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2NE1 to Make Comeback this June, 'No Details Revealed Yet'

Girl group 2NE1 will be making  comeback this June.YG Entertainment has also brought in an international choreographer to Korea for the group's choreography.2NE1 is making a faster comeback than expected, making fans excited.
Recently, leader CL released her first solo album and is gaining much attention.
An official stated that even people inside of YG are not sure of the exact details for 2NE1's comeback, showing its secrecy.

'ArcheAge' user 'Moohwal' admits to pretending that Junsu's luxurious cars were his

It turns out that the 'ArcheAge' user showing off their collection of luxurious vehicles wasn't actually Junsu himself, but rather a close friend.

The blue Lamborghini Aventador that user 'Moohwal' had uploaded had become a widespread issue because Junsu owned the sole Aventador in that color in Korea. It had fans guessing that 'Moohwal' was actually Junsu.

But when a lot of criticism sparked up against Junsu for showing off, 'Moohwal' spoke up quickly to say, "I'm actually a student in my 20s. I was so angry that I pretended like hyung's things were my own, and fought with the others. Hyung likes playing the game and he buys stuff on my account for me, but he doesn't have his own ID and he borrows mine. Because of this, Junsu hyung was hurt by this even though he had nothing to do with it."

But he didn't do it all completely without Junsu's permission - he added, "I called Junsu hyung while he was filming, told him what was going on and asked him if I could give proof about the car. I was young and made a mistake that I shouldn't have because I was angry. I'm writing this in hopes that my hyung doesn't get hurt anymore from this."

PSY’s Gentleman performances in Italy and Germany

2NE1′s new song features dance moves by a well-known Japanese choreographer

 The girl group 2NE1 (Park Bom, Gong Min Ji, CL, and Sandara Park) is coming out with a new number in June. According to a May 30 report by the group’s agency, YG Entertainment, 2NE1 is busy completing their work on the new song.
A well-known Japanese choreographer took part in creating the dance moves for the new song. According to YG, the choreographer recently visited YG Entertainment and spared no pains in instructing 2NE1 and offering them advice.
A staffer from the agency says, “The choreographer is a rising star in Japan nowadays. You can expect a great performance from 2NE1 as a result of the cooperation with the new choreographer.”
On May 17, YG released a teaser on its official blog to celebrate the fourth anniversary of 2NE1’s debut. The teaser implies that the group is about to release new material.
A staffer of YG explained, saying, “Yang Hyun Suk is one of our representative producers, and the teaser shows his strong ambition to make this a great year for 2NE1, like last year, when they performed a series of hit songs, such as ‘I am the best’ and ‘It hurts.’”

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G-Dragon Signs with Thai Record Label "BEC-TERO MUSIC"

G-Dragon has chosen BEC-TERO MUSIC to represent him in Thailand. The company is the record label under BEC-TERO Entertainment PLC, the entertainment conglomerate in the country. BEC-TERO MUSIC is the exclusive local representative of high-profile international artists such as Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, and Daft Punk.
At the time of this post being published, G-Dragon is said to lineup “SONIC BANG: THE ULTIMATE INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL EXPERIENCE” at Impact Arena on Saturday, August 24, 2013 at 10:00. More details will be confirmed shortly by the organizer.
No other BIG BANG member is mentioned in BEC-TERO MUSIC’s Facebook update about joining him as a group. We assume that this is only for G-Dragon’s solo project in Thailand.
Source: BEC-TERO MUSIC Facebook via @TeamBigBang (credit for writing the article)

How Did YG Family Fare in the First Half of 2013?

The 2013 first quarter earnings report are in for the 'Big 3' entertainment companies.
YG Entertainment saw the biggest jump in gross profit. YG Entertainment's business profit was 6,292,000,000 KRW (approximately $5.6 million USD), which is more than a 44.3% increase over the same period last year. Their total sales came in at 29,086,400,000 KRW (approximately $25.8 million USD), and their net profit added up to 4,164,000,000 KRW (approximately $3.7 million USD).
YG Entertainment explained, "As our artists' overseas activities become more and more active, their royalties and sales increased. Big Bang and 2NE1's world tours' profits were included for the first quarter."

