sâmbătă, 30 iunie 2012

4minute Kwon Sohyun Changes Her Hairstyle For a More Sophisticated Look

4minute member Kwon Sohyun showed off her sophisticated look with the change of hairstyle.
On the 29th, she posted on her Twitter "Heehee. I dyed my hair yesterday. I took the photo during the filming. I love the color. kkkk", along with the following photo.
In the photo is Sohyun sporting a lighter shade of her original hair color. The brown color of her hair makes the print of her shirt appear more exotic, helping her appear more mature.
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Those who saw the photo commented "I love her changed hair color", "goddess? So pretty", "she looks more sophisticated", and etc...

More Big Bang for G-Market Website Photos

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G-Dragon arrives at Narita Airport in Japan

Source: @Erena0711 and @akinyanmage

Ryan Chan and Lesslie Kee with G-Dragon in Paris

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ZE:A Reveals Teaser For Their Comeback Song "Aftermath" [Video]

On the 29th of June, K-Pop idol groupe ZE:A realeased a teaser of their new music video for their new song "Aftermath". ZE:A released their monotone jacket image earlier this month that revealed their chic sense of style.
In the 30 second teaser however, the members of ZE:A are wearing colorful attire while sporting a 2:8 split hair style. This new retro look emphasizes their modelesque body lines as well as revealing a different side of ZE:A.
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In addition, the teaser for "Aftermath" released a very short portion of the actual song and built up the anticipation level in their fans. The soft guitar strings along with the soft vocals that sound completely different compared to their previous songs that are known to be powerful, reveal ZE:A's ability to challenge and take on new music genres.

T-ARA Hyomin's Airport Fashion Head to Toe in Red

Hyomin All Red
On June 29th Hyomin left in the middle of her T-ara's Japan tour to attend the KBS Special Stage on Music Bank. She was seen at Kimpo Airport.
Hyomin was seen in T-ara's new comeback concept stop light hairstyle that matches her other members. Her red hair was matched by her red jacket, bag, and accessories.
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Viewers expressed, "It's too red," "Her hair stands out and now her clothes do, too," and "Queen of Casual Fashion!" 

JYP Transforms Into Leonardo DiCaprio?

Producer and singer JYP replicated the famous movie scene.
On the 30th, he posted on his Me2day "Does this remind you of any movie? If you look at the name of the boat... Tonight tvN SNL...", along with the following photo.
In the photo, JYP is standing behind the actress Min Hyo Rin on a boat named 'Titanic'. He is wrapping his long around her waist as she stands with her arms stretched to the sides. 
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The reason the two stars are making this pose is because the 30th broadcast of tvN 'SNL Korea' will be showing their own version of 'Titanic 2' with a twist.
On this day, the SNL host JYP and cameo actress Min Hyo Rin completely copied the scene of 'Titanic' from head to toe in order to bring laughter to the audience. 
Those who saw the photos commented "Even the photo is funny", "Oppa you look so poor", "I feel like he's push her", and etc...

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny gets called out for a ‘scandal’ on ‘Invincible Youth 2′

On the June 30th broadcast of KBS2TV‘s ‘Invincible Youth 2‘, the G6 members reported on Girls’ Generation Sunny‘s “scandal” during their ‘Invincible Youth Relay’ corner.
Photos of Sunny and a mysterious person together caused MC Boom to question, “Isn’t this person wrapping his arm around your waist too tightly?” MC Kim Shin Young added, “100% dating,” whileYewon responded, “The rumors were true,” Bora“That person’s back is familiar,” and Hyoyeon:“Wow, daebak.”
Kim Shin Young continued the accusations saying, “I’m sure that they’ve kissed.” Sunny finally explained that it was all just a misunderstanding as she revealed, “We’re family. It’s Amber of f(x).”
Suzy then remarked, “I was completely fooled,” making everyone laugh.

After School’s Lizzy looks like a chat emoticon?

