung: What will you be wearing underneath? (laugh)
Fan: Lately Halloween is super popular in Japan! What would you dress up as for Halloween?
Daesung: Hulk!
Fan: Who do you wanna spend Halloween with?
Daesung: TOP
Fan: I want to go to the live encore! Can I please borrow your money!
Daesung: Then please let me borrow your wallet!
Fan: Do you care about what I wear when I sleep ?
Dae: yes
Fan: Have you contacted TOP recently?
Daesung: Because TOP is a baby, I always protect him
Fan: What is a must eat at Osaka?
Daesung: Golden Dragon Ramen!
Fan: What costume will you wear for Halloween? I’ll be a zombie.
Daesung: I’ll go as TOP.
Fan: Do you have a Santa? (T/N: Like a personal santa)
Daesung: My Santa is TOP.
Fan: You keep mentioning TOP! Who do you like more, VIP or TOP?
Daesung: Difficult… If I have to choose… TOP (laugh)
Fan:  Why are you so sexy?
Daesung: I was born with it
Fan: I want to go to a haunted house with you! Will you protect me?
Daesung: I probably won’t be able to protect you (laugh)
Fan: What do you think of SOL-san (T/N: Sol is Taeyang’s Japanese stage name)?
Daesung: I think he’s really free spirited
Fan: What words do you wanna hear from your lover?
Daesung: “Your eyes are so big!”
Fan: I want to live in your nose!
Daesung: Go ahead! It’s warm there!
Fan: What did you buy recently? ( ^o^ )
Daesung: underwear
Fan: Which YG artist do you feel awkward with when you two are alone?
Daesung: V…… I……. (T/N: V.I. is Seungri’s Japanese stage name)
Fan: If you could be a woman for a day, what would you do?
Daesung: I’d like to meet D-LITE (laughs)
Fan: Is your nose getting bigger?
Daesung: It’s still growing!
Fan: What do we do if it (T/N: His nose) gets even bigger?
Daesung: How about you move in?
Fan: Soon is TOP’s birthday! What present will you give him?
Daesung: I’ll send him a picture of me ♡
Fan: Did you watch TOP’s movie?
Daesung: Yes, it was the best in the whole world!
Fan: Tell me a good thing about BIG BANG.
Daesung: Our endless freedom.
Fan: Out of all BIG BANG songs which one is your favorite?
Daesung: Doom Dada. (T/N: TOP’s newest solo song)
Fan: Have you planned a surprise for TOP’s birthday?
Daesung: The surprise will be that there is no surprise!
Fan: This Friday is my company’s party. I’ll sing Nalbwa Gwisun (T/N: “Look at Me Gwisoon”). Could you give me some advice?
Daesung: Have confidence and focus on the chest
Fan: Tell me 3 appealing points of this album. (T/N: Album being Daesung’s newest enka cover album “Delight”)
Daesung: The energy, the acting in the MV and the size of the eyes!
Fan: In Nalbwa Gwisun (T/N: “Look at Me Gwisoon”) you were surrounded by many women. Would you be as happy surrounded by TOP?
Daesung: hmm… hard to say, lol
Fan: Do you sleep naked in winter too?
Daesung: For a man the season doesn’t matter!
Fan: Is D-LITE-san’s delight-san doing well? (T/N: As to what “delight-san” means, take it in the most perverted way)
Daesung: It’s totally delighted
Fan: What thing made you the happiest lately?
Daesung: Today!
Fan: What was the most fun for you in the filming of Nalbwa Gwisun MV? (T/N: “Look at Me Gwisoon” MV)
Daesung: The scenes with women. (laughs)
Fan: What Japanese songs do you wanna cover now?
Daesung: It’s a secret!
Fan: I want to go to karaoke with you!!!
Daesung: Me too!
Fan: In Nalbwa Gwisun (T/N: “Look at Me Gwisoon”) you say “What do you wear to sleep at night?”. What do you like for a woman to wear to sleep?
Daesung: A silk pajama
Fan: Do you do any (T/N: cosmetic) treatment to your lips?
Daesung: It’s all natural!
Fan: Does the (T/N: YGEX) CEO do the Nalbwa Gwisun (T/N: “Look at Me Gwisoon”) dance too?
Daesung: She’s practicing right now!
Fan: Where do you want to go for a Christmas date?
Daesung: To a ski resort!
Fan: I like you so much that I can’t find a boyfriend. What should I do?
Daesung: Aaaaah ^^, I’m flattered. Please come to my encore concerts ^^
Fan: What outfit should I wear for the tour?
Daesung: As long as it’s amazing everything is OK!
Fan: I love eroi (T/N: erotic/perverted) Daesung *\(^o^)/*
Daesung: Thank you very much!
Fan: Can I go to the concerts in a bathing suit?
Daesung: Welcome!
Fan: Have you been practicing the drums lately?
Daesung: Of course!
Fan: What Christmas present will you ask Santa for?
Daesung: I got the best present today…!
Fan: Please, sleep with me tonight! ♡ I’m waiting for you in my futon ♡ (laugh)
Daesung: O~K
Fan: Weren’t you scared to death when the bear appeared? (T/N: referring to the DVD)
Daesung: It’s all acting ~ lol
Fan: Do you like women older than you?
Daesung: Of course!
Fan: If you were to cook something with your lover, what would you cook?
Daesung: What do you want to eat?
Fan: I think I’ll wear the D-kun pajama to sleep tonight.
Daesung: Go ahead! I want to do that too.
Fan: My boyfriend’s birthday and the release event are on the same day!
Daesung: Please choose!
Fan: How can I meet Daesung?
Daesung: Let’s believe in destiny!
Fan: I won’t go to the toilet till I get a reply from you!
Daesung: Go to the toilet first!
Fan: I wanna touch Daesung’s arms ♡
Daesung: Go ahead!
Fan: What part of yourself do you like the most? Your eyes? Your nose?
Daesung: My nose.
