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Taeyang's Twitter/Instagram Updates

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Taeyang at Rick Owen's Show in Paris Fashion Week

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Song Joong Ki Proves Once Again His Beautiful Skin

Song Joong Ki has recently been filming a TV commercial for the national brand of water purifier, according to TV Daily. A video showcasing the making of the commercial features Song Joong Ki hard at work, focused and calm. He was seen carefully monitoring his own acting, showing that he is very committed and serious about his work.

The commercial also showcases his smooth, porcelain skin and his slim body. His smile is sure to melt the hearts of many women, and you might just mistake him for a character straight out of a romance movie.

The second part of the commercial is set to start broadcasting on July 1, and the behind the scenes video has already circulated through YouTube, Naver, and Daum.

Netizens who saw the video said, “I really want to see his next work,” “A man who is lovelier than a woman,” “I love how we can see a side of him that we couldn’t see in the commercial through this video! He is so cool.”

Song Joong Ki, who starred In KBS’ drama “Nice Guy” last year, is currently reviewing works to decide which will be his next one. What do you think about his flawless skin?

'Jang Ok Jung' Farewell Party Photos Revealed

SBS drama "Jang Ok Jung, Lives in Love" cast members having a farewell party was revealed.

Ji Yoo, who came out as Ja Kyung in the drama, posted on her Twitter yesterday, "Farewell party of Jang Ok Jung, Lives in Love. All staff and cast members, you did a great job making a great drama even while getting no sleep. I will be meeting you all through other works. Thank you for your love for this drama" along with pictures.

In the pictures, the cast members including Kim Tae Hee, Yoo Ah In, Lee Sang Yup, and others are posing for the camera. The cast members in regular clothing and not hanbok (Korean traditional clothing) also caught much attention.
Internet users who saw this commented, "You all did a great job," "It's good to see everyone in such a happy setting," and "My mind is still not out of the Jang Ok Jung mode yet."

"Jang Ok Jung" finished on episode on June 25.

Lee Seung Gi wants to enlist as an active duty soldier instead of a celebrity recruit

Lee Seung Gi would like to enlist as an active duty soldier.

He recently held his exit interview for the MBC drama 'Book of the House of Gu'. During the interview, he was asked about his enlisting plans. He answered, "I'm definitely going. The reason why I don't really talk about it is because even if I think to myself, 'I'll go at this time', there are a lot of realistic problems in the way such as CF contracts and such."
He explained, "So I want to talk about it once all of that is done and I have a definite date set in place. I can't say when in detail. But I'll definitely go eventually as an active duty soldier."

Amid all the bad news about celebrity recruits recently, Lee Seung Gi may be making the wisest choice.

When does Lee Jong Suk want to get married?

It looks like Lee Jong Suk wants to get married really soon as the subject of marriage was brought up once again.
He expressed his desired to get married on his me2day before, and he did it again during the interview he had with Kim Woo Bin on SBS' 'One Night of TV Entertainment'. He said, "I want to get married when I'm at my peak in terms of my looks. I want to be married when I'm still young and beautiful."
Kim Woo Bin added, "Recently, he keeps talking about marriage. He doesn't even have a girlfriend, but he keeps talking about getting married." He then left a message to Lee Jong Suk's future girlfriend by looking at the camera and said, "He's very detailed oriented and he thinks of others first, so if you date him, you won't regret it. Don't pass him up."

JYJ's Junsu returns as XIA with special teaser clip for "11 o'clock"

JYJ's Junsu is returning as XIA, his solo identity, for his upcoming album release!

This will be Junsu's 2nd full-length album after 'Tarantallegra' in May of last year, which received a lot of praise from fans and critics, so it's not an exaggeration when we say there's quite a hype surrounding the new release "11 o'clock" (or also "11 AM")

C-JeS Entertainment revealed previously that he's currently filming a music video in the US, which we'll get to check out with the release of the album taking place later in the month of July.