After School‘s Lizzy has fans talking about her resemblance to an emoticon from the smartphone application KakaoTalk.
Lizzy posted to Twitter on the 30th, “The [upset emoticon] from KakaoTalk and I look exactly alike, oohaha.”
Fans commented, “I think Lizzy’s a little prettier,” “When I look at it like this, they really do look alike,”and “Whenever I see this emoticon, I’m going to think of Lizzy now.”
On another note, After School completed their first comeback performance of “Flashback” on June 21 KST.
What do you think? Does she bear a resemblance to the emoticon?

Wonder Girls’ Sun wins MVP title on ’100 Million Quiz Show’

Wonder Girls‘ leader Sun emerged as the MVP on June 29th’s broadcast of SBS‘ ‘100 Million Quiz Show‘.
Sun is reported to be the second “elite idol” to achieve a perfect score after Girls’ Generation‘sSeohyun.
The Wonder Girls member was calm and cool throughout the quiz program as she gave a reason behind each of her answers. She also impressed the audience with her renditions of songs by the ’70s and ’80s groups Pearl Sisters and Lily Sisters.
On another note, the winning pool of 130 million Won ($113,880 USD) was carried over to next week’s show.
Congratulations to Sun on winning MVP!

Infinite’s Sung Kyu makes female fans’ hearts flutter, showing his romantic side

Infinite’s Sung Kyu recently made female fans’ hearts flutter, showing his romantic side.
On the episode of KBS2’s Immortal Songs 2 that aired on June 30 at 6:15 p.m., Sung Kyu appeared in the show as the last contestant.
Having chosen UN’s Ocean Wave to sing, Sung Kyu went down the stage as the performance began, and female audience applauded. The singer generated more acclaim from the audience with a rose in his hand, taken from the pocket of his upper suit. Next, he kneeled down to a female audience and presented her with the rose.
Being acclaimed by audience, Sung Kyu had the tempo of the performance changed to fast beat and showed off buoyant, cute dance moves. The romantic, cute performance was strong enough to make female fans heart flutter. Ulala Session’s Seung il said, “The performance, singing, and dancing were all perfect. I think Sung Kyu will win although I’m a huge fan of Ailee.”

Super Junior’s Leeteuk loses his inner poise because of the jealousy

Super Junior’s Leeteuk recently lost his inner poise because of the jealousy and said some harsh things to Sungmin.
In the episode of MBC’s We Got Married that aired on June 30, Leeteuk and Gang So Ra couple went on a trip to Island Namyee in Chuncheon.
During the conversation, on their way to Chuncheon, Leeteuk learned that his wife had a close friendship with a guy.
Later, it came to light that the close male friend of Kang was Super Junior’s Sung Min. The wound-up hubby pulled up the car at seeing his wife flustered, and made a phone call to Sung Min to unveil the truth.
Losing his inner poise during the phone call with Sung Min, Leeteuk said some harsh things to Sung Min: “Hope your musical will be a great failure,” which made his wife embarrassed.

Leeteuk posts unreleased ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ teaser photo

Super Junior‘s leader Leeteuk shared an unreleased teaser photo for the group’s upcoming album ‘Sexy, Free & Single‘.
He tweeted on the 30th, “In celebration of Leeteuk’s birthday on July 1st, Super Junior’s 6th album ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ release! Before that, unreleased photo reveal!”
The teaser photo he shared is slightly different than the official one previously released in that his gaze is shifted downward.
Fans commented, “It looks like you came out of a fairy tale,” “You just look beautiful,” and “I wish you could reveal more pictures.”
Check out Super Junior’s ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ music video teaser here, album highlight medley here, and look out for updates on allkpop!

KARA’s Jiyoung shares an adorable heart photo collage

KARA‘s Jiyoung shared an adorable photo collage of 16 selcas.
She tweeted on the 30th KST, “It’s raining~ I wanted to make a heart too >.~”, and attached the clever heart collage image above.
Fans commented, “Infinite variety of facial expressions,” “It’s really hard to make a heart photo collage like that…,” and “How can all the faces you make be so cute?”
KARA’s maknae seems to have a talent for arts and crafts. What do you think of her heart collage?