Dara of 2NE1 Posts a Photo with G-Dragon from Chrome Hearts Opening

"With GD!!! Flash juseyo... T.T"
G-Dragon also responded:

Read more:

"2013 Alive Galaxy Tour: The Final in Seoul" iTunes Digital Booklet

tour booklet2
tour booklet3
tour booklet4
tour booklet5
tour booklet6
tour booklet7
tour booklet8
tour booklet9
tour booklet10
tour booklet11
tour booklet12
tour booklet13
tour booklet14
tour booklet15
tour booklet16

Lee Chung Ah Shows Off Gift and Letter from Boyfriend Lee Ki Woo

Actress Lee Chung Ah recently showed off her boyfriend Lee Ki Woo‘s gift and handwritten letter.
On May 29, Lee Chung Ah posted on her me2day, “Wow, Dajung and Youngsoo received couple shoes! A warm handwritten letter was also in the box too. During the hot summer, I will wear these WOVENs and film with strength. Lee Ki Woo has a great heart as always. After receiving the gifts, Ji Suk oppa and I were so happy that we took a proof shot.”
lee chung ah gift
Lee Chung Ah also posted three photos. One photo contained Lee Chung Ah along with her “Wonderful Mama” co-star Kim Ji Suk, holding up the shoe boxes.
To Lee Chung Ah, Lee Ki Woo wrote, “Spring, spring, spring, spring is here! I’m writing this short letter so you can wear these new shoes and have fun while you film. You looked really tired these days because of filming but I hope you can cheer up and finish strong. Let’s always try to find work that is fun and worthwhile. Oh Da Jung (played by Lee Chung Ah) fighting! From Ki Woo oppa.”
To Kim Ji Suk, Lee Ki Woo wrote, “Ji Suk, our fate is so strange. Since you are Chung Ah’s co-star in your drama, I am so happy and relieved. Have fun and enjoy filming and since it’s spring, go jump around in these new shoes. Work hard and I’ll visit you on set soon. Fighting!”
What a great couple and friendship!

Song Joong Ki Considers New Film from Bong Joon Ho

Actor Song Joong Ki is currently considering a lead role in a new movie titled, “Sea Fog.”
Song Joong Ki’s agency, Blossom Entertainment, stated that the actor is reviewing several projects at the moment and has not made a decision on which one he will do. However, the agency reps said, “’Sea Fog’ is definitely high on the list.”
The film “Sea Fog” is an adaptaion of a 2007 play of the same name. It will tell the story of a stowaway on board a ship at sea. It will be produced by director Bong Joon Ho, who also lead the critically acclaimed “Memories of Murder” (2003) and the blockbuster hit “The Host” (2006).

Rain in Talks to Sign with Jay-Z’s Company Roc Nation

It seems like Rain is continuing to make big steps as he is currently in talks to sign with Roc Nation, which is owned by American rap superstar Jay-Z.
On May 30, OSEN reported that Rain received offers from Jay-Z first and that Rain is positively looking over the offer. Talks of Korean as well as worldwide copyrights are being made and as soon as discussions are made and done, the contract will reportedly be set.
Roc Nation is a famous hip-hop label created by Jay-Z. Roc Nation is home to artists such as J-Cole, Sugarbabes, Rita Ora, Lil Kim, Kylie Minogue and more.
Rain is already known around the world but if Rain signs with Roc Nation, he will most likely increase his overseas activities. Rain has earned recognition in Hollywood through films such as “Ninja Assassin” and “Speed Racer” but he has not yet released an album overseas. Signing with Roc Nation will probably help him to do so.
Roc Nation stated that they are in the process of talking things over with Rain and nothing has been confirmed for sure yet.
On May 30, StarToday reported that Cube Entertainment stated, “We are trying to see if this is true.”
They continued, “We haven’t been able to confirm this since Rain is still in the military,” and “We will try to figure out the exact details of the contract and situation and reveal it to the public.”
Meanwhile, Rain announced on May 28 that he has signed with Cube Entertainment.

Soloist Dia Releases Music Video for “Breaking up”

Female vocalist Dia has made her comeback after a year with her single, “Breaking Up.” She released the music video through the official LOEN Entertainment YouTube channel on May 30.
Dia is known for her strong vocal skills despite her young age. She made her debut in 2009 while she was still in high school and developed a position as vocalist to be reckoned with her for her emotional and strong voice. 
“Breaking Up” is about the wounds and sadness of a couple that has drifted apart. The song accurately conveys the reality and hardships of relationships that need to end. The music video is beautiful shot and uses slow motion to emphasis the emotions. Anyone who has gone through a break up will be able to relate to the song and its music video.

