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Pictures of TEEN TOP members taking cute poses are currently attracting wide attention. On May 31, TEEN TOP released some of their pictures while chatting with their fans on their official me2day account. In one of the pictures, leader Ricky is acting cute, making rabbit ears with his hands and winking. On the picture, he wrote, “Rabbit Ricky.” In another picture, with a short message that says, “Ricky’s cute action,” Ricky is holding TEEN TOP’s third mini-album and winking and Niel is pretending to shoot at the camera with his fingers. People responded: “They’re so cute,” “I’m so excited about their comeback performance,” “Ricky’s so cute,” “I love you!” “Their cute actions are so awesome!” TEEN TOP will give their comeback performance on KBS 2TV’s Music Bank on June 1 with the lead track “To You.”

SNSD, U-Kiss, SHINee, and B.A.P will spread K-pop in Macao.
The four groups will hold a large-scale concert titled K-POP Nation Concert in Macao 2012 at Cotai Arena in the Venetian Hotel on June 2 at 8:00 p.m. (local time)
Cotai Arena is one of the biggest indoor concert halls in Asia. Including such world-renowned singers as Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Linkin Park, Chris Brown, and Celine Dion, Rain and Super Junior held concerts at the hall.
At the concert, including SNSD, U-Kiss, SHINee, and B.A.P, several K-pop artists who are popular in overseas countries will also perform.
K-POP Nation Concert in Macao 2012 is a mini-concert in omnibus format. Each singer or singing group will give special performances that couldn’t be given at their exclusive concerts or TV music shows.
DBM Meida, a co-host of the concert says, “We sold tickets for the concert on a website run by an overseas server. After hearing this, phone calls from people from Korea and overseas countries flooded in inquiring about the concert, and the work was paralyzed for a while.”

TEEN TOP members show their cute actions

Pictures of TEEN TOP members taking cute poses are currently attracting wide attention.
On May 31, TEEN TOP released some of their pictures while chatting with their fans on their official me2day account.
In one of the pictures, leader Ricky is acting cute, making rabbit ears with his hands and winking. On the picture, he wrote, “Rabbit Ricky.”
In another picture, with a short message that says, “Ricky’s cute action,” Ricky is holding TEEN TOP’s third mini-album and winking and Niel is pretending to shoot at the camera with his fingers.
People responded: “They’re so cute,” “I’m so excited about their comeback performance,” “Ricky’s so cute,” “I love you!” “Their cute actions are so awesome!”
TEEN TOP will give their comeback performance on KBS 2TV’s Music Bank on June 1 with the lead track “To You.”

T-ara’s Hyomin plays the piano with her toes

T-ara’s Hyomin released some pictures of her birthday gifts that she received from her fans.
On June 1, Hyomin uploaded two pictures on her Twitter account with the comment, “I had my birthday party with my fans. It was really great. I’ll upload some pictures of the party as soon as I get home after practice. Thank you so much for celebrating my birthday, everyone!”
Hyomin also commented, “Thank you so much for Hyomin Cut parodying High Cut, cookie cake, and all other gifts! I’ll practice the guitar and the piano hard and play for you! I don’t think I can sleep tonight because I’m so touched!”
In one of the pictures, Hyomin is pretending to play the guitar. She’s getting laughs as she’s trying to play the piano with her toes.
People responded: “I’m so jealous,” “Happy birthday!”

Teaser video of Big Bang’s Taeyang is released on June 1

A teaser video of Big Bang’s Taeyang was released after G-Dragon, T.O.P, and Seungri’s before the release of Big Bang’s special edition album Still Alive.
The teaser video released on YG Life blog on June 1 implies that Big Bang’s new song “Monster” will be an intense, charismatic song as it includes a soaring beat and Taeyang’s soulful voice.
While the teaser videos of G-Dragon, T.O.P, and Seungri are showing the sad part of “Monster,” Taeyang’s video is leading the song to a climax by showing Big Bang becoming monsters.
Taeyang is dressed in black accessorized with belts and showing off his moderate look. At the end of the video,   Taeyang with nervous blue eyes is highlighted, increasing people’s curiosity about the music style of “Monster.”
Big Bang are releasing Still Alive as an extension of their mini-album Alive to show their musical passion. It includes “Blue,” “Fantastic Baby,” “Bad Boy,” and “Love Dust,” which made a hit early this year.
It also includes five new songs, “Still Alive,” “Feeling,” “Ego,” “Bingle Bingle,” and “Monster.” Big Bang are releasing these songs to express their appreciation to their fans.
The lead track “Monster” is especially sensational both musically and visually. Including the large-scale music video of “Monster,” Big Bang’s new album will be released on June 3 online and on 6 offline.

