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T-ARA N4 ‘Countryside Diary’ Hits 100 Million Views in One Day

T-ARA N4 'Countryside Diary' Hits 100 Million Views in One Day
T-ARA N4′s new song, “Countryside Diary” music video hit 100 million views in just one day.
Their music video revealed a series of different celebrities and gained much attention.
They released both a drama and dance version of the music video on YouTube.
After the release of their song, they have been ranking high on music charts.

Actor Park Ki Woong Appears in Younha’s MV with No Guarantee Contract

Actor Park Ki Woong Appears in Younha's MV with No Guarantee Contract
Actor Park Ki Woong has been casted to play a role in Younha’s new music video with a no guarantee contract.
Younha released her teaser video for her new mini album on April 26 and released a mv teaser video today on YouTube.
Many famous musicians have come together to produce for her new album including Lyn, Yoon Do Hyun and more.
In the teaser video, Younha reveals a sad image with Park Ki Woong deep in thought, making many curious as to what happened.

G-Dragon and Daesung in Japan's "Nikkan Sports News"


Seungri to be Special Guest at "One of a Kind: World Tour in Beijing"

Individual Posters for Kim Soo Hyun’s “Secretly and Greatly” Revealed

The individual posters for the three leads of the upcoming movie, “Secretly and Greatly” have been released. “Secretly and Greatly” tells the story of three North Korean spies sent to South Korea and each takes on an alternate ego to disguise their true identity. Kim Soo Hyun plays the role of Ryu Hwan, who acts like a village idiot to hide who he really is. Park Ki Woong plays Hae Rang, who pretends to be a guitarist. Lee Hyun Woo takes on the role Hae Jin, who pretends to be a normal high school student.
Each poster prominently features each actor portraying their characters just through their facial gesture. Park Ki Woong gives off a chic smile that portrays Hae Rang’s carefree artist lifestyle. His tagline reads, “Whatever we do, shouldn’t it be fun?” Kim Soo Hyun gives a huge, bright smile to portray the innocence of his alter ego. His tagline reads, “Born as a wild dog, raised like a monster, infiltrate as an idiot.” Lee Hyun Woo’s tagline reads, “I am this neighborhood’s observer.” His eyes portray the tension of being a spy, who must always keep his eyes and ears open.
“Secretly and Greatly” will premier June 5 in theaters.

PSY Says the Week He Released “Gentleman” Was “Like Hell”

In a recent interview with MTV, PSY revealed that the week he was getting ready to release the music video for “Gentleman” was one of the craziest, hectic and hellish weeks of his life.
Referring to the “Gentleman” music video, PSY admitted, “I released it on April 12, and on April 13 I had a huge concert in Korea … so that week, it was like hell.”
He also gave details about his schedule following up to the music video release saying, “On Friday, I had to release the single, and on Saturday, I had to release the video, and I had to do a 50,000-person stadium concert. That same week, on Monday and Tuesday, I did the shooting [of the 'Gentleman' video]. I was done with the shooting on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, we were editing, and I was rehearsing and I was memorizing all the choreography. So that week was like the worst time ever in my life.”
But it seems like in the end, PSY’s hard work had paid off!
Regarding the record-shattering success of “Gentleman” he stated, ”I honestly changed this song so many times until the very last moment. I was not excited, I was terrible. I was so nervous. My only goal was to avoid being called a One-Hit Wonder. So that was a very nervous moment right before the premiere. In two weeks, with 230 million views, I’m not a One-Hit Wonder. I’m really happy and relieved about that!”

Song Joong Ki Does Photoshoot with Asian Beauties for Laneige

Song Joong Ki looks like he is enjoying his time as a Laneige model! The “Brighten Up Beauty Camp” is an event commemorating the launch of Laneigeoriginal essence white plus renew. 31 Asian beauties from 7 different countries came to the event. The camp was held from April 26-27. The highlight of the camp was a photoshoot with Laneige’s model Song Joong Ki.
The females that went to the “beauty camp” had the opportunity to do a photoshoot with Song Joong Ki. Throughout the photoshot Song Joong Ki gave sweet smiles to the camp members and also talked with them. After the photoshoot the camp members were given “Laneige Water Sharing Limited Edition” gifts with Song Joong Ki’s signature! These girls were very lucky! 

