luni, 19 septembrie 2016


On September 18, for a short time, G-Dragon’s private Instagram was set to public. After about an hour, the account was again set to private before all contents were deleted. As of the 19th, G-Dragon has personally asked everyone to stop following him on that account, as he returns to the original settings and tries to set it how it originally was. Friend 99Percentis also posted a picture with the information. In the corner image below, G-Dragon has posted “I was hacked. Please delete/remove me”.
Some fans continued to spread the pictures and content, prompting them to notice that G-Dragon appears to be in a relationship, possibly with model Nana Komatsu. In the past there had been rumors of them dating after being spotted out together.
In response to the news, a source from YG Entertainment said to, “The situation needs to be confirmed, but it’s standard for YG to not respond to each and every one of these rumors,” suggesting that there will be no official statement.
In a different statement to Sports Daily, a source said, “It’s the artist’s private life, so we have nothing to say.”
While many have been asking others to remove the content when found, and flooding social media with images asking to respect Big Bang’s privacy (to help bury/drown out the private iamges), a G-Dragon fan site, @GD_Supporters is asking for any fan that sees others spreading the private content, to screenshot it and send it to them with the username of the account. They are working to build up evidence of those spreading the private content.
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지용군을 향한 악의적인 게시물 및 개인 사생활 침해에 해당되는 모든 게시물과 관련된 자료들은 보내주시길 바랍니다. 또한 관련된 모든 문의는 메일로만 받겠습니다.
There is no information out about how this may follow up or what is being planned in relation to the hacking and spreading of the private information, but G-Dragon has since posted a single photo on his social media.

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