Rain wins appeal against tenant

 Singer Rain seems to be a winner, even when he is away fulfilling his compulsory military service. On May 31, Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of the Hallyu singer for the second time against his tenant, a local designer who had not been paying any rent and failed to move out of Rain’s building after the lease had run out.
“We maintain our ruling from the first trial that the tenant should take the money deducted from his 100 million won ($84,700) deposit and leave the premises,” the court said, ordering the tenant to vacate the premise that he has been using as a gallery.
According to the court, the singer and the designer entered into a contract back in August of 2009 with a deposit of 100 million won and 4 million won rent as well as an additional 400,000 won in maintenance fees per month.
The contract was valid until March 2011 and although the designer used this space as a gallery, he failed to pay maintenance fees from December 2009 and then stopped paying rent altogether from September 2010.
Rain brought a suit against the designer back in January to kick him out but the designer said that because of leakage in the building, he was owed money from damages and failed to vacate the building. He felt that he was the victim and appealed for the case against Rain.
By Carla Sunwoo []

Cross Gene's Teaser Revealed

Cross Gene
Multinational rookie group Cross Gene has released their teaser and has started counting down to their debut.
On May 31, Cross Gene released their teaser to its debut album title song ‘La-Di Da-Di’ on their official site and YouTube.
The members of Cross Gene were able to give the visuals of the teaser an impact with their good looks wearing black suits. Also, their unapproachable charisma has upturned the anticipation to their debut stage.
Cross Gene is an idol group made up of 6 members consisting Shin Won Ho, Takuya, Casper, Sang Min, JG,Yong Suk from Korea, China and Japan. It has been reported that each member of the group has an impressive background.
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Cross Gene will hold its debut showcase at AX Korea on June 7.

Ivy Photo Shoot, Skinny But Voluminous

Ivy Photo Shoot, Skinny But Voluminous
Ivy's photo shoot was revealed, buying much attention from internet users.
On May 30, an online community revealed the recent photo shoot pictures of Ivy.
The revealed pictures of Ivy bring out automatic awe. Her perfect S-line body with no extra fat visible, sharp chins line, and everything else about her are enough to bring envy to all women.
Internet users who saw this commented, "Perfect body so jealous", "Skinny body with volume, so jealous", and "I hope she keeps coming out... She's good at singing too.”

B1A4 visits the home of a fan to help take care of an ill family member

The public is impressed with idol group B1A4‘s genuine love for their fans.
A post titled ‘B1A4 Proves Their Love For Fans‘ recently surfaced on an online community site, where a fan shared a story of how the B1A4 members visited her home and took care of her ill mother.
The boys took part in their act of kindness back when they were promoting their song “Beautiful Target“, and the story has become a hot topic of conversation amongst their fans.
B1A4 personally visited the fan’s home and prepared a meal for the family, and even volunteered to clean the dishes when they were done eating. They then spent quality time with the family, taking photos together, and more.
The grateful fan wrote, “When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was deeply distressed. I then applied for a special event for my mom, and got selected. When they were taking pictures with my mom and dad, I felt like they were really my brothers, and I could feel that they were being truly genuine. I think they will remain in my heart and memory as the greatest artists ever.”
Netizens who read the story remarked, “I tear up no matter how many times I hear this story“, “Proud to say that I am a B1A4 fan“, “I can see why they are so famous“, and “I hope they never change.”
In related news, B1A4 is currently promoting their new song, “Sleep Well Goodnight“.