CL, The One and Only Baddest Female, 'No Comparison Even With Nicki Minaj'

Billboard (specifically Jeff Benjamin, Billboard's resident K-Pop expert) has compared CL of 2NE1 to the master of alter-egos, outlandish costumery, and over-the-top visuals, Miss Nicki Minaj.

After watching CL's solo debut video for "The Baddest Female" it is pretty easy to see where he is coming from.

The 2NE1 leader changes outfits no less than 13 times during the course of the song ranging from the hip-hop track suits and chains to sweet and bubbly garb to a sensual body-rocking leotard with every step in between.
"The Baddest Female" is all over the place - a swirling mix of slow rap, electronica riffs, and dubstep - with a spoken word shout-out to the bad girls of the world.
The famed K-Pop singer also shows the many facets of her personality - there is hardcore CL, powerful CL, sexy CL, and the CL you definitely would not want to come up against in a fight. She is fierce. She is versatile. She is... Nicki Minaj?
The Nicki Minaj comparison is the latest in a long line that have been called out since the video's release on May 28. CL has been compared to everyone from Beyonce to Lil' Kim to Lady Gaga, and even her fellow K-Pop diva Lee Hyori.
It is only natural to take something new and try to draw connections to something already known in order to understand and describe it better - but why can't CL be her own enigma?
I understand Jeff Benjamin's intention - he is writing for an audience that, in general, is new to the K-Pop genre, still testing the waters and getting a handle of who these idols are. He also has to address things so that the America masses will understand and saying she is like Nicki Minaj levels the playing field so to speak.
Just as other reviewers have made comparisons to similar hip-pop divas, CL seems to be pigeonholed into this lumped category. Perhaps she should change the title of the song to "One of the Baddest Females" instead.
I'm not saying that CL is completely original - but she is certainly doing something very different from the other female singers in South Korea, and that, in a way, does make her original.
"The Baddest Female" is a far cry from the cutesy choreographed bubblegum pop shown by Girls' Generation or the overtly sensual Hyuna of 4Minute - and her "bad girl" image is very different from K-Pop mean girls T-ARA.
In a genre that, at least to the outside world, tends to blend together - standing out as an individual is increasingly important. And CL (and the rest of 2NE1 for that matter) really does have something unique to bring to the table. As CL said in her interview with Billboard, "I want to break that typical Asian female stereotype."
Take another look at "The Baddest Female" and you will start to see a little less Nicki, Beyonce, and Gaga and a heck of a lot more CL.

How did SM, YG, and JYP Entertainment companies fare in the first quarter of 2013?

The 2013 first quarter earnings report are in for the 'Big 3' entertainment companies.

YG Entertainment saw the biggest jump in gross profit. YG Entertainment's business profit was 6,292,000,000 KRW (approximately $5.6 million USD), which is more than a 44.3% increase over the same period last year. Their total sales came in at 29,086,400,000 KRW (approximately $25.8 million USD), and their net profit added up to 4,164,000,000 KRW (approximately $3.7 million USD).

YG Entertainment explained, "As our artists' overseas activities become more and more active, their royalties and sales increased. Big Bang and 2NE1's world tours' profits were included for the first quarter."

SM Entertainment, however, saw a huge loss of 80.0% in net profit compared to the same period last year, seeing only 2,003,000,000 KRW (approximately $1.8 million USD). Their gross profit fell 72.1% to 5,076,000,000 KRW (approximately $4.5 million USD) while their sales rose a small percentage of 0.7% to 49,986,000,000 KRW (approximately $44.3 million USD).

But SM Entertainment wasn't fazed. The revenue from all of their concerts in the first quarter will be factored into the earning reports of the second and following quarters, meaning that their net profit reflected the losses invested into the concerts but didn't include the profits from said concerts. Also, SM C&C invested into a company to create video concerts in the first quarter of the year. SM said, "There are various big concerts that will be factored in the 2nd quarter, such as Girls' Generation's Japanese tour, TVXQ's Japanese Dome tour, and SM Town Live. EXO is also going to start promoting actively in Korea and China. The artists' various promotions will spring on a new momentum."

As for JYP Entertainment, they managed to stop the bleeding, so to speak and decrease their business losses. JYP recorded a loss of 936,000,000 KRW (approximately $830,000 USD). Compared to the losses for the same period of 2012, they managed to decrease the loss by 63.3%. Their sales increased 57.1% to 2,807,000,000 KRW (approximately $2.5 million USD), and their net losses decreased to over half of last year at 1,069,000,000 KRW (approximately $947,000 USD).