Fan: Who do you like more, TOP or Nao (T/N: the fan’s name)?
Daesung: Nao
Fan: Do you have any questions for VIPs?
Daesung: Please tell me why you became VIPs!
Fan: Because I like you!
Daesung: Thank you very much!
Fan: It’s cold outside so please warm me up (laugh)
Daesung: Come here!
Fan: My dream is to get into YG. Give me some words of advice!
Daesung: It’s easier than you’d think!
Fan: Oppa! Are you watching carefully? (T/N: probably as in reading all the mentions)
Daesung: I’m always watching
Fan: I can’t go to a hot pot party! Please console me!
Daesung: I’ll make hot pot for you ~
Fan: Today your eyes are bigger than usual?
Daesung: They are always big. I just hide them.
Fan: If you went on a date with a single woman in her 30s, where would you take her?
Daesung: Home!!
Fan: Congrats on your #1 at Oricon Daily Ranking. In what else do you wanna be #1?
Daesung: I want to be your #1!
Fan: What Western music do you often listen to lately?
Daesung: QUEEN “Love Kills”!!!
Fan: When can we meet?
Daesung: So・me・day!
Fan: How is Yang sajangnim doing lately?
Daesung: He’s doing good!
Fan: There are only two months left of 2014. What’s your wish before this year ends?
Daesung: To finish the (dome) tour without incidents~~!
Fan: Are you in charge of rap? (laugh)
Daesung: Rap is my specialty. (laugh)
Fan: Please tell me a secret of BIG BANG members!!
Daesung: It’s a secret because I don’t say it.
Fan: In the album jacket, what are you pointing at?
Daesung: Y・O・U!
Fan: Daesung! I’m a Seungri fan but I’ll be your fan if you reply to me! (laugh)
Daesung: Here here ^^
Fan: What sushi do you like?
Daesung: Uni (sea urchin), aburitoro (lightly grilled tuna belly) and shimesaba (vinegar-pickled mackerel)
Fan: Will you dance Nalbwa Gwisun (T/N: “Look at Me Gwisoon”) with me?
Daesung: Of course!
Fan: What is your favorite animal?
Daesung: The dolphin
Fan: Is it because your eyes are small that you can’t see this mention?
Daesung: What do you mean by that!
Fan: Men are hips! Women are?(T/N: Dae always says that a man is defined by his hips)
Daesung: Do I have to say it..?
Fan: Can you say sth to your Thai fans? We love you so much. Please reply…
Daesung: Sawadika ^^ (T/N: Means “hello” or “Greetings”)
Fan: My eye bags are as bad as V.I’s. Please cure me?
Daesung: What should I do?
Fan: Out of all the members you are the comic one, right?
Daesung: No! I’m always serious.
Fan: It’s almost 10pm. Will you please extend the twitter event?
Daesung: That’s right! Since today it’s 10/29 I’ll continue until 10:29pm!
Fan: Do you prefer curled hair (T/N: As in done with a curler) or straight hair?
Daesung: Send me a picture~
Fan: If you don’t reply to me I won’t go to work tomorrow…
Daesung: Let’s not go to work together
Fan: Since you don’t reply to me I’ll drown my sorrows in alcohol…
Daesung: Be careful not to drink too much~
Fan: What do you do when you’re having a hard time?
Daesung: I laugh!
Fan: I can’t wait for dome tour! Give me something to look forward to!!
Daesung: We’ll show you a BIG BANG you’ve never seen before!
Fan: What is the thing that you don’t want a girl to do?
Daesung: Leave me.
Fan: During concerts, can you hear our voices?
Daesung: Of course! I sing while listening to your voices!
Fan: I don’t need words, just send me a heart please
Daesung: heart (he wrote the word)
Fan: Lately my heart beats fast because you’re erotic. Has you heart beaten lately too? (T/N: “Look at Me Gwisoon” lyrics)
Dae: Just by imagining you (laughs)
Fan: It’s getting colder, right? Do you like winter?
Daesung: Yes, I love it!
Fan: During concerts, can you really see the fans?
Daesung: Yes, my eyes are small but my eyesight is good! (T/N: He always says this, lol)
Fan: Do you do any (special) treatment for your nose?
Daesung: Do you wanna do it for me?
Fan: Please, say hello to me!!!
Daesung: (^O^)/
Fan: What’s your method to relieve stress?
Daesung: I scream!
Fan: Will you prepare a “go with Daesung to karaoke and drink together” event?
Daesung: I’ll think about it!
Fan: What is your favorite song in this album?
Daesung: All, but especially Dounimo Tomaranai
Fan: The encore concert, what kind of concert is it?
Daesung: The good kind!!!!!!!!
Fan: What is the wallpaper picture on your cellphone?
Daesung: It’s the default picture (laugh) (T/N: Daesung uses an iphone, so it’s the default iphone background)
Question asked in Korean:
Fan: Oppa! What Korean food do you wanna eat the most right now?
Daesung: Dubu kimchi!
Fan: Whenever you come to Japan, is there anything you bring no matter what?
Daesung: My suitcase & my passport (laugh)
Fan: Do you wanna go to karaoke with me tomorrow?
Daesung: 200 yen
Fan: Do you use a D-kun smartphone case? (they sold them at his last tour)
Daesung: Of course, I’m using one!
Fan: I’ve always loved you but at dome tour whenever the cart passes by you’re always facing the other side
Dae: Look at me & scream louder!
Fan: Lastly, please say something to VIP JAPAN! (T/N: Question said “VIP Japan” but Dae seemed to be responding to all VIP)
Daesung: I’m alway thankful, but today especially so! Thank you. I’m a person who can’t do anything but sing, so I will always, always keep on singing for all of you. Let’s meet again soon!

