miercuri, 5 iulie 2017

Winner to Open for Taeyang’s “White Night” 2017 Solo Tour

Winner to Open for Taeyang's "White Night" 2017 Solo Tour
Winner is to put up the opening stage of Taeyang’s solo tour concerts.
Taeyang’s second world tour “White Nigh” will start soon, and labelmate Winner is to perform the opening stage of his Chiba concerts on July 8 and 9.
Taeyang was Winner’s producer when the team was on the survival TV show “WIN: WHO IS NEXT”. Taeyang also did a cover of Winner’s “Baby Baby” to show off their deep friendship. He featured on MINO’s hit song “Fear” for hip hop competition show Show Me The Money 4.
Taeyang is to start his world tour on July 8. He will hold four concerts in Chiba and Kobe in front of 140,000 people. He will also release his first solo album in three years. His last solo album was “RISE”. Expectations are running high for his new album, and many are curious about whether he will produce a bigger hit song than “Eyes, Nose, Lips”.
Sources: Sports KyungHyang via YG Life

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