MIB eager to perform on music stage for the first time in six months

Hip hop group MIB is ready to kick their new promotions into high gear with their first comeback performance.
The boys who just released their new EP album ‘Illusion‘ on May 30th will be performing their title trackOnly Hard For Me on KBS‘s ‘Music Bank‘ for the very first time.
“Only Hard For Me” earned a hot response from the public, ranking high on the music charts immediately upon release. With their first stage performance, the boys will be displaying their developed skills and stronger stage presence.
Though MIB is a rising star in the Korean hip hop scene that left a fierce impression after debuting with “G.D.M” last year, they have tossed aside their hip hop charisma for this new album and will be displaying their more mature and sincere sides this time around. This is their first stage performance in half a year, and both fans and industry insiders alike are highly anticipating their return.
This is a stage we’ve been eagerly waiting for, more than any other before it,” MIB remarked. “We have so much to show you this time around. We are extremely nervous, but we will work to display all of our passion and ambition on stage.
MIB’s “Only Hard For Me” is a mainstream track that also carries it’s own unique melody and dramatic rap. It honestly discloses the pain that accompanies a difficult breakup.
In related news, MIB is scheduled to perform on the June 1st edition of KBS ‘Music Bank’, as well as MBC‘s ‘Show! Music Core‘ on June 2nd, and SBS ‘Inkigayo‘ on the 3rd.

SNSD’s Yoona: “Thank you for all the birthday wishes”

SNSD’s Yoona, who celebrated her 23rd birthday, said thank you to her fans.
On May 31, Yoona posted a picture on the group’s official website and said hello to her fans. She said, “Thank you for watching and supporting the series Love Rain and for wishing me a happy birthday.”
She added, “Thanks to you, I have a lot of energy and many chances to work. I’m so happy because I finished shooting my series and received many birthday wishes. I also had dinner with the group members.”
Yoona also said thank you to her fans from other countries.
“I’m so happy that many fans from all over the world also wished me a happy birthday. Thank you, SONEs. I have learned many things from your love. Please support me like you have so far in the future and have positive thoughts about everything around me. Thank you and love you always.”
Yoona previously appeared on KBS’s Love Rain with Jang Keun Suk and she will release the new single “Paparazzi” in Japan on June 27.

Oh Yoon Ah says, “I was going to debut as a singer but I couldn’t sing”

Actress Oh Yoon Ah said she could have debuted as a singer.
In the episode of KBS 2TV’s Happy Together that aired on May 31, Oh said she went to a dance school with singer Ivy.
Oh said, “I was preparing to debut as a sexy singer at that time. I was a trainee.”
At this, host Yoo Jae Suk asked, “Why didn’t you?” and Oh got laughs by saying, “I could dance but couldn’t sing. I practiced a lot but I still couldn’t.”
In the episode, Ivy, Lee Ji Hoon, and Kang Ta also made a guest appearance.

'Big' miss A's Suzy, Self-Camera With Shin Won Ho "You're My Husband"

'Big' miss A's Suzy, Self-Camera With Shin Won Ho "You're My Husband"
miss A Suzy's husband was revealed.
In KBS drama 'Big,’ Jang Mari (Suzy) revealed pictures taken with her self-claimed husband.
Kang Kyung Joon (Shin Won Ho), who was claimed by Suzy as "You're my husband", is being forced into the picture by Suzy and is making a face full of complaints, unlike Suzy who is smiling widely. Many viewers are wondering how their love line will proceed.
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Jang Mari in 'Big' moves from the States to Korea just to find her boyfriend Kang Kyung Joon, who had said "Either go with me, or live with me", but then disappears. Many are excited as to see how Suzy will act her role out, as she chases after Kang Kyung Joon.

TaeTiSeo's(SNSD) Seohyun, Cute Mole Stolen From Tiffany: "Is Taeyeon Next?"

TaeTiSeo's(SNSD) Seohyun, Cute Mole Stolen From Tiffany: "Is Taeyeon Next?"
Girls' Generation unit group TaeTiSeo performed their song 'Twinkle' on KBS '2012 I Love You Korea Dream Concert' on May 30.
On this day, Seohyun came out with a cute mole under her eye. The mole had been used in prior performances by Tiffany, but Seohyun wore it this time.
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Viewers that saw the program commented, "Should I call her mole sexy or what", "She looks better without the mole", "Is the mole TaeTiSeo's theme?", and "Is Taeyeon next?”

