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Ivy video tape scandal: her side of the story

Singer Ivy plans to talk about her video tape scandal for the first time.
Ivy appeared in the May 1 episode of SBS’s Strong Heart and gave her side of the story.
She started talking very carefully, “Actually, talking about the scandal is really hard for me.  My family suffered a lot more than me, because of the scandal. I feel much better now, but I am still am sorry such an incident took place and I’m sorry if I have disappointed people.”
Ivy debuted in August, 2005, and became very popular as a sexy diva. However, the video tape scandal in 2010 made her stop her appearances on TV for a long time.
The May 1 episode of the show will air Ivy’s story. Many other entertainers, including Oh Yoon Ah, Park Kyung Lim, Tiffany, Lee Jun, Lee Hyun Jin, Han Ji Woo, Sun Woo, and announcer Kim Hwan will also appear on the show.

MBLAQ’s Lee Jun, “I helped Jung Yong Hwa become a Seoul man”

MBLAQ’s Lee Jun recently said that he helped CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa to become a  man of Seoul.
Lee appeared in the May 1 episode of SBS’s Strong Heart and talked about Jung.
He surprised people by saying, “When Jung and I were trainees, Jung spoke with a Busan accent and was wondering about how the people of Seoul live.”
He also made people laugh by saying, “We went to the gym in the neighborhood and chatted with married women in the morning and visited a cosmetic shop to try sample perfumes in order to help Jung become a Seoulite.”
“Jung is more handsome than me right now but I was much more popular among the girls than him at the time. But since his debut as a member of CNBLUE and he and the group have become a great hit.”
Besides Lee, Ivy, Oh Yoon Ah, Park Kyung Lim, Tiffany, Lee Hyun Jin, Han Ji Woo, Kim Na Young, and announcer Kim Hwan will appear on the show.

Actress Gong Hyo Jin is causing a sensation with a photo of herself taken with JYJ

Actress Gong Hyo Jin is causing a sensation with a photo of herself taken with JYJ.
On April 30, Gong posted a picture on her me2day account with the caption, “I think I’m really good. Still intimidating.”
In the picture, the actress strikes a natural pose along with members of JYJ—Jun Su, Jae Joong, and Yoo Chun. Gong shows off red-colored hair and a tiny face and the foursome brighten things up.
The photo was taken at the set for a commercial for computer games featuring Gong and JYJ together. Reportedly, the actress flaunted how good she was at playing computer games.
Netizens responded: “I like Gong, Are you still good at playing games?” “A beautiful girl and handsome boys! They make a perfect match.” “So, who won the game?”

TVXQ Yunho says “Super Junior’s Shindong didn’t give up exaggerating in NY as well”

TVXQ’s Yunho recently revealed that Super Junior’s Shindong didn’t give up exaggerating and overreacting in New York as well.
On April 30, the showcase for the movie I AM was held at the CGV Youngdeungpo, in Youngdeungpo, Seoul.
TVXQ’s Yunho flashed back the SM Town Live Concert at Madison Square Gardon, saying, “I couldn’t believe I gave a performance on the same stage Michael Jackson performed on. I wondered if I was comparable to Jackson, and that just made me take a look at my feet.”
And the superstar jokingly revealed, “I was thinking how meaningful it was to hold a concert with all the SM entertainers, but Shindong didn’t give up exaggerating and overreacting.”
With this exposure, Shindong seemed embarrassed, but other members of Super Junior all agreed, quipping, “Shin overreacts wherever he goes.”
The playful exaggerator said, “It was a dream concert. I still can’t believe I was a part of that. I wish the concert had lasted longer.”

