marți, 28 februarie 2012

John Park and Suzy to be special MCs for ‘M! Countdown’

John Park and miss A‘s Suzy will be co-hosting the upcoming episode of Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘!
The two will serve as the special MCs on March 1st at 6PM in Seoul’s CJ E&M Center, where ‘M!Countdown’ is broadcast live. Suzy has previous experience hosting music awards and programs, while John Park is said to feel fairly comfortable on live stages due to his appearance on ‘Superstar K2‘.
John commented, “It’s an honor to be a special MC for M!Countdown, a program loved by so many music fans. I’m nervous, but I’ll do my best.”
Catch John and Suzy on March 1st’ ‘M! Countdown’!

INFINITE’s ‘Second Invasion – Evolution’ encore concert sells out

It seems there is no stopping INFINITE‘s popularity, for they have sold out another concert within minutes!
With the successful completion of the ‘Second Invasion’ concert that was held on February 11th and 12th, an encore concert was added for April 1st to give more fans a chance to witness the concert. With the tickets for the encore concert opening up for sale on February 28th, the servers became overloaded and caused much lag, as 150,000 people logged in to fight for their chance at a ticket.
The 10,000 seats available were wiped out right away, making this the fourth consecutive time that the boys have sold out their concerts, starting with their Japanese concert back in September.
A concert organizer stated, “The size of the gymnastic stadium is not one you can sell out easily. Additionally, it’s even harder with an encore concert. INFINITE, who possesses strong vocals as well as powerful choreography, is evolving as the divinity within the performance world.”
The encore concert, titled ‘Second Invasion – Evolution’, aims to perfect some of the parts such as the sound, lights, and special effects from the original concert to deliver an even more spectacular show.
Source + Photo: SBS NewsHerald

Block B to appear on pilot episode of ‘Survival King’

Fans will be glad to see Block B back on TV through the upcoming pilot episode of ‘Survival King‘!
On March 1st, Zico, Jaehyo, and P.O. will be appearing on MBC Everyone’s brand new show program‘Survival King’. The three members challenged the show’s first mission, “Survive without Light”, while being filmed by a hidden camera.
The mission was the pass by electric bars through the dark, although in truth, there were no electric bars as only sounds of electric currents made. Since the members of Block B had no idea, it is reported that the boys could not even take a step as their hands shook in fear.
After the mission, Zico was asked the question, “Without what would you have the hardest time surviving?”, to which he answered, “I don’t think I could survive without the love of my fans”, and expressed his love for the fans.
The first episode of “Survival King” was shot on February 15th, before the group’s controversial interview in Thailand.
Source: Hankookilbo via Naver

‘Birth of a Great Star 2′ contestant Jang Lee Jung signs contract with LOEN Entertainment

MBC’s ‘Birth of a Great Star 2‘ contestant, Jang Lee Jung has recently signed a contract underLOEN Entertainment, the same agency as IU and co-ed group Sunny Hill.
On February 29, a representative of Loen Entertainment held a brief phone call with StarN and shared, “He has signed a contract with us and has begun to receive training.” They continued, “After seeing him on broadcast, we saw future potential in him,” explaining the reason for the contract.
In addition, some netizens have already begun comparing him with IU and immediately began to assume that he’ll be known as the “male IU”. In response, Loen added, “He’s currently in the beginning stages of training so nothing has been confirmed yet.”
Do you think he has what it takes to be the “male IU”? Check out his performance below and tell us what you think!
Source & Image: Financial News via Naver

Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo to complete his military service March 2nd

Shinhwa‘s Lee Min Woo will be completing his mandatory military service this March 2nd! Much to the delight of fans who’ve waited two years, Lee Min Woo will arrive in Seoul after his official discharge to be interviewed and say hello to loyal fans.
Fans are said to be especially anticipating his discharge as he’ll be the last Shinhwa member to return from military service. Shinhwa is planning their comeback this March, entering into album recording negotiations as soon as Lee Minwoo arrives.
The group is planning to celebrate their 14th anniversary since debut on March 24th with their first concert in 4 years at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium.
Source + Photo: Star News

Ki Tae Young confesses that a woman’s looks are not important to him

Actor Ki Tae Young shocked everyone by confessing he did not care about a woman’s looks.
On the February 28th episode of YTN‘s ‘News and Issues – Issue and People‘, Ki Tae Young revealed that he did not take a woman’s appearance into consideration when choosing a girlfriend.
Other people tell me never to say this in public,” he said. “But to be honest, looks aren’t that important to me,” Ki Tae Young confessed. In reference to his wife, Eugene, the actor said, ”Personality and character are what’s important to me. I just happened to have scored a beautiful wife.
We also wish you wouldn’t say these things in public,” the anchors told him amid laughter.
Ki Tae Young laughed and reassured, “I am very aware that my wife is beautiful.”
When asked what’s changed after being married, the actor answered, “I definitely feel more stable.”
Source & Image : Newsen via Nate

Eun Ji Won reveals he actually proposed to his wife twice

Singer Eun Ji Won guest-featured on the February 28th episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Win Win‘ and shared how his relationship with his wife came to be.
Eun Ji Won studied abroad in Hawaii for some time, and fell in love at first sight upon seeing his wife who was working at a restaurant there. He too began working at the restaurant, and their relationship took off. He confessed that even while he was an idol star, he maintained a long-distance relationship with his now-wife.
But the singer admitted that over time, he stopped contacting her regularly and gradually they stopped contacting each other altogether. He then called her out of the blue five years later, asking her to marry him.
Then I thought, ‘Why am I getting married again‘?” he said. After proposing for the first time, he did not call her again for another three years.
Hearing his absurd story, MC Kim Seung Woo remarked, “What is that? You’re not even one of those ‘bad guys’, you’re just a ‘crazy guy’!”
Now I realize how cruel that was,” he admitted. He mustered up the courage to call her again and asked her to marry him, but for real this time.
The MCs were able to give his wife a surprise call, and asked how she felt at the time. “I felt really betrayed,” she said. “I realized what an irresponsible guy he was, and that I shouldn’t ever meet him. But when I did, everything was forgiven.”
She went on to reveal that when the two had met again, Eun Ji Won could not say a single word. He simply held her hand and could not stop the tears from flowing from his eyes.
Source & Image : KoreaTimes via Nate

IU cancels performance for hospital visit, worrying fans

It has been reported that singer IU was recently hospitalized, and there have been rumors swirling around as to the reason for hospitalization.
On the evening of February 28th, a rumor spread on various social networking sites and internet community that IU had fainted due to exhaustion from overwork, and that she had been hospitalized. Fan anxiety deepened when it was announced that her scheduled appearance at the opening ceremonies for the Incheon Culture and Art College on the 29th was cancelled.
However, a representative of LOEN Entertainment, IU’s agency, cleared up the rumors on the same day, saying, “Her condition wasn’t good, and she was showing symptoms of a cold so she did go to the hospital, but she was not hospitalized. It isn’t bad enough to cause worry.”
IU is still planning on attending the ‘Korean Pop Music Awards Ceremony‘ as scheduled, which is to be held on the evening of the 29th at Live House AX-Korea.