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BIG BANG and BLACKPINK Gains Huge Global Popularity

BIG BANG and BLACKPINK Gains Huge Global Popularity
YG’s BIG BANG and BLACKPINK are going viral globally. BIG BANG now has another music video that has surpassed 100 million views, and BLACKPINK’s music video has reached 40 million views in the shortest time for a K-pop group.
“FXXK IT” is the title song of BIG BANG third regular album “MADE THE FULL ALBUM”, which was released in December last year. As of 23:00 on July 2, the music video of the song reached 100,007,821 views on YouTube. This means that the music video only took six months to surpass the 100 million view mark. YG uploaded a poster congratulating this great achievement on its official blog.
BIG BANG’s has a number of music videos with 100 million views. It’s “FANTASTIC BABY” music video has 300 million views and “BANG BANG BANG” music video has 200 million views. The music videos of “LOSER”, “BAD BOY”, “LET’S NOT FALL IN LOVE”, “BLUE”, “FXXK IT”, “GOOD BOY”, and “CROOKED” have all surpassed 100 million views, which means that BIG BANG has nine music videos over 100 million views. For a K-pop act, this is the biggest number and it shows BIG BANG’s great popularity.
BLACKPINK has made remarkable achievement although it debuted less than a year ago. It’s “As If It’s Your Last” music video reached 40 million views in just nine days after release, which is the shortest time among K-pop groups. The music video recorded 10 million views in just 17 hours after its release, 20 million in 47 hours, and 30 million in 107 hours.
Drawing upon YG musicians’ global popularity, YG has plans for a number of overseas tours this year. BIG BANG’s leader G-Dragon released his solo album “KWON JI YONG” in May and is currently on a solo world tour titled “ACT III, M.O.T.T.E”. BIG BANG’s lead vocal Taeyang is getting ready to release his solo album and will also go on his first stadium tour in July and August in Japan.
BLACKPINK is focusing on promoting its new album by appearing in music shows, variety shows, and radio programs. On July 2, the group is to hold its first signing event and meet their fans face-to-face.
Source: Ilgan Sports via YG Life

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