Kangta Gives Pasta To Mail Delivery Man, "So Touching"

Kangta Gives Pasta To Mail Delivery Man, "So Touching"
Singer Kangta's consideration shook the hearts of many fans.
On May 29, an online community posted a picture under 'I was really touched by Kangta's consideration.'
In the picture is pasta with parsley powder on top, and along with a message of thanks from Kangta to the mail delivery man on May 27.
The driver, who usually delivers Kangta's diet food, revealed that "I heard Kangta recently hosted a program that makes pasta. One morning I went to take his house to pick up his delivery bag but in the bag was pasta made by him."
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The pasta came with a letter, and it was a way for Kangta to say thank you to the delivery man. He said, "The pasta was still hot when I got there, and the letter read 'This is pork Penne pasta that I made. It's not much, but make sure to heat it up and try it'. I've never even met him in person before... I was so touched."
He continued, "This was the first time something like this happened to me during the entire time I have worked as a delivery man, so I was really touched. He's such a warm person, and the pasta was really good. I'm thinking of preparing him a small gift next time as well."
Internet users who saw this commented, "Kangta, never fails to move hearts", "Was it really good?", "I want to try it too", and "He must have been so happy."

Brave Brothers determined to join among the ranks of the ‘Top 3′ agencies within 3 years

The last member of Brave Brothers‘ new boy group ‘Big Star‘ has officially been confirmed.
Finalists Oh KwangsukLee Youngjun, Kim RaehwanKim Donghyun, and Jung Sunghak fromSBS E! ‘Brave Brothers’ Big Star Show‘ are five talented boys who have made it through numerous competitive auditions.
The boys have already grabbed the full attention of industry insiders, as altogether, the members have previously earned more than 100 wins at various competitions.
Brave Entertainment‘s CEO Brave Brothers (Kang Dong Chul) confidently remarked, “With Big Star, [Brave Entertainment] will become one of the top 3 agencies within three years.
In related news, Big Star recently opened their official website.

2PM wraps up their final ‘SIX BEAUTIFUL DAYS’ performance at Nippon Budokan

Idol group 2PM is broadening their horizons in Japan. The boys recently wrapped up their ‘SIX BEAUTIFUL DAYS‘ concerts held at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, Japan. Though there have been a number of Hallyu artists that have performed at the elite venue, 2PM was the first to perform for 6 days at once. All 60,000 seats for the shows had completely sold out, once again proving the boys’ explosive popularity in the local area.
2PM officially debuted in Japan in December of 2010. Only a year later, the boys decided to embark on a Japanese Tour and tickets sold out within a single minute of going on sale.
At a press conference that was held on May 30th, member Taecyeon remarked, “When I was a trainee, I heard Rain hyung had performed at the Budokan and I thought that it was pretty impressive. The fact that we stood for 6 days on the stage Rain was standing is pretty surreal.
During their final May 31st performance, an exciting laser show was put on to go with the exciting dance music. The fans got up from their seats and danced freely as they waved their neon glow sticks in the air, turning the concert into a night club. As the boys tumbled on stage and put on sexy chair performances singing “10 Points Out of 10“, “Hands Up“, and more, the fans enthusiastically responded with wild cheers. The six members captivated the audience with their fluent Japanese, and evoked laughter with their hilarious facial expressions. Taecyeon who stepped on stage to perform despite having suffered an arm injury after an intense arm-wrestling match earned the applause of the fans.
For each of the 6 days, the members took turns putting on a solo performance with self-composed songs, piano playing, and more.
But what exactly is 2PM’s appeal in Japan? It’s thought to be the boys’ approachable, friendly image combined with their ‘beastly idol’ concept. Member Wooyoung remarked, “After we developed that ‘beastly idol’ nickname in Korea, very naturally we decided on an equally fierce concept in Japan, focusing on powerful performances. The fans showed us a lot of interest because it was something that was never seen before in Japan.”
2PM is also currently personally teaching Korean on Japanese channel NHK, and their joint project with 2AM, ‘2PM&2AM’s Wonder Trip‘, is also in high gear.
To wrap up ‘SIX BEAUTIFUL DAYS’, the boys will also be performing in front of 24,000 fans at the Yokohama Arena on June 5th and 6th. 2PM will also be releasing their 4th Japanese single titled “Beautiful” on June 6th.