B.A.P returns with MV for 1st title track "Coffee Shop"

B.A.P is here, yes sir, bringing you the 1st title track in their line up of three, "Coffee Shop"!

For their return, the boys traveled all over the States including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., New York, and more to shoot their music video as well as present us with concept photos depicting the matured boys of B.A.P, who have come a long way since their days as six matching blondes.
For "Coffee Shop", the boys are setting aside their powerful warrior concept as they team up with jazz pianist Song Young Joo for a softer sound, so take a look at the MV above as we await the other title tracks!

Music video for actor Lee Hyun Woo's OST for 'Secretly and Greatly' film revealed

Actor Lee Hyun Woo left his fans wondering if there's anything he can't do after the release of his OST track, and he's back again with the MV for the song he sang, "An Ode to Youth"!

Proving that not only act but he can sing, Lee Hyun Woo sings for the film 'Secretly and Greatly' ('Covertness'), and you can check out his sweet voice through the MV above with scenes from the movie starring himself as well as Kim Soo Hyun!

SEE ALSO: Kim Soo Hyun in talks to become an alien man in the new SBS drama, 'Man From the Stars'

2PM's Taecyeon and So Yi Hyun are charismatic cops for 'Who Are You?'

2PM's Taecyeon and So Yi Hyun got into character for their profile shots as the charismatic police officers in additional cuts for the upcoming tvN drama, 'Who Are You?'.
The paranormal melodrama will portray the love story ofSi On(So Yi Hyun), who wakes up after a 6-year coma and starts to see ghosts, and Cha Gun Woo(Taecyeon), the realist cop who ends up working with her. 

'Who Are You?' will premiere on July 29 at 11PM KST after the finale of 'Dating Agency: Cyrano'!

VIXX gets you in the mood for summer in a cute pictorial for 'CeCi'

VIXX took off their smokey eye makeup and dark clothing to go from charismatic to cute in their summer pictorial for 'CeCi'!

The boys look to be enjoying the warm weather like the rest of us with an outdoor party and of course, summer wouldn't be complete without some ice cream!

G-Dragon to Create “One of a Kind” Flavored Water

Korean pop icon G-Dragon is launching his own Vitamin Water product next month.
G-Dragon has participated in Glaceau Vitamin Water’s new campaign “G-Creator Project” and the collaboration product is set to hit the local market next month, the brand’s promoter Imok Communications said in a press release Thursday.
To celebrate the new project helmed by the artist as its project manager and co-illustrator, G-Dragon is joining “G-Creator Special Party” at a café in Seoul next Friday, with the support of his labelmates Tablo and Lee Hi.
The iconic star will introduce the new product named “G-CREATOR,” with its catchphrase “With GD” and a special art label design, and tell the overall stories of his new commercial project.
The K-pop artist and global beverage brand, launched in Korea four years ago, released several promotional videos of G-Dragon on YouTube last month.

Taeyang on Twitter/Instagram uploaded a pic with him and Rick Owens

"Bling Bling ppikka ppikka 반짝반짝"

Choi Jin Hyuk Confesses That He Cried Because Of His Popularity From “Gu Family Book”

Actor Choi Jin Hyuk recently talked about being moved to tears because of the attention and love he has received from his role in drama “Gu Family Book” as Gu Wol Ryung. 
On June 25, Choi Jin Hyuk stopped by as a guest on MBC FM4U’s “This is Park Kyung Lim of 2o’clock Date.” 
When Choi Jin Hyuk was asked, “When was the last time you cried?” he replied, “During the scene where Yoon Seo Hwa was dying, I think I cried a lot then.” 
He went on to say, “For me personally, there have been many times I found myself in tears. There were things that upset me from work or with my parents. There have also been times when I found myself crying alone and other times when I’m at the brink of tears because of something mortifying that I can’t really share on the radio.”
“The last time I was in tears….I think was about a week ago. I held my mother and started to shed tears after we had received close to 60 business calls. This was after I released my “Best Wishes to You” OST from ‘Gu Family Book.’ My mother had also received calls from her friends and it caused her to cry as well. We didn’t even celebrate with alcoholic beverages but instead cried a lot together.”

