luni, 31 martie 2014

Taeyang's Instagram Update: "...#chanel #korea #karl..."

"고마워요 #chanel #korea #karl ❤"
Translation: "Thanks #chanel #korea #karl ❤"

Updated!: Daesung Enters into the Top 2 in "The One Shots: Battle of the Biases"

Voting for Round 4 has begun! 

Daesung, as well as G-Dragon and T.O.P started out on website "The One Shot's" battle of the biases poll. The One Shots is becoming an increasingly popular and entertaining k-pop website for fans of all groups and k-pop varieties to visit. They are hosting 4 rounds, putting popular and rookie idols against one another to decide who is the "best of the biases" in a poll format. Daesung is the only member of Big Bang to make it into both round 2,3 and 4. He has already gotten very far, but if you would like to help him get farther, click the photo above, or here to vote. Voting for round 4 will begin in a few days, and it is the final round. He will be competing against Eunhyuk from Super Junior, and the theme for the final round is "fandom".
They are judging on 4 categories, "gif", variety, performance, and final round "fandoms". 

G-Dragon Shows Support for Good Friend and JYP’s Visual Director Seo Woo Tak

On March 26, BIG BANG’s G-Dragon made a surprise appearance at the preview exhibit for StoryOn’s “Art Star Korea” held at Garosugil in Seoul. It was in order to support one of the contestants on the survival show who is also a good friend and the visual director at JYP Entertainment.
G-Dragon appeared at the exhibit with Taeyang. G-Dragon and Taeyang posed standing in front of Seo Woo Tak’s art piece titled, “QUEEN.” He was dressed in a denim-on-denim outfit displaying his sense of fashion as a representative celebrity fashionista. Taeyang was dressed in casual yet chic attire also displaying his distinctive fashion sense.
As reported by a Korean media outlet, G-Dragon and Seo Woo Tak are close friends. Although G-Dragon is signed under YG and Seo Woo Tak works for JYP, they formed a close bond as artists. It has been said they both enjoy art and share their ideas in order to help each other grow and improve artistically.
Seo Woo Tak appeared in G-Dragon’s “One Of A Kind” music video and also appeared in CL’s “Bad Girl” music video after being introduced by G-Dragon.
Meanwhile, “Art Star Korea” is the first artist survival show that aims to distinguish the Korean artist who will lead Korea’s modern art into the future. The show is already receiving much anticipation with a prestigious pool of judges and mentors.
The show will be hosted by actress Jung Ryeo Won and will begin with 15 contestants. The winner will be awarded 100 million won in creative funding, a solo exhibition in a prominent art gallery, and study abroad along with other benefits. “Art Star Korea” premieres March 30 at 11 PM, KST.

Updated!: G-Dragon's Twitter and Instagram Updates

Twitter Updates:
Translation: "Starting today, let's do something with the songs that were left out in our company” (This tweet was a "reply" to his own previous tweet. That's why he is tagged in it)

Translation: "@IBGDRGN I kinda have a lot of them”

Translation: "Ah so embarrassing. I talked nonsense yesterday. It doesn't mean anything so just forget about it. Aigo how embarrassing”

Noh Hong Chul Says He Spotted G-Dragon Hanging out with a French Female Tourist

Television personality Noh Hong Chul recently spilled some behind-the-scenes exclusive details on G-Dragon after attending an after-party with him.
On the March 29 broadcast of MBC’s “Infinity Challenge,” all seven cast members gathered to practice their cheer for the upcoming “2014 Brazil World Cup.”
As the newly elected head of fashion and energy for the team, Noh Hong Chul remarked, “In order to find a source of energy, I went to 2NE1 and Big Bang’s after-party. There I saw G-Dragon hanging out with a french woman. It turned out that she was visiting Korea through a tourist visa.”
Haha joked, “Don’t risk your life for this broadcast!”
On the same broadcast, Noh Hong Chul surprised the cast members when he came out wearing the same style leggings that became popular after actress Clara had worn them!

Seungri at Incheon Airport Returning from Hong Kong

Seungri's Twitter Update: "...Special drama..."

"SBS K R 특별기획 드라마'엔젤 아이즈 ' 4월5일 저녁 9시 45분 첫방송 많은시청 부탁드립니다^^"
Translation: "SBS K R Special drama "Angel Eyes" premieres at 9:45PM on April 5th please watch it^^"

After School’s Lizzy on dating G-Dragon: “G-Dragon is too high up”

On the March 28th episode of JTBC’s “Witch Hunt,” After School’s Lizzy addressed some old dating rumours about her and G-Dragon, stating that “G-Dragon is too great of a person and too high up” to be suitable for her. Lizzy also addressed the details of the rumours, commenting, “Apparently people I don’t even know saw me at a bar with him. It was hilarious. I don’t even wish for a guy who’s as great as he is; he’d be too great for me to date.”
Responding to Lizzy’s comment, MC Heo Ji Woong pointed at ballad singer Sung Si Kyung, wittily retorting, “There’s a great person here, too,” eliciting laughter from all the members.
The netizens who saw the episode had various entertaining comments about Lizzy’s dating rumours: “Lizzy’s nervous facial expression when they brought up the dating rumours”; “Lizzy was so cute trying to clear up the dating rumours”; “I really hope the dating rumours weren’t true”; and more.
Though it is unclear whether the rumours were true or not, speculation seems to always be a source of great entertainment for netizens.

G-Dragon's 20 Second Commercial for "Hite Jinro: Dry d"

Source: 베티핑끄

Seungri on "KBS's Star on Air: Yang Hyun Suk"

Source: 베티핑끄

YGEx Adds an Additional Performance to Daesung's 2014 Japanese Tour

Date: Friday, July 18th
Place/Area: Nippon Budokan (in Tokyo)
Location: Disk Garage
Time: 5:30pm (audience let it)/ 6:30pm (show starts)
Ticket price: 8,800 yen (approx. $85.50 USD)

Seungri Spotted in Hong Kong's Local Newspaper

The headline says "Seung Ri Sending Kisses"