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Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin opened about their relationship in 2015.Reuters
People change when they fall in love, and, so did BIG BANG member Taeyang, who is currently dating South Korean actress Min Hyo Rin. The singer-songwriter, who has been in a relationship since 2013, revealed that he discovered his romantic side after meeting his lady love.
During his interview with “Dazed Korea”, Taeyang opened up and public shared about his relationship with the 30-year-old. The boy group member showcased a completely different side of him. He said, “Honestly, I think people change after meeting someone you love. I didn’t have many romantic relationships, and the romantic scent inside me was beginning to disappear.”
The 28-year-old continued with some filled poetic words: “I felt ‘dry’. However, after I fell in love with my girlfriend, I recovered the romantic side of me. It feels as if rain is softly touching my dry heart. Thanks to love, I feel a lot more relaxed now. For that alone, I am thankful for love.”
Meanwhile, the power couple of the K-pop industry does not get to spend much time with each other because of their busy schedules. Once Hyo Rin revealed: ” He’s not in Korea often because of his schedules overseas, but we try to meet whenever he is in Korea.”
Dishing out details of their typical date style, the former model shared: “We eat good food, and just casually spend time together. We both love to eat, and have similar tastes, so our opinions don’t usually go against each other.”

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