duminică, 2 iulie 2017

Seungri’s Twitter & Instagram Updates

From Twitter:
([Hye Sunny Bucket List] Episode1_Learning DJing !! (Feat. NHR_DJ Glory) ♥Hye Sunny♥)
Translation via VIP4Daesung

From Instagram:

Taeyang’s comment: Seungri, do your best~ Do your best~
Seungri’s caption: Thank you so much! Really thank you for always cheering me on wwwww I will work hard today as well @_youngbae_

Seungri’s comment:
🐼: Who is better?
(Fans): I think Seung-chan is better~
🐼: Ehh? I am better?
(Fans): Yes~ Seung-chan is better
🐼: Not GD?
(Fans): Seung-chan is better~
🔊 Buzzer rings 🔊
Seungri’s caption: Let’s go to the arcade together

Seungri’s comment:
(To be added when available)
Seungri’s caption:(To be added when available)

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