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Taeyang’s latest Instagram update from his fan sign event yesterday in Seoul for CK ONE:
Thank you guys for visiting me yesterday to celebrate #ckone 20th anniversary! Nice meeting you all! I luv #ckone @CalvinKlein #ckmeforme


Mnet’s annual music awards MAMA has released its first line-up of musicians set to perform at the award ceremony.
The 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards will take place on December 3. EXO, G-Dragon, and Taeyang are currently revealed as part of the lineup for the ceremony. EXO was active earlier this year with their hit “Overdose,” while Taeyang was also well-received with his release of “Eyes, Nose, Lips.”
2014 MAMA will take place in Hong Kong, at the Hong Kong Asia World Expo Arena.
Previously, Mnet opened the website for the 2014 MAMA on October 27, where fans could vote for their favorite stars. There will be 17 award categories in total. The voting will go on until 12:00am on December 3.


YGEX has announced both through livestream “NicoNico” and on their Twitter page that Daesung will be taking over their Twitter (@YGEXstaff) once again, and will be answering fan questions in celebration of his new enka/trot cover album.
Date: October 29th
Time: 9-10pm JST
– You must be following @YGEXstaff to have a chance of having your question answered.
– You must post the tweet to @YGEXStaff with one of the two following hashtags: #でぃらいと, #DLITE_enkai


Daesung on for the “Revival of Enka”

Daesung’s Greeting for “Music Shelf Japan”

Article translations will be posted once available.


G-Dragon in Hong Kong with his parents (to his left) and the owners of the restaurant where they had dinner after the Chow Tai Fook fan meeting:


G-Dragon’s updates on Weibo:

Thank you and good night hong kong! #chowtaifook




Thanks to HappyvirusD (@KirisimaSH) for uploading!