Song Seung Hun and Park Min Young shoot inaugural ‘Dr. Jin’

Fantasy medical drama Dr. Jin (working title), starring Song Seung Hun (playing the role of Jin Hyuk) and Park Min Young (playing the role of Yoo Min Na), released pictures taken from the set.
On May 1, according to MBC, Song and Park shot the first scenes for the series last month at a university hospital.
The pictures feature Song, who plays the role of the talented surgeon Jin Hyuk, who always does successful operations, and Park, who plays the role of the warm and compassionate doctor Yoo Min Na. They met each other for the first time.
Song has transformed into a smart surgeon and captured the female fans’ hearts by wearing a doctor’s white coat, which looks like a suit on him.
Park has also transformed into a beautiful physician and her long wavy hair makes her look innocent. In the picture, she looks like a very confident doctor.
The production crew for the series says, “The two stars worked in great harmony right from the beginning of the shooting. They practiced together and monitored other scenes for the series. Their passionate attitude moved us.”
The series is based on the Japanese comic book written by Murakami Motoka with the same title. It is a unique medical drama about a modern day Korean surgeon, who goes back in time to the Joseon Dynasty in the 1860s, and works there as a doctor. The series will start airing on May 26 when MBC’s series Feast of the Gods goes off air.

Who will Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung cheer for? Heo Gak vs. Lee Hae Ri

Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung will appear as a one-time MC for KBS 2TV’s Immortal Classics 2.
On the afternoon of April 30, a representative of the production crew revealed, “Kang Min Kyung will attend the recording of the show as a one-time guest MC.”
He said, “Kang will attend the recording shoot with KBS’s Jeon Hyun Moo announcer on April 30.”
He stated, “Kang was chosen as a one-time MC for the show because she is the mascot of Immortal Classics 2. Since both the members can’t get on stage at the same time, we decided to cast her as an MC since Davichi’s Lee Hae Ri has been cast to record the special episode of Park Jin Young.”
Kang performed for the last time on March 31. Previously in November of last year, she was the final winner of a competition and improved her singing in various genres ever since.
Many people are paying attention on whether Kang will cheer for Heo Gak or Lee Hae Ri because she have had a love line with Heo Gak.
On the recording of Immortal Classics 2 which was held on the afternoon of April 30, Ali, Ailee, Lyn, Sonya, Heo Gak, Hong Gyung Min, Nobrain, Sung Hoon(Brown Eyed Soul), Shin Yong Jae(4men), and Lee Hae Ri(Davichi) have appeared.
The recording that took place on April 30 will be aired in two parts on May 12 and 19.

Son Dam Bi reveals her innocence, “It’s so hot.”

Singer Son Dam Bi uploaded an innocent-looking picture of herself.
On the afternoon of April 30, Son uploaded a picture and tweeted, “The weather’s so hot. It’s summer now.”
In the picture, Son is wearing a jean jacket and looking at the camera. Her long hair and pearl-like skin attract attention.
Netizens commented: “Your eyes are intense.” “The weather really did get hot.” “So pure.”

'Love Rain' Jang Keun Suk-Yoona (SNSD), BreakUp After Spending Night Together?

'Love Rain' Jang Keun Suk-Yoona (SNSD), BreakUp After Spending Night Together?
KBS 'Love Rain' aired on April 30 featured the scene of Joon (Jang Keun Suk) asking to end the relationship with Hana (Yoona) after a smooth progression of their couple.
In Ha’s (Jung Jin Young) decision between his ex-wife Hae Jung (Yoo Hae Ri) and his first love Yoon Hee was Yoon Hee. Even after so many years, In Ha had no trouble choosing Yoon Hee. Despite Hae Jung's plead, In Ha insisted he will live with Yoon Hee.
Joon found out about his father's relationship with Hana's mom and he decides to give up Hana. Hana asked Joon to eat with her but Joon gave an excuse of having a meeting, and came home drunk. He falls asleep next to Hana who fell asleep waiting all night holding onto her phone, and despite spending the night together, they end up breaking up. Joon had said "Let's end it here" to Hana.
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Through this, the cute romance of ‘Love Rain’ has shifted gears.

Jun Jin Doesn't Like Song Joong Ki? "My Ex Was a Fan of Song Joong Ki"

Jun Jin Doesn't Like Song Joong Ki? "My Ex Was a Fan of Song Joong Ki"
Shinhwa's Jun Jin shared he considers himself to be an anti-fan of Song Joong Ki, arousing curiosity.
KBS ‘National Talk Show Hello’ featured Shinhwa the longest idol group broadcasted on April 30.
Jun Jin shared that, “I totally understand,” in regards to the story of the guest Kim Jae Shik who became an anti-fan of Lee Minwoo because of his girlfriend liked Lee Minwoo.
Jun Jin said, "I used to date a celebrity, but one day she became a fan of another celebrity,” revealing his anger at that time. He said he finally burst, saying "I'm a celebrity too!"
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When he was asked who the celebrity was, Jun Jin said it was Song Joong Ki. And he added, "I never personally met Song Joong Ki but I personally don't like him very much," arousing laughter.