Lee Hi Receives a Bouquet of Roses After Final “Rose” Performance

Singer Lee Hi took a photo with her lovely bouquet of roses that she received after her final performance of “Rose” on “Inkigayo“.
On April 28, Lee Hi updated her blog with the photo of her beautiful gift. She also included the following caption, “My fans sent me a lovely bouquet of flowers to congratulate me on my last ‘Rose’ performance. This is Hi’s proof shot!” 
In the photo, Lee Hi peeks out over her large bouquet of roses that feature an assortment of dark and light pink roses wrapped in paper signed by her adoring fans. 
Lee Hi gave her final performance of “Rose” on SBS’s “Inkigayo,” April 28. Lee Hi earned the nickname “Monster Rookie” for her “all-kill,” chart-topping success with “Rose” that has brought her more than one No.1 trophy on live music programs. 

Psy Makes History With Second Guinness World Record

Psy has a lot to be proud about; two hit singles, worldwide recognition, and now a second Guinness world record.
Korean rapper Psy (real name Park Jae-sang) is undoubtedly the most recognizable Korean in the world after his mega-hit song "Gangnam Style" became the most popular YouTube video of all time at over 1.5 billion views and counting.
Many people had doubts he could do it all again, but the release of "Gentleman" proved to be just as successful in its own right, having gained almost 250 million views since its release earlier this month. What is more, "Gentleman" nabbed Psy another Guinness world record, this time for the most online views in a single day.
On the second day of its release, "Gentleman" racked up 38 million YouTube hits, blowing away the previous record-holder "KONY 2012," a video exposing Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony. The Kony video earned an impressive 30 million views in a single day last year.
Psy's "Gangnam Style" earned the singer a world record for the most "likes" on YouTube.
While talking to reporters at Incheon Airport in Seoul prior to his departure to the US for promotional activities, Psy expressed his pleasure with how well "Gentleman" is doing. "I'm not a one-hit wonder, I'm really happy and relieved about that," he said.

Singer Rain Celebrates 11th Anniversary Since Debut with International Fans Donating to UNICEF

Singer Rain's fans from 17 different countries have donated to UNICEF to celebrate his 11th anniversary since debut.
Rain's fans from Canada, Chile, China, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Peru, Thailand, U.S., Vietnam and others all came together to donate to UNICEF.His fans have been continuously contributing to Cambodia as well.
They stated on April 28 that they have been working together to help children in need and decided to donate to UNICEF.
Rain's fan club stated, "We wanted to donate and help in any way we could for children who are in need. Our donation will help with food, vaccines, mosquito nets and more."
Rain first entered the entertainment industry in 1998 as part of a dance group. In 2002, he debuted as a solo artist. In 2011 he entered the army and will return this July.
Rain also started to delve into acting in 2004 where he first starred in a drama. From then on, he appeared in many other dramas and were also broadcasted in other countries as well. He won the 'Best Actor Award' as well.
In 2006, he played a role in his first movie and won 'Best New Actor' as well.
He then began expanding out to Asia and other parts of the world. He released his first Japan album in 2006.
In 2007, he was listed on People magazine as one of the most beautiful people.
In 2008, he debuted in his first U.S. film and also wen on to play a role in "Ninja Assassin" as well.
He held his Asia tour in 2009 and performed in many different parts of the world.
In 2010 he returned to to Korea to release a new mini album and also started back up in acting.
In 2011, he entered the army and was also appointed honorary ambassador.

2NE1 Confirmed to Appear as Special Guests at Snoop Dogg's First Korea Concert on May 4

