duminică, 2 iulie 2017

Taeyang to Hold “White Night” Solo Concert in Korea + World Tour?

The tweet below from Big Bang’s official fan club (YG Korea) states that Taeyang will be having a Korean solo concert, titled “WHITE NIGHT”. No information has been given about location or date yet, except that it will be within the third quarter of 2017 and that sales for official fan club members will start soon for a guaranteed ticket to the event.
 OFFICIAL V.I.P 5기 TAEYANG CONCERT <WHITE NIGHT> 팬클럽 선예매를 위한 제3자 정보 제공 동의가 시작되었습니다! 공지 확인! 동의 기간도 꼭!! 확인해주세요! V.I.P ZONE GOGO

It also seems that Taeyang will possibly be holding a world tour (or concerts outside Korea and Japan):

Sources: @YG_GlobalVIP, @susifg, @onebluemouse

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