marți, 29 ianuarie 2013

G-Dragon was called "Hypocrite"

It's been awhile since I posted the last time,I erased townsends of news that I have posted. Because I was thinking to cut off the blog but someone get on my nerves very badly I decided that NOT TO DO IT....So I thought, why should I close the blog, because it the best opportunity to express my feelings and to be heard...So here I am, ready to give that girl or boy an response.
    So let's suppose that is a she...SHE interpreted, G-Dragon's press interviews as she pleases,the article name sounds like that..."Lightning Flash Weather Forecast: G-Dragon Is a Hypocrite", I'm gonna copy/paste the entire "articles" site so that you guys can understand why it annoys me so much.......
    The title is so radical and harmful, even the picture is a joke, and the only thing that I understood from this so-called article,it that she doesn't like GD,and she didn't take more time to understand he's words,and she twisted them.... his beliefs about Kpop,she transform them into an opportunity to diminish G-Dragon.

     When you are composing, you tend to listen different songs,artists and is impossible to not like,or to get inspired by a song or a bit....and you're gonna try to transform them into something else,something different, we are not talking about plagiarizing,but a recreating process....and I'm saying this because every composer starts a song from something,smething that was made before,even Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley ,and lots of other singers are known for getting inspired from lots of things....that's at first,until you discover your own identity, and you start to not identify yourself with anyone just you.

        That's the case of GD,he needed inspiration at first, but now he discovered himself,and he is blooming like a beautiful let's not criticize someone so harshly,because of the appearances, and let's think about the things we say, before we launch a accusation, that may harm a person.