Girl group 2NE1 will be standing on the same stage with hip-hop musician, Snoop Dogg.
On May 4, Snoop Dogg will be holding his first concert in Korea, 'Unite all Originals Live With Snoop Dogg' and will have 2NE1 appear as guests.
This concert will be sponsored by the sports brand Adidas, in which both 2NE1 and Snoop Dogg are models for.
An official commented, "2NE1 will perform their solo performance as well as with Snoop Dogg. This show is one worth keeping a look out for."
2NE1 has worked with many international stars and have held many outstanding performances such as and others.
Because 2NE1 is known for their international status, many are keeping  close eye out for this concert as well. Many are curious to see how these two different artists will be able to collaborate together on stage.
Other groups such as The Airplane Boys, DDND MVMT and others will appear on stage for the opening lineup as well.
News that 2NE1 would work with had been popping up since last year and earlier this year the two came together and released a collaboration track titled, "Take the World On."
Earlier this month, 2NE1 featured in's new album for the song, "Getting' Dumb."
2NE1, who is also widely known for their unique fashion sense, has a close connection and friendship with fashion designer, Jeremy Scott.
They have been friends since Jeremy Scott watched their music video and flew to Korea to see them.
It is also known that Jeremy Scott and 2NE1 member CL are very close friends as well.
We will await 2NE1's performance with hip-hop star Snoop Dogg.

Yoon Kye Sang compares the charms of Park Shin Hye and Park Soo Jin

Actor Yoon Kye Sang dished on the charms of his co-stars Park Shin Hye and Park Soo Jin.
During the press conference for the new film ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors of Love‘ held at the CGV Cinema on the 29th, Yoon Kye Sang shared, “Although it’s difficult to compare Park Soo Jin and Park Shin Hye, Park Soo Jin is sexy and Park Shin Hye is feminine. Both of them are full of charms.” Fans were quick to disagree with the actor, pointing out Park Shin Hye is indeed sexy as shown in her latestpictorial which had fan boys’ jaws dropping.
‘Rock, Paper, Scissors of Love’, the second project for ‘Kolon Sport‘s ‘Way to Nature Film Project‘, is a romantic comedy film portraying the love story of Yoon Kye Sang who experiences love at first sight when he sees his ideal type Eun Hee (Park Shin Hye).
‘Rock, Paper, Scissors of Love’ premiered through ‘Kolon Sport’s homepage, YouTube, and portal sites.

Psy to return to the Dodger Stadium to support LA Dodgers’ Ryu Hyun Jin

If you recall back when the “Gangnam Style” phenomenon was just starting to make waves in the States, Psy showed his ‘horse dance’ to the world at the Dodger Stadium. He’s now returning to the stadium to show his support for LA Dodgers’ Ryu Hyun Jin.
LA Dodgers’ Ryu Hyun Jin shared on his Twitter, “I showed the dance to the athletes and they liked it a lot.” Psy thanked him for his support by promising, “I will go to show my support right after I arrive in LA later this April. Fighting always.”
Ryu Hyun Jin also showed his love for Psy with his ‘Ryu Hyun Jin, Gangnam Style’ cover video featured on the major league homepage, which showed the athlete doing his horse dance with fellow teammates Ace Clayton Kershaw and Matt Kemp.
Psy commented in a recent interview, “I definitely want to go visit to show my support. But I’m worried that my visiting will give unnecessary pressure to Ryu Hyun Jin.”
Psy will show his support at the LA Dodger game on May 1st at 11 AM KST.

2NE1′s Dara voted as the #1 ‘vampire girl’?

2NE1‘s Dara has been recognized as K-pop’s ‘vampire girl’.
Cosmetics brand ‘Clio‘  conducted a survey from the 8th-28th asking 1,750 netizens, “Who is the star who still looks the same after ten years like a vampire with her age-defying beauty?”
Dara came in 1st with 51.6% of the votes (903 votes), Choi Kang Hee came in 2nd with 22.2% (389 votes), and Lim Soo Jung came in third with 15.1% (264 votes). Jang Nara came in fourth with 8.2%, and Soy came in last with 2.9%.
A representative commented, “You can tell whether or not someone is youthful by one’s skin, and its bright complexion, shine, resilient volume, and milky skin are the four attributes of youthful skin. Dara is filled with all of those four attributes.”
Dara previously proved she is an age-defying beauty in Clio’s spring ad and made it hard to believe that she turns 30 years old (International age: 29) this year.