Jang Jane Concert Tickets Sell Out in 30 Seconds!

Jang Jane, Concert Tickets Sell Out in 30 Seconds!
Singer Jang Jane made a record of selling out her solo concert tickets in 30 seconds.
Jang Jane will be holding her own concert on May 5 in Seoul she posted on her twitter, "I will be holding a concert after 2 years. Come and join the concert. I'm reflecting back to the days before my very first step. The songs that I used to sing 2 years ago with some new songs," raising expectations for her concert.
Jang Jane also said, "I'm nervous because it's been a while since I've had a concert but it's the good kind of nervousness. I’m practicing every day and it’s such a joy at the thought of meeting my fans. I will sing and perform with sincerity."

INFINITE’s Hoya & A Pink’s Eunji to join cast of new tvN sitcom?

There are rumors that INFINITE‘s Hoya and A Pink member Eunji may be taking on roles in new tvNsitcom ‘Respond 1997‘ (tentative title), alongside singers Seo In Guk and Eun Ji Won.
A representative from ‘Respond 1997′ remarked on April 30th, “Seo In Guk, Eun Ji Won, Eunji, and Hoya have not yet been confirmed for roles in the sitcom. They are still working out the details.”
The sitcom is scheduled to air sometime in mid-June, and the title has not yet been officially decided either. We have not started script reading as of now,” the rep added.
‘Respond 1997′ is the first project produced by ‘Qualifications of a Man‘ PD Shin Won Ho since he transferred over to CJ E&M from KBS.
It will be exciting to see Hoya and Eunji acting on the small screen. Stay tuned to allkpop for updates!
Source & Image: Herald via Nate

GD&TOP top the pop charts with their duet song with Pixie Lott Read more:

“Dancing On My Own,” a new song of the popular British singer Pixie Lott, topped the pop charts on April 30 immediately after it was released. Big Bang’s G-Dragon and T.O.P were featured in the song.

The song received wide attention in Korea even before it was released. It ranked first on real-time charts on Naver Music, Bugs, Soribada, and Olleh Music.

G-Dragon and T.O.P played distinctive roles in the song as a rapper and a vocalist. Pixie Lott asked G-Dragon and T.O.P to work together after she heard their music on YouTube.

Pixie Lott is coming to Korea in May to promote her new album. She’s going to stay in Korea for three days to celebrate the release of the de luxe version of her album in Asia.

Born in 1991, Pixie Lott is a singer-songwriter and an actress. Her debut single album Mama Do, released in June 2009, ranked first on the single charts, and she was selected as the most promising new artist in 2010 by the U.S. Billboard magazine. In 2010, she received three awards at Brit Awards.

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Updated: Daesung & G-Dragon After Inkigayo

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Taeyang @ Inkigayo Fancam

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Big Bang to promote Korea by saying "Hello"

Big Bang participated in a public campaign to warmly greet foreigners for the year of Visit Korea.

On April 30, Visit Korea Committee reported that Big Bang would appear in the 2012 public campaign advertisement to warmly greet foreigners, titled “Let’s Say Hello First!”

This public campaign advertisement was created in order to improve the image of Korea by warmly greeting foreigners with smiles as over ten million foreigners are visiting Korea nowadays.

In the advertisement, which was shot at Gwanghwamun Square, Big Bang sing a campaign song about how to say hello in different languages.

Han Kyung Ah, the director of the marketing department of the committee, says, “Big Bang is a popular singing group that has a friendly image, so they fit to the concept of this campaign perfectly. Through the campaign, we hope more people can warmly greet the foreigners so that they feel more friendly toward Korea.”

The public campaign advertisement will start airing on national and cable TV channels early in May. It will also be seen in newspapers and other various different media.

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