YG Entertainment Pulls Together for CL, 'We Are Family'

YG Entertainment is going all out to root for CL's latest release of solo debut album, THE BADDEST FEMALE.

An associate from YG told, "A special attribute of YG is that we all root for each other. We are definitely good on an individual basis but we become great when we work together. All the YG artists are pulling for CL's new album via various promotional methods."

2NE1's Dara has been tweeting numerous times daily to promote CL's new song. Bom has sent her best wishes as well, posting a screen shot of CL's number one rank on a music chart.
Psy has used Twitter also to put CL's music video out and about, inviting his Twitter followers to check out the 'Baddest Asian Female Ever' with a YouTube link to her music video.
Big Bang's G-Dragon and Taeyang featured in the music video along with the album producer Teddy and YG's Hip Hop artist Master Woo.
CL is also preparing for 2NE1's comeback at the same time, yet again doing something unheard of: juggling both her solo debut and preparation for the group's return.
CL will stage her first performance of "THE BADDEST FEMALE" on 'Inkigayo' on June 2 and begin her album activities.

Brian reveals his bachelor pad

Brian introduced fans to his luxurious bachelor pad!

SBS' 'Good Morning' went to visit the singer's house. He currently lives in it by himself, but it was big enough to house an entire family. He decorated the interior to his own neat and clean taste. He had large plants in the living room to make the home feel more like a vacation house.

All of the rooms were so clean and he even had a room dedicated to his clothes. Along with the cleanliness, his wardrobe was so meticulously arranged that it was hard to believe a single man lived in the home by himself.

He's been living by himself for the majority of the 15 years since he left the United States, so make sure to tune in on the 31st and see how he's living.

Pre-orders for EXO's first album 'XOXO' about to reach 300,000 copies

As you know EXO finally released the music video for their long-awaited comeback "Wolf" recently, but we're still waiting on their first album (for the official release)!

The group has suffered from a leak of not only their title song earlier this year but their whole album lately as well as a practice clip, all before anything was officially revealed.

However, that hasn't stopped their devoted fans from pre-ordering the group's first album 'XOXO' because SM Entertainment has announced that the pre-orders have reached  almost 300,000!

According to the agency, 299,280 albums have been reserved so far, as EXO-K and EXO-M are uniting as the full 12 member group EXO this time around, drawing interest from both Korean and Chinese fans as well as music lovers from all around the globe.

The album will hit shelves on June 3rd so make sure you support the boys by getting yourself on the pre-order list!

Was 2NE1 CL Always This Gorgeous?

Has CL always been this gorgeous? Many fans are asking the question upon viewing CL's new music video of "THE BADDEST FEMALE."
CL, who is set to put on her first stage performance of "THE BADDEST FEMALE" on 'Inkigayo' on June 2, released her song online on May 28. The creative visuals and modern style meshed with traditional Hip Hop colors have garnered much positive reviews. CL's gorgeous looks, especially, have been the hot topic as many fans are commenting on her sexy visuals.
The unveiled Hip Hop song runs on a slow tempo and features aggressive lyrics that exude confidence from CL. Charismatic looks coupled with stylish outfits captured the essence of what many fans love CL for.
Displaying a total of 15 different outfits in the music video, CL employed various props including grills, eyepads, mustache, spear, etc. According to sources from YG Entertainment, she shed a few extra pounds to come back with even tighter abs and toned figure as there will be more eyes on her as the lone artist on stage, not one of four.
CL's looks have definitely evolved since her debut as a member of 2NE1. But our perception of the confident, talented rapper has certainly gone through some change. The reason behind the public's raving reviews of CL's gorgeous looks may be acceptance and adoration for what she does more than how she looks. Perhaps, everyone is rooting for her, the extremely multi-faceted artist who does not fit the mold of an appearance-centric society we live in.

Choi Jin Hyuk to play Lee Min Ho's half-brother on upcoming drama 'Heirs'

Rising star and handsome actor Choi Jin Hyuk, whom many of you should recognize from the current 'Book of the House of Gu' drama, has been cast for the show many are eagerly anticipating, 'Heirs'!

This drama will not only star big names like Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye as the leads, but it's also the work of hitmaking writer Kim Eun Sook and PD Kang Shin Hyo! 