B2ST’s Junhyung’s kiss scene in ‘Monstar’ revealed

Monstar‘ unveiled quite possibly the most exciting still cut yet ahead of its premiere by capturing B2ST‘s Junhyung‘s kiss scene!
While most dramas tease with still cuts of your favorite characters about to dive in for a kiss, these still cuts break from the norm by showing Junhyung actually locking lips with a female student in the classroom. As the press release from the drama doesn’t mention whether this female student is the female lead of the drama Ha Yeon Soo, it’s not clear if this is her or another character in the show.
A staff member commented, “This scene is one of the important scenes of the drama’s opening, please watch the premiere to find out why Junhyung’s kiss scene happened. It took six hours to film the romantic kiss scene. Junhyung, who filmed his first kiss scene, was nervous at first but immediately fell into his role and acted the scene out naturally.”
Monstar‘ is a 12-episode music drama which will portray the story of teenagers and their journey of love, friendship, and the pursuit of their dreams, and will premiere on May 17th!

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Kim Woo-bin at Bali

KBS 2TV drama “School 2013” star Kim Woo-bin was seen on vacation at Bali.
The pictures reveal the actor sporting a striped shirt and jeans in the beautiful scenery of Bali, Indonesia.
A friend of his invited Kim Woo-bin over to Bali and he enjoyed recreational activities such as cruising and other sports.
Meanwhile, Kim Woo-bin has been cast as the son of Dong-soo (Jang Dong-gun) in the movie “Friend 2″.

Yang Hyun Suk’s Daughter Shares Her Father’s Sense of Style

Yang Hyun Suk’s Daughter Shares Her Father’s Sense of Style
YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk shared a recent photo of his daughter that drew a lot of attention online.
He used the following photo of his daughter Yoojin as his profile pic on mobile messenger ”LINE.”
In the photo, Yoojin appears to be wearing a trendy pair of striped pants, black coat, pink shoes and a hat that looks strikingly similar to the one her father was always seen wearing on SBS‘s “K-Pop Star.”  
Netizens who saw the photo of Yang Hyun Suk’s daughter commented, “Yang Hyun Suk’s daughter is growing up fast and looking more like her father everyday,” “Yang Hyun Suk’s daughter has adorable, chubby cheeks,” “Wow, Yang Hyun Suk’s daughter is already that big?” and “Aww, I can tell Yoojin is growing up to be a little fashionista.” 

2PM Reveals Trailer for Upcoming Third Album “Grown”

2PM has just revealed a trailer for their comeback third album “Grown” on their YouTube channel.
In the teaser, we see the members doing various things, as seen from the perspective of a cat. A slow R&B track is also played, giving it a very mature feel.
Yesterday they revealed the track list for their album. The album consists of twelve songs and, notably, will have two title songs- “Ha. Ni. Bbun” and “Come back After Listening to This Song.” Members Junho, Jun.K, and Taecyeon were said to have worked on the album songs.
The group will also have a documentary program “2PM Come Back Show” for their return to Korea. Currently, it is slated to broadcast on May 11 midnight Korean Standard Time. (Same as May 12, 00:00) 
In March, when they first announced their May comeback, revealed a peculiar teaser which made it seem like a vampire/monster concept. They then followed it up with mysterious teaser codes and pictures.

Lee Seung Gi Affectionately Fixes Suzy’s Hair

On the April 29 broadcast of MBC’s “Good Day,” Lee Seung Gi was seen affectionately fixing the hair of his “Gu Family Book” costar, Suzy. As soon as the “cut” was heard, Lee Seung Gi corrected Suzy’s tangled hair, showing off a friendly and comfortable relationship with his fellow idol-actor. The camera also caught Suzy giving Lee Seung Gi a neck massage between cuts, making all those watching jealous. 
The atmosphere on the set of the popular drama continued to be friendly and warm with the lead actors’ positive attitudes and aegyo. After filming a scene in which he is hit by Yoo Yeon Suk’s knife, Lee Seung Gi playfully laughed off his pain. It was alsoreported earlier that Suzy kept a smile on her face between breaks despite filming four hours in the rain.
“Gu Family Book” is currently airing Monday and Tuesdays on MBC.

Eat Your Kimchi Reviews G-Dragon’s “MichiGO” MV

This week for Music Monday, Simon and Martina reviewed G-Dragon‘s “MichiGO” music video.
Simon thought it was alright, but was the weakest of G-Dragon’s recent releases. On the other hand, Martina liked it more and thought of as having the same feeling as “Crayon.” While the music video seems random, many of the scenes actually line up with the lyrics of the song.