The difference between beginners and experts is in the details

A picture that shows a clear difference between beginners and experts was recently released.
A picture under the title of “A difference between beginners and experts” was recently uploaded on an online community board.
The picture compares Min Ji Ah, who played the role of Cho Bok in KBS 2TV’s drama series The Slave Hunters,and Sung Dong Il, who played the role of Cheon Ji Ho in the same drama series.
As they both played the roles of a poor homeless person and a slave, they’re dressed poorly in the picture.
However, on a closer view, Min’s teeth are clean and white and those of Sung are dirty.
People responded: “The difference is in the details,” “This is really awesome,” “It’s a tiny thing but a big difference,” “Take a close look at their teeth!”

Im Soo Hyang embarrasses Kim Sun Ah on I Do, I Do

Ji An (played by Kim Sun Ah) and Na Ri (played by Im Soo Hyang) struck sparks off each other from their first meeting. However, Ji An happened to expose her embarrassing part in front of Na Ri.
In the episode of MBC TV’s new drama series I Do, I Do, Na Ri entered a shoe company that Ji An was working for and took Ji An’s room.
As Na Ri took her room, Ji An had to move to a different room. Ji An used to be a charismatic, talented director at the company but couldn’t do anything about Na Ri because she was a daughter of a vice-president of the company.
Ji An didn’t feel good about Na Ri and expressed that she was displeased by her by refusing to shake hands with her. However, Na Ri smiled and said, “You’re very frank about your feelings as I’ve heard. I think it will be very fun.”
Na Ri also saw a pamphlet about menopause prevention in Ji An’s bag and embarrassed her by saying, “You get a promotion faster than others, understand things faster than others, and you come to this faster than others, too.”

2AM’s Jo Kwon to release a dance track for his upcoming solo album

2AM‘s Jo Kwon will be releasing his very first solo album.
On May 31st, 2AM’s agency Big Hit Entertainment informed StarN, “Jo Kwon’s first solo album will be released in the near future.
2AM had released their second mini-album ‘Fitzgerald’s Way Of Love‘ back on March 12th, but the members began focusing on acting and overseas promotions only a month after promoting the album in Korea.
Member Jinwoon tried his hand at acting through KBS 2TV‘s ‘Dream High 2‘, Changmin made his musical debut with ‘Lacage‘, and now Jo Kwon is preparing for his solo activities.
2AM’s representatives continued, “The release was originally scheduled for early June, however, the production was postponed and the album may drop as early as July. Jo Kwon’s title song will be a dance track, and it should be either a mini-album or a full-length album.”
With this new album, he is planning on taking part in a variety of broadcast promotions,” the rep explained.
In related news, 2AM member Jinwoon is also working to release his own full-length album.

'Ghost' So Ji Sub Looking Like a Stud in Uniform on Set

'Ghost' So Ji Sub Looking Like a Stud in Uniform on Set
On May 30, the first episode of the new SBS drama 'Ghost' was aired. Prior to the release of the drama, behind-the-scenes photos have been released to the public. The photos showed So Ji Sub wearing the formal police uniform. So Ji Sub looks charismatic and cute at the same time.
The photos were taken during the filming of 'Big' at a Police University on May 21. The photos were taken during the filming of a scene where Kim Woo Hyun's (So Ji Sub) past is shown as a freshman at the Police University. The scene shows a confident and intelligent 20-something year old college student instead of the cold and indifferent detective Kim Woo Hyun.
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On the set, So Ji Sub actually looked like a cute troublemaker in college who was filled with passion and curiosity in his eyes. So Ji Sub had to wear the uncomfortable uniform for over two hours to film the scene. Regardless, So Ji Sub remained energetic and humorous throughout the whole process.
In the drama 'Ghost', So Ji Sub plays the character Kim Woo Hyun who is a detective in the Cyber Investigation Unit. So Ji Sub's character will captivate the audience by leading the Cyber Investigation Unit through mysterious and curious cases filled with thrill.

