duminică, 6 noiembrie 2011

Big Bang wins “Best Worldwide Act” at MTV’s 2011 Europe Music Awards

The 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards aired today live from Belfast’s Odyssey Arena.  Aside from mega-superstars Katy PerryLady GagaLMFAO,  and Coldplay,  five member band, Big Bang, attended as they were nominated in the Worldwide Act category.
Big Bang stunned audiences by winning the award just moments ago. The Worldwide Act category celebrates diversity and the breadth of all the music that MTV has to offer by nominating incredible artists from all corners of the world.
There were two rounds of voting.  First, each region had an opportunity to vote among MTVs choices for the seven artists that best represent the region.  In the Asia Pacific category, in addition to Big Bang,Exile (Japan), Jay Chou (Republic of China/Taiwan), Gotye (Australia), Sia (Australia), Jane Zhang(China), and Agnes Monica (Indonesia) were nominated.
After weeks of voting  Big Bang won for the Asia Pacific region and advanced to the finals along with Abdelfattah Grini (Africa/India/Middle East), Lena (Europe), Restart (Latin America), and Britney Spears (North America).Due an impressive amount of voting by VIPs and fans all over the world, Big Bang won the coveted award.  They will have the honor of being the first ‘Worldwide Act’ award recipients.

B1A4 is looking for the real “Beautiful Target” on M Countdown

Recently, B1A4 is given a chance for a special performance on M. net’s M Countdown for ranking no. 1 on “Daum Fan Café Stage” for October.
“Daum Fan Café Stage” is a monthly event which selects a fan café with the most points in supporting the star and hits on widget. Then, the singer or singing group of that fan café is given an opportunity for a special performance on M Countdown.
Followed by Super Junior and Teen Top, B1A4 is performing on a special stage in M Countdown with its song “Beautiful Target.”
B1A4 says, “We’ll be looking for the real ‘Beautiful Target’ among the fans who attend the show. If you are chosen to be the ‘Beautiful Target,’ please respond to us with an enthusiastic reaction.”
In the episode of M Countdown in which B1A4 appears, K-pop stars such as SNSD, Kim Hyun Joong, FT Island, Davichi, Secret, Infinite, Huh Gak, Kim Kyu Jong, and Orange Caramel appear. Also, B2ST’s Jun Hyung features on Kim Wan Seon’s return stage.
B1A4’s special performance looking for the real “Beautiful Target” will be aired on the 27th in M Countdown.

Kangho quits Coed School and Shin Jong Kook replaces him

On the 4th, Coed School’s agency, Core Contents Media, said in an interview with TV Report, “Kangho quit the group to change his career as an actor, and a new member joined to replace him.”
The new member is Shin Jong Kook who appeared in M. net’s Super Star K and is recognized with his outstanding singing skill.
The agency added, “Things can change, but for now, Coed School is to release a new album with Shin Jong Kook next year.”
Coed School debuted last year with 11 members, but the female members formed another group called Five Dolls.

Tablo confesses his feelings through the lyrics of “Expired”

Hip-hop singer Tablo confesses his feelings through the song he wrote.
On the 4th, Tablo tweeted a picture with the comment “Tablo, Expired.”
The picture shows a part of the lyrics of “Expired” from his new album, Fever End. The lyrics say, “I’m afraid to be a book that no one reads, a music that no one listens to, and a movie that no one watches, left in an empty theatre. I’m afraid.”
The lyrics seem to represent his feelings at the moment.
Tablo released “Airbag” on October 13. Right after releasing “Bad” from Fever End Part 1 on October 21, he swept no. 1 on various charts, showing off his reputation.

G.Na shows off her glamorous figure

On the 4th at 5:00 p.m, multiple pictures titled “The Ultimate Body G.Na” were uploaded on an online community bulletin.
Wearing a blue mini dress that shows her sexy curves, G.Na is working diligently at the shooting site.
She would smile brightly like a little child or make a serious expression during the recording. Especially, her long legs and glamorous figure attracted the viewer’s attention.
Netizens commented: “Her body’s just perfect. I wish I could live as G.Na for a day.” “She looks like a Barbie doll.” “Not only she’s thin, but she looks very healthy.”
Besides G.Na, B2ST, and 4minute who belong to Cube Entertainment are a part of Global Concert Brand M-Live, and will hold the concert, 2011 United Cube Concert In Brazil on December 13 at San Paulo, Brazil.

G.na in New York for StarHwabo Photoshoot

Top girl G.Na was in New York for StarHwabo Photoshoot, she was surely stopping all the traffic with her bright smile, leopard print top and low cute jeans. If you were on the streets in New York and saw a girl that looks like G.na, then you were probably looking at the real one!

ZE:A wins four gold medals on The Third “Idol” Track-And-Field Championships 2011

On the 13th, MBC aired The Third “Idol” Track-And-Field Championships 2011 as a special feature for Chuseok.
About 140 “idols” from the singing groups Super Junior, SHINee, Sistar, Miss A, Davichi, ZE:A, T-ara, MBLAQ, Infinite, G.Na, Rainbow, Jewelry, Teen Top, Dalshabet, B1A4, A pink, Five Dolls, Hwan Hee, 8eight, Mighty Mouth, Boyfriend, Brave Girls, Xcross, RaNia, Dalmatian, Nine Muses, and SunnyHill appeared.
The program was shot at Jamsil Arena on August 27 with 10,000 fans attending. The events for the championships were the 100-meter race, 100-meter hurdles, 400-meter relay, high jump, long jump, and walking relay.
ZE:A was recognized as the best team on the program.
ZE:A’s Dong Jun ranked first in the 100-meter race and the 110-meter hurdles, beating Mighty Mouth and SHINee.
Another member of ZE:A, Ha Min Woo, also ranked at the top, in the long jump for men.
The team that was composed of ZE:A, Nine Muses, and Jewelry, ranked at the top overall. This gave ZE:A the fourth medal on the show.
Nine Muses’ Eun Ji ranked at the top in the 100-meter race for women.
There were some fun moments during the show. No one won a medal on 200-meter walking relay for men because all participants were disqualified. In addition, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul, who is about to begin his military service, made a surprise appearance to cheer for his group.
Here is the list of the winners in The Third “Idol” Track And Field Championships:
▶100-meter race (men): ZE:A’s Dong Jun ▶100-meter race (women): Nine Muses’ Eun Ji ▶110-meter hurdles (men): ZE:A’s Dong Jun ▶100-meter hurdles (women): Miss A’s Jia ▶400-meter relay (men): The team of Lee Hyun, Sang Choo, No Ji Hoon, Hwan Hee ▶400-meter relay (women): Sistar ▶200-meter walking relay (men): No winner ▶200-meter walking relay: Sistar ▶High jump (men): SHINee’s Min Ho and Mighty Mouth’s Sang Choo ▶ High Jump (women): Miss A’s Fei ▶Long Jump: ZE:A’s Ha Min Woo