Psy Manager Scooter Braun Attributes The Success Of 'Gentleman' To One Word: Fun! 'He Represents Having A Good Time' He Says

Psy's manager Scooter Braun can sum up what drives his client's international fame in one word: fun.
"People love to watch that guy dance," Braun, who also manages teen idol Justin Bieber, told MTV News about Psy. "It makes people have fun, and I think music should be a release."
Psy new music video "Gentleman" has already received over 255 million views on YouTube.
The highly anticipated follow-up to "Gangnam Style" broke the record for the most YouTube views in a single day, after being viewed 38 million times on the website on April 14, the day after it was released, the Hollywood Reporter reports.
For Psy, it is his second time making it into the record books. "Gangnam Style" is the most viewed online video in history with over 1.5 billion YouTube views.
The international attention that the video received caused some critics to wonder if Psy would end up as a one-hit wonder, a situation that made the overwhelming success of "Gentleman" all the more sweet, Scooter recalled.
"['Gentleman'] went like number one in like 52 countries, so it was kind of mind-blowing for us," he said. "But he's just fun."
Last week Psy flew to the U.S. to begin a promotional tour for "Gentleman."
"He's coming to the start performing ['Genleman'] on TV, and around the world," Braun said. "And he represents having a good time, so good for him."
But the superstar manager didn't always believe in Psy's talent.
Last week Psy admitted in a South Korean radio interview that his current manager originally approached him about buying the rights to "Gangnam Style" for Bieber.
"When Scooter Braun first contacted me, he was not interested in who I was as an artist," Psy told the host of "Bae Chul-soo's Music Camp. "He wanted to buy my copyright to 'Gangnam Style' so that he could mix it up and have Justin Bieber sing it."
Psy decided that he and Braun should discuss the matter in person, so he hopped a plane to the U.S. to meet with his future manager.
"It was during my flight that Scooter Braun got to see one of my concert clips," said K-pop's biggest star. "He wanted to know whether I can speak English and, if so, he wanted to sign a contract with me."

“Gu Family Book” Keeps The Lead In The Ratings

Yesterday's ratings for the latest crop of Monday night dramas offer no surprises. Little has changed since last week except that the overall percentage of viewers has declined.
The winner in the Monday night ratings race continues to be MBC's "Gu Family Book," but it leads the KBS series, "God of the Workplace" by only a few points.
Although the fantasy saeguk "Gu Family Book" dropped from last week's Nielsen Media research score of 15.1 percent to this week's 14.4 percent, it still edges past "God of the Workplace" which drew only 14.0 percent of the viewers.
Each of the shows lost a few percentage points in ratings.
More viewers may have turned in to "Gu Family Book" last week to see how the delayed introduction of the stars Lee Seung Gi and miss A Suzy would shape the direction of the drama. Lee Seung Gi plays Choi Kang Chi, the hero, a half-mythical/half-human creature who wants to become more human. Suzy plays Dam Yeo Woo his fighting partner and love interest. The first few episodes told the story of how Choi Kang Chi's parents met
"God of the Workplace," the story of a super temp who impresses her workplace superiors, is still going strong. "God of the Workplace" stars Kim Hye Soo as super temp Miss Kim and Oh Ji Ho as Jang Kyu Jik, her workplace superior.
The only obvious loser in this week's ratings race is the SBS series "Jang Ok Jung." The anticipated series has apparently not caught on with fans, despite its popular stars Kim Tae Hee and Yoo Ah In, the gorgeous period costumes and historical content. That drama only earned a 6.9 percent rating yesterday.
No one is sure why the drama lags so far behind. It may be that drama fans have just seen the story of Jang Ok Jung one too many times, since there have been at least seven previous film and drama versions. In this drama version, Kim Tae Hee plays Jang ok Jung, the courtesan executed for plotting to poison Queen Inhyun. Yoo In Ah plays her lover, the King Suk Jong.
Netizen reactions to these three series have been mixed with no overwhelmingly obvious favorite.
Meanwhile, the ratings for the KBS drama, "Cheer Up, Mr. Kim" remained steady, earning 28.7 percent, while variety shows, KBS' "Hello," earned 9.8 percent ratings and SBS' "Healing Camp" earned 5.3 percent.