Jung Woo Sung, Han Hyo Joo, and 2PM’s Junho Hold Chat Session with Fans

The stars of action thriller “Cold Eyes,” Jung Woo Sung, Han Hyo Joo, and 2PM’s Junho, had the very first “star chatting” with fans.
The purpose of “star chatting” is to show the public a completely different side to the stars, a side that they previously were not able to see. The cast told their honest opinions about the movie and some funny stories as well. The star chatting was held on June 25 for one hour on the Naver Line.
In “Cold Eyes,” Jung Woo Sung plays the role of the bad guy for his first time, and Han Hyo Joo strips her usual innocent image to become an expert detective. This is also Junho’s first time on the big screen.  Fans are anticipating this movie, as it will be their first times seeing the stars portray different types of roles.
Jung Woo Sung and Han Hyo Joo told fans about filming the movie, the backstage story, as well as their honest opinions about everything. Lee Jun Ho shared his experiences as a first time actor on the big screen. The stars also talked with fans directly over the phone, giving them speed quizzes. The public was very excited for all of the surprise events the stars had planned.
In particular, Jung Woo Sung said on this day that there was a boy inside Han Hyo Joo. He explained in the movie that Han Hyo Joo’s character had to be tougher than other policemen and normal women. Because of her tough character, he ended up calling the actress “hyung” sometimes on set (hyung is the Korean term a male calls a brother or another close male who is older). 

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Taeyang Arrives in Paris for Fashion Week


G-Dragon: "...2nd collabo..."

collabo preview

Seungri Joins Facebook

riri's fbTranslation: "@: Started Facebook^^ I'll write everything in Korean here. Please give your attention."

2NE1 Shows Off 'Runway Style' Airport Fashion

On June 21, 2NE1 appeared at Incheon International Airport in fashionable outfits that rivaled any other runway wardrobes.

The members of 2NE1, departing out to Singapore, showed off various styles that made all the reporters' trips to the airport worthwhile.

Dara kept things the most natural and casual, with blue jeans and a plain hoodie.
CL sported a slim-fit black one-piece dress with a boxy black jacket. Adding long boots and a black-and-white clutch, she completed her chic looks.

Minji, who has previously been seen wearing lots of unique fashion wear that were not exactly feminine, decided to go with a girly look this time around. In a mint dress with red flower prints that could be risky, she held a black bag and sunglasses to make the whole look work.

Bom received the most spotlight that day. In a uniquely designed black dress and denim hot pants along with sneakers, Bom completed a mix-and-match style with ease.

Can 'Book of the House of Gu' surpass the 20% viewer rating mark for its finale?

Mondays couldn't get any more exciting with the action and romance that some of your favorite dramas bring, and 'Book of the House of Gu' reached a climax in its storyline with only one episode left, keeping viewers glued to the screen as the #1 Monday-Tuesday drama.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the June 24th episode of 'Book of the House of Gu' achieved a 17.8% viewer rating, which is a 1.5% increase from its previous viewer rating of 16.3% and only 2.2% away from breaking the coveted 20% mark.

While 'Book of the House of Gu' soars with double-digit ratings, SBS' 'Jang Ok Jung' and KBS 2TV's 'Shark' trailed behind with a poor 9.0% and 7.8% viewer rating, respectively. 

With only one episode left, stay tuned to find out if 'Book of the House of Gu' breaks the 20% viewer rating mark!

B.A.P reveals dashing individual teasers ahead of "Coffee Shop" release

It's inching closer and closer to the 28th, which is when B.A.P will set out to reclaim hearts as they bring you the first title track up their sleeves,  "Coffee Shop". So what better way to switch on your fangirl or fanboy mode than with dashing individual teaser photos?

The boys are here to do just that as they reveal the photos of all six members, who look like they've come a long way since their days as matching blondes, looking quite ready to fit the image of baristas in theme with their title track.

So check out more photos below as you await the release on the 28th!