This drama, which is described to be 'Gossip Girl'-meets-'Boys Over Flowers', will revolve around the story of students from wealthy families.

Choi Jin Hyk will play the role of Kim Won, who is a hot shot CEO of one of the top companies in Korea and also the half-brother of Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho). Kim Won seemingly has it all as he possesses the skills, the looks, and is just overall a perfect guy. 

So far 'Heirs' has confirmed the three stars mentioned, as well as Kim Sung Ryung, and is in the process of finalizing the casting of actor Kim Woo Bin.

Snoop Dogg Drops The Beat to 2NE1 CL's 'THE BADDEST FEMALE'

CL's new song "THE BADDEST FEMALE" has been released. So has a video clip of Snoop Dogg dropping a few beats to it.

2NE1's Dara posted a video titled 'The Baddest Female That Makes Snoop Dogg Dance.' Indeed, Snoop Dogg repeats 'bad' near the end of the chorus and gets in rhythm for the duration of the song.

The footage is from early May when Snoop Dogg held his first concert in Korea. Featuring as special guests, 2NE1 joined his show and gave a first listen of "THE BADDEST FEMALE" to the Hip Hop legend during their down time.
In 2011, Snoop Dogg declared 2NE1 as his favorite Korean artist when interviewed at MNet MAMA Awards. One thing led to another and this May the Hip Hop artist and 2NE1 shared the stage and fired up the fans in Korea, performing "Drop It Like It's Hot."
The slow, traditional Hip Hop based "THE BADDEST FEMALE" has dominated the Korean music charts upon its release and had a strong showing on the first day in numerous Asian countries including Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan, in which the song ranked first and second place, respectively.
On June 2, CL will perform her first stage performance of "THE BADDEST FEMALE" on 'Inkigayo."

EXO members crawl and howl in “Wolf” MV

The long-awaited comeback has finally happened!
After more than a year without releasing any new material, EXO members let out their inner beasts as they crawl and howl in their new music video “Wolf“, available in two versions, Korean and Chinese. Based on their second music video teaser, a drama version is also expected to be revealed soon.
“Wolf” is the title track for their new full album ‘XOXO‘ which will be released on June 3rd. The album will also include many songs that fans have been waiting for, such as “My Lady” and “Baby, Don’t Cry“.

PSY at The Voice of Italy

After the bad experience in Rome, PSY went to Milan in order to performe at the tv show “The Voice of Italy”.
The filming place were the Rai TV Studios in Milan, where many fans gathered in order to take parte at the program. In fact it was organized a tv flashmob for this occasion. Fans had learnt previously a simple choreography of “Gentleman” and danced it while PSY was singing and dancing live in the studios.
If you have the possibility, on May 30th at 9 p.m. on the Italian tv channel Rai 2, you can see the flashmob with the singer, who didn’t forget to remember it to us through his twitter account.

Moreover, Italian fans there managed to express their love and support for PSY, making him smile and feeling happy. They also prepared posters with drawings and supporting phrases and some presents for him, which touched his heart : he thanked fans on his twitter and retwetted some of the messages left after the show recording.
He’s now in Germany, in the city of Mannheim. Wish him good luck!

Kim Soo Hyun reveals some of his innermost thoughts

With the release of his movie Secretly Greatly coming up, Kim Soo Hyun recently had an interview and photo session with the tabloid magazine The Star. In the pictures, Kim looks mature and somewhat melancholy, and in the interview, he talks about his expectations for the movie and about how he’s really getting into college life.

Due for release on June 5, Secretly Greatly is a cinematic version of the webtoon with the same name, which has had over 20,000 views. With a genial smile on his face, Kim said that he was familiar with the webtoon before he was cast in the movie. “I thought that I would like to be in it if a movie was made of it, and I was actually offered a role. After being cast, I got an autograph from Hun, the cartoonist who draws tho webtoon..”

Asked about his current interests and concerns, he answered, “Final exams,” without even one second of hesitation. This witty reply made everyone burst out laughing. Kim Soo Hyun also opened up about the burden of his popularity since the drama The Moon that Embraces the Sun, saying, “Because I’m majoring in theater and cinema, my fellow students and I often form teams and perform plays. I used to perform enthusiastically when professors asked, but now I feel uncomfortable appearing in front of people.”

For more details, check out the photos and interview in he June issue of The Star, on sale since May 24.