Lee Byung Hun Joins Impressive Dream Cast

Although he is quickly becoming an international star, Lee Byung Hun still felt a little intimidated at the idea of meeting his costars for the film "Red 2."
The cast is impressive because it includes such big names as Dame Helen Mirren, Sir Anthony Hopkins and veteran actor John Malkovich. Yet Lee Byung Hun was most intimidated by the idea of meeting co-star Bruce Willis.
"He's a well-known action star and so people would think he is so tough and rough," said Lee.But Lee Byung Hun was pleasantly surprised when he actually met Willis.
"In real life, he is so gentle and generous," said Byung Hun.  "When I first met him in front of the make-up trailer, he bowed to me in the Asian way. It was quite impressive and that made me relax."
In "Red 2," the sequel to the film "Red," Byung Hun will play a killer. His character, Han, used to be an agent but he was framed by Bruce Willis' character.
"He can't work as an agent any more," said Byung Hun. "So he became a killer."
It won't be a difficult role for Byung Hun to play, as it is similar to the character he played in the drama, "Iris." In that drama, he was agent Kim Hyun Jun, a National Security Service agent who goes rogue when betrayed by his superiors.
The original film, "Red," was based on Robert Schwentke's comic "Red." In the comic and the first film, a group of retired elite CIA operatives, who are bored with ordinary life, reunite for a mission that shows they have lost none of their savvy. In the sequel the operatives meet up again to track down a missing nuclear device. The mission takes them to Paris, London and Moscow. The operatives use their old school skills to survive.
Byung Hun, who played the villain Storm Shadow in "GI Joe 2," is known in Korea for his role in "Iris" and his work in the films, "Joint Security Area,"  "A Bittersweet Life," "The Good, The Bad, The Weird," and "I Saw The Devil."
The first posters for the film were released last week. One shows Anthony Hopkins drinking a cup of tea. The other shows Lee Byung Hun wearing a stylish black suit and loading one of his many guns with the Empire State Building in the background.
The film will also star Catherine Zeta-Jones and Mary-Louise Parker. It opens in July.
"It was a dream cast," said Byung Hun. "So meeting these stars was a really amazing moment for me."

Five Fun Facts About JYJ Yoo Chun (As Actor)

Park Yoo Chun, also known as Yoochun and by the stage name of Mickey Yoochun is so popular throughout Asia, that when he travels with his group JYJ, airports are often immobilized by the arrival of eager fans.
Although you may know a lot about the singer-turned actor, here are a few more facts.
1. Park Yoo Chun is very close to his brother, Park Yoo Hwan, who is also an actor. The brothers immigrated to America with the
r parents but were separated when Yoochun left to pursue a career as a singer. The experience was difficult for both of them, but today the siblings are closer than ever.
"My brother is like a father to me," said Yoo Hwan, who appeared in the drama, "A Thousand Days' Promise."
As to who is a better actor, Yoochun says his brother's acting is more natural than his, but he is better at being emotional.
2. The role of Han Jung Woo in "Missing You" proves that Yoochun can turn on the tears. The line his character kept repeating was that he was not really crying but the wind was making his eyes tear up. But it was so cold on set that it actually interfered with his crying.
 "When the chilly wind is blowing, it's not easy to cry," said Yoochun. "And in the cold wintry weather, my mouth often became frozen when I was saying my lines.
3. He does not think he is a good actor yet or necessarily very attractive.
"Honestly, I need makeup in order to look good, and because I became an actor all of the sudden after being a singer, there is a lot of room for improvement," said Yoochun.
When praised for his work, he said. "It is not because my acting is good; rather I think my personal experiences show through my acting. As I have experienced crying bitterly before, it was possible for me to cry in scenes like that."
4. He would like to grow hair longer again, as it was in his early JYJ days, but drama roles get in the way.
"After "Sungkyunkwan Scandal," my hair was so long I could tie it up, I like long hair like that. But after I cut it off, even if I want it long again, I can't do it. If I want to let my hair grow long, I need to have one year of no work, but there is work continually."
5. He is so busy that he considered adopting a daughter but decided his schedule was too demanding. He so enjoyed interacting with the young actress Kim So Hyun when he starred in "Rooftop Prince" that he began to think about how much he would like to have a daughter.
 "I really love daughters," said Yoochun. "I fantasize about having a loving family. When I marry I think I will be able to have a daughter like So Hyun."

