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News about Taeyang’s Solo Comeback!

News about Taeyang's Solo Comeback!
Information from a news article by Osen:
– Taeyang has selected a title song for his new solo album.
– The last MV concept meeting was 6/30.
– MV filming date fixed but hasn’t been released to the public.
– Taeyang’s MV will have a new director, so it will have a totally different feeling from previous MVs.
– The article says Taeyang’s solo album title song is “a song that stays in your memory after one single listen”, combines mass appeal and musicianship.
– Everything about Taeyang’s new song is a secret, but according to a representative after just the first listen the song will linger in our ears.
– The article also states that his comeback seems to be aiming for July.
– He’ll have a concert(s) in Seoul around September followed by a world tour.
– Taeyang participated in all meetings related to the MV. The article commented that a team member said they were impressed by his professionalism and “he contributed many of his own ideas.”
Source: OSEN via @mshinju and @susifg

YG Confirms Taeyang Will Make Solo Comeback And Is Currently Working On His New MV

News about Taeyang's Solo Comeback!  News about Taeyang's Solo Comeback!
It looks like BIG BANG’s Taeyang is gearing up for his solo comeback!
Though YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk had already confirmed the news through an Instagram post in May, new details have emerged about the singer’s return.
Taeyang is reported to have held various discussions about the music video for his upcoming title track, with the final concept and filming date set during the last meeting on June 30. A source who attended the meeting said, “Taeyang was at every single meeting that was held. He was very serious about his work, checked every little detail and was actively pitching his own ideas. It made me think, ‘No wonder he’s risen to where he is now.’”
Details for the comeback are shrouded in mystery, and a YG Entertainment representative stated, “We cannot yet release any detailed information about the title track or music video. However, we can say that the director will be someone Taeyang’s never worked with before, and it will be very different from his past music videos,” and “The title track will be a song that will not only be appealing to the masses, but will also be a song that boasts high-quality musicality.”
This will be Taeyang’s first solo album in three years since 2014’s “Rise,” and it will be interesting to see how the singer’s music has evolved since then.
Are you excited for Taeyang’s comeback?

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