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Prosecutors defend Park Bom over drug smuggling case!

Seoul prosecutors denied a newspaper claim they let singer Park Bom off the hook for drug smuggling four years ago.
A Segye Ilbo report on Monday revealed that Korean customs officers caught Park trying to import 82 amphetamine pills through international shipping in October 2010. Amphetamines are banned in Korea, and the newspaper questioned why the prosecution suspended its indictment of Park.

In response to the article, prosecution officials said Park had been legally prescribedamphetamines for her medical conditions when she lived in the United States.

"Smuggling and using amphetamine is a crime punishable by five-plus years in prison, so of course we are very careful in indicting people over this," a prosecution official said. "We took a hard look at the information, and there was no preferential treatment for Park.

"Through our investigation, we confirmed that Park had been prescribed amphetamines in the U.S. When she came to Korea, she felt that the drugs that contained no amphetamines did not work as well, so she ordered amphetamine pills based on what she had been prescribed in the U.S.”

Park is a member of 2NE1, one of the country’s most popular girl pop groups. Yang Hyun-suk, head of YG Entertainment, which manages 2NE1, criticized the Segye Ilbo report and briefly explained Park’s medical condition in a letter posted on the company’s website.

When she was a schoolgirl in the U.S., Park suffered psychological shock after witnessing a friend die during a soccer game, according to Yang. She received counseling and treatment and the drugs prescribed at an American hospital included amphetamines.

Proofs of Park Bom’s past dugged up, matches ‘traumatic soccer story’!

There has been additional new confirming that Park Bom (also known as Jenny Park) was on a soccer team in the US and that there was in fact a tragic accident in the field which caused the death of a friend. News reports about incidents in Park Bom’s past are now being dug up due to the recent drug scandal the singer is in. 
Park Bom, whose American name is Jenny Park, is a known alumna of Gould Academy, with the official Twitter account of the school even tweeting for her single, “Don’t Cry”. 
In the articles, a student by the name of Jenny Park is mentioned for a story on Gould Academy’s top athletes in their soccer team by Sun Journal. The quote reads, “Jenny Park, a sophomore from Seoul, Korea, received the junior varsity coach’s award.” (Dated December 8, 1998). In another article by the same Sun Journal, dated October 7, 2000, an article reads the morbid title, "Young soccer player’s death ruled result of aneurysm". This matches the traumatic soccer story told by Yang Hyun Suk about Park Bom.
In the article, the journalist describes how emotional the incident was for students at Gould. The headmaster for Gould Academy revealed in a statement, “We stood on the spot and had a very emotional 45 minutes there.” 
In a recent blog post YG’s Yang Hyun Suk explained that after witnessing a sudden death of a friend on the field, Park Bom went through very difficult times, having to undergo psychotherapy and psychological treatment at the same time. She had been consistently taking medication officially prescribed by a famous university-affiliated hospital in the U.S.

Seungri's Twitter Update Starcast Special Event

This Friday is Naver Starcast's 1 year anniversary. To celebrate Taeyang and Seungri will be hosting an event at 8pm on July 4th. No other information is currently available, though the event was just announced today. The website and video are currently only open to Korean IPs, but when more information comes out, we will post as soon as we can. Thanks!

Naver Star Cast: Taeyang's ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ Service