Psy and the Child Within, 'Power of the Arts'

After the viral reception that Psy's music has gotten yet again, we can be sure that Psy was able to move a common element within the people across the globe.
In Psy's music video of "Gentleman," we see the sad reality of modern day employees working tirelessly to fulfill the needs of their bosses, represented by the entourage of old men who carry Psy's shopping bags.

We also witness childish pranks pulled on women and ruthless objectification of the female body. Some have raised objections, calling such portrayal of women degrading. Perhaps, they missed the whole point of the music video. In it, Psy is an innocent, albeit mean, little boy who is curious about sexuality, unaware of moral consequences and devoid of mature character. To talk what is politically correct or not would defeat the purpose of the music video.
Psy has made an amazing accomplishment and has much more in store for him. With Jo Yong Pil, the legend of Korean pop music, making a successful return earlier this month in his 60s, Psy has a role model to look up to. Like Jo Yong Pil or Bob Dyan, Psy can aim to continue to morph into different style of an artist to speak the truth that needs to be heard by the public at the given period. Bob Dylan's body of work ranged from rock and roll, gospel songs, electric music and jazz to literary works.
There is a tremendous amount of talent in music, art, literature and entertainment underground that has not seen the light of day simply due to the public's lack of access to those who are without connections to step on to the big stage. In order one's culture to flourish in diversity and depth, raw talents such as those need to be excavated and utilized to enrich the public which too often falls into the monotonous repeating of the same and the old.
Arts yield a sword more powerful than the military and speak louder than public discourse on politics and morality.

Psy and Actor Paul Rudd Spotted at White House Event

Psy posted a photo with actor Paul Rudd while attending a private event at the White House.
On April 29, Psy tweeted "I met Paul Rudd" along with a photo of them together.
Both sporting a classic black suit and bow tie, they offered a warm smile at the camera.
Paul Rudd, a hollywood star who has had major success in the box office with a long list of fan favorites such as "Anchorman," "The 40-year old Virgin," "I Love You, Man," was in attendance at the White House Correspondents' Dinner 2013.
One of the largest social events held at the White House annually, the Correspondents' Dinner hosted a wide range of big names like Nicole Kidman, Steven Spielberg, Gerard Butler, Katie Perry, Bon Jovi and many influential politicians.
Politico, a political journalism organization, reported of Psy's invitation to the Dinner and provided a real-time update of the event along with photos of Psy and many others in attendance. "The Korean rapper, Psy, was invited to the event by CBS Networks. He received a lot of media attention upon his arrival," Politico reported.

Psy: 'I'm Not A One-Hit Wonder, I'm Really Happy And Relieved About That'

In a recent interview with MTV News, Psy discussed the difficulties he faced in the week leading up to the release of his newest single, "Gentleman."
Psy described the week prior to the release of "Gentleman" as "hell."

"I honestly changed this song so many times until the very last moment I was not excited, I was terrible; I was so nervous," he said in his interview. "My only goal was to avoid being called a one-hit wonder. So that was a very nervous moment right before the premiere."
Psy described what his schedule was like in the week before "Gentleman" debuted. He shot the music video on Monday and Tuesday, then spent the following three days in the editing room. This is all while he was learning choreography and practicing for his 'Happening' concert that Saturday, where the video was set to debut.
"So that week was like the worst time ever in my life," he explained.
But it all appears to be worth it now. "Gentleman" went on to break records and continues Psy's worldwide internet legacy. Since its premiere, the "Gangnam Style" follow-up has amassed over 244 million YouTube views, a number that is still climbing at a steady pace.
So it seems Psy's fears of being a one-hit wonder were left behind in his "week of hell."
With a smile on his face, Psy expressed, "In two weeks, with 230 million views, I'm not a one-hit wonder. I'm really happy and relieved about that."