Way Love' Professional Actor? 'Time Slip Dr. Jin' is His Fourth

Kim Jae Joong, The Official 'One Way Love' Professional Actor? 'Time Slip Dr. Jin' is His Fourth
JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong became the official 'one way love' professional actor.
In MBC 'Time Slip Dr. Jin' aired on May 26, Kim Jaejoong took on the role of Kim Kyung Tak. Though it was his first time acting for a historical drama, he showed both stern and soft sides as a guy, being overflowed with compliments.
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What were especially memorable from his acting in the first episode were his eyes, the way he looked at his fiancée Park Min Young. He turned warm and soft whenever he was talking to Park Min Young, shaking the hearts of many women.
But Park Min Young showed neglection, showing that she has no feelings for him. This officially marked Kim Jaejoong's fourth drama where he is only able to have one way love, after 'Protect the Boss' and two other dramas.
Internet users who saw this commented, "How come you always do one way love?", "This can't happen in reality", "This is heartbreaking", and "Is he officially becoming the professional one way love actor?"

Alive in Osaka: Taeyang Backstage

Taeyang backstage with 4nologue staff. 4nologue is the events company who did Big Bang's Yamaha event in Thailand last March:

At the concert:

Sources: praew93 and watt_4nologue

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'Ghost' So Ji Sub Looking Like a Stud in Uniform on Set

'Big' miss A's Suzy - 'She's Like a Sponge'
At a press conference for the release of the new KBS drama 'Big,’ Lee Min Jung revealed that miss A member and 'Big' co-star miss A member Suzy is 12 years younger than she is. Lee Min Jung stated, 'I found out that Suzy will be co-starring with me in the drama on the news. I think the drama will be a success because Suzy is starring in it.'
Regarding their roles in the drama, Lee Min Jung stated, 'I am 12 years older than Suzy, which means that I'm going to try my best to avoid two shots' and brought laughter into the press conference.
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Actor Baek Sung Hyun, who is also starring in 'Big' stated, 'Suzy is an actress who is like a sponge.' Baek Sung Hyun had worked with Suzy in a drama prior to working on 'Big.’ In the drama 'Big', Sung Hyun plays a character that has a crush on Suzy's character. Sung Hyun stated, 'At first, I was very doubtful of Suzy's acting skills but she really is talented. I realized that I'm the one that I need to worry about. She is like a sponge. It's amazing.'
Baek Sung Hyun has been acting since his childhood. He starred in dramas like, 'Stairway to Heaven' as the child version of Kwon Sang Woo and 'Damo.’ Sung Hyun is one of very few child stars that have successfully continued his career as an actor even after childhood. He stated, 'It feels really good to see child stars becoming successful actors. I personally want more child stars to succeed.'
Photo: KBS

'Rooftop Prince' Han Ji Min's Promise to So Ji Sub!

'Rooftop Prince' Han Ji Min's Promise to So Ji Sub!
Actress Han Ji Min played the role of characters named, Park Ha and Bu Yong in the drama 'Rooftop Prince', which ended on the 24th of this month. So Ji Sub will take the baton from Han Ji Min in the follow up drama 'Ghost' with co-star, Lee Yeon Hee. So Ji Sub and Han Ji Min worked together in the SBS drama 'Cain and Abel' in 2009.
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During an interview on the 30th of May, Han Ji Min stated, 'I promised So Ji Sub that I would watch the new drama ‘Ghost’. So Ji Sub showed me a lot of support while I was filming for Rooftop Prince.' and 'Ghost’ is created by the same director and staff, who had worked on Cain and Abel in 2009. Two new dramas will begin airing tonight but personally I support Ghost more. I will continue watching it until the end.'
Han Ji Min successfully played two roles in the drama 'Rooftop Prince.' Through her roles in 'Rooftop Prince' she was able to show the audience her endless capabilities as an actress. There were bits of comedy, mystery, revenge and romance all mixed together throughout the drama.
Han Ji Min added, 'After Rooftop Prince ended, I just stayed home a lot. I wasn't relaxed enough to go back to a regular life again. I just stayed in bed a lot. I was able to receive so much love and attention from viewers because of the roles of Park Ha and Bu Yong. Viewers loved the two characters which is probably why I was able to receive so much love. I hope the drama becomes a good memory for the viewers.'
Han Ji Min continued, 'My bio-rhythm is still thrown off from working on the drama. I ate a lot of instant foods so my body's condition is not so great. I want to get my rhythm back by resting enough. There is nothing scheduled right now but I want to challenge a new type of character in my next project.'