You’ve never seen a “high touch” like this one, have you? TAEYANG’s “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” service
TAEYANG puts a smile brighter than the sun on his face. But what bothers us are those hands that he is holding…
How lucky could that girl be? If the fans saw it they would be singing this song:
I wish it were me~♪” (BGM)
This is a super special event for the fans, which is just a part of TAEYANG’s “High Touch” event. It’s not only his hands that are reaching for the fans, his EYES, NOSE and LIPS are all facing the fans only.
From Seoul to Busan and back to Seoul… June 26 Shinchon, 27 Busan, 29 Yeongdeungpo. He travelled a distance to be with his fans. Star Cast is here to reveal all the little details.
Starting with what happened on June 27. This is Busan’s Central Square. TAEYANG stands on stage dressed in a bling-bling hiphop outfit. He is full of swag. The entire Busan is excited by his visit. Rumor tells us even the seagulls went crazy!
The weather was “SO HOT.” It went up to 30 degrees. But TAEYANG’s refreshing smile made everything better. On the day of his visit, Central Square was surely hotter than Haeundae.
After the “High Touch” event, TAEYANG was on stage to sing.
Your Eyes, Nose, Lips
Enthusiastic responses were heard here and there as the familiar tune of “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” filled the space. It’s the first time for TAEYANG to visit Busan by himself. No wonder the fans cheered on more eagerly than usual.
“Are you ready?”
Should we have a look at how “High Touch” went? Fans blushed as they came up on stage—they were within 30cm radius of TAEYANG. Nothing could top that!
TAEYANG provided a super special service for the fans! He stooped for the young fans, looking them in the eyes. The young fans seemed to be head over heals. He is a true entertainer!
He then moved on to Seoul.
It’s June 29 at Yeongdeungpo Times Square. Shopper’s heaven. But with TAEYANG’s appearance, everything came to a halt. All eyes on TAEYANG’s EYES, NOSE and LIPS.
“All Eyes, Nose, and Lips facing TAEYANG”
“Hello, everyone!”
He does not panic—instead, he gives them a relaxed smile. Fans cheer on. TAEYANG excites the whole shopping mall with a single smile.
Now the much-awaited “High Touch” event begins. Seoul fans know what to ask for. They asked him to play a clapping game while some boldly asked him for a hug. TAEYANG is generous enough to accept every request.
Some are too nervous to go near him—they tell him they are too shy. So he comes up with a thoughtful gesture: he turns around and puts his hands out, facing his back to the fan. That’s indeed a “back touch?”

“You are sieged!”
The event was held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A “long time no see” with the Korean fans. It was a special moment for both TAEYANG and the fans.
☞ Star Cast wouldn’t be the same without any bonus pictures! Enjoy the scenes from the mini concert held after the “High Touch” event!
“TAEYANG in Haeundae”
“Rise~ Rise~”
“TAEYANG shines with the rays”
“Full of swag”
“See you next time!”
“This photo is definitely worth saving!”

G-Dragon in Paris #3

G-Dragon at the Chanel studio in Paris:
Source:, l___jh

Another photo from June 29: (See more here »)
Source: enfantsrichesdeprimes

'Eyes, Nose, Lips' Tops 6 Weekly Charts

After almost a month since its release, Taeyang's “Eyes, Nose, Lips” is still on top of Korean music charts.
According to the weekly music charts released on the 30th, “Eyes, Nose, Lips” is #1 on Melon, Olleh Music, Genie, Naver, Cyworld and Monkey 3.
Taeyang's album “RISE” has also been on top of Melon's “trend chart” for 4 weeks now and is #1 in the pop category of the “genre chart” and ballad category of the “style chart”.
In the recent music world where things change quickly, topping charts like Taeyang for almost a month is surely unprecedented. The achievement is even more special as Taeyang, who is known for his dynamic performances, focused only on his vocal talents this time. It was a new challenge, and fans responded enthusiastically.
Taeyang described that he wrote the lyrics conveying his own story, and his sincerity won the hearts of many.

Taeyang's ‘RISE’ Hug Event

Photos from Taeyang's fun hug event held in Sinchon, Seoul on June 26:

G-Dragon Confirmed for KCON 2014

From Billboard:
The singer/rapper joins fellow headliner Girls' Generation along with SPICA, CNBLUE, IU and more in L.A. this summer
Billboard can exclusively reveal that K-pop superstar G-Dragon is the latest act performing at KCON, America's premiere K-pop festival featuring concerts, fan meet-and-greets, panels, Korean TV and movie stars and more. After unveiling a new collaboration with Missy Elliot at KCON 2013, the singer/rapper headlines the first of KCON's two nights of concerts.
G-Dragon headlines the first night of concerts at KCON. After growing to two days of festival activity last year, the convention now boasts two nights of concerts. K-pop music chart program "M COUNTDOWN" will be filmed onsite and promises to feature longer sets by the performers. Get your first look at the lineup below that includes just-added girl group SPICA, making their debut U.S. performance.
Saturday, Aug. 9: G-Dragon, IU, Jung Joon-Young, Teen Top and VIXX
Sunday, Aug. 10: Girls' Generation, B1A4, BTS, CNBLUE, and SPICA
Tickets go on sale tomorrow, July 1, with more ticketing options coming days later. Tickets can be bought at KCON 2014 hits Los Angeles' Memorial Sports Arena on August 9 and 10.

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G-Dragon in Paris #2

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christiandada: (fashion designer)
Best couple.

At the Saint Laurent show:
It's an honor to meet the amazing @azzedinealaia
and #carlasozzani at the #saint_laurent show.