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“Thanksgiving date with Taeyang”
BIG BANG’s Taeyang made songpyeon, half-moon-shaped rice cake for Korean Thanksgiving, for the first time in his life. Taeyang invited fans from Euijeongbu City, his hometown, to have a Thanksgiving Day date. Taeyang played Korean traditional games with them, presenting perfect service for fans.
On September 14 at 7PM, Taeyang’s “Taeyang On-Air – Midnight Date with Taeyang” was broadcast on NAVER Special V-App. Taeyang decided to make songpyeon with three fans from Euijeongbu City, in the open air.
It was the first time for Taeyang to make songpyeon. He was not good at making it, but he did his best. Watching Taeyang working hard to make songpyeon, viewers of the broadcasting requested Taeyang to “knead the rice dough with his bare knuckles”, as Taeyang’s nickname is “the bare knuckles of Euijeongbu”.
Then, Taeyang asked about rumors about him to fans with him, and one of them answered, “They say that when you were a student, you ran away by jumping off the window of a running bus, because somebody in the bus recognized you”, to make all viewers burst into big laughter.
In Korea, there is a traditional belief that the one who makes pretty songpyeon will have pretty daughters. Taeyang boasted songpyeon he made, saying, “I want to have a pretty daughter someday. I’m not sure, but she will be a cute girl with round eyes and face, I may have to name her roundy” (since his songpyeon were so large and rounded).
While the songpyeon that Taeyang and fans made were being steamed, the four people decided to play a game of yut, a Korean traditional game. They divided into two teams to involve in the competitions and carried out missions in the middle, such as explaining words with gestures, drawing, facial expressions, and butt writing.
Then, Taeyang was given an individual mission. When each team records yut or mo in the game of yut, Taeyang had to grant fans’ wishes. Taeyang sang “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” in live performance, to make the fans happy.
While Taeyang and fans were having fun time together, songpyeon was ready. Taeyang mixed beverages and gave them to the fans, saying, “My favorite fruit is peach. I made this peach nectar by myself. Let’s taste it together”.
Then, Taeyang had a big smile, saying, “This year marks the 10th anniversary of my debut and I was so happy to meet people who have liked and supported BIG BANG for such a long time. I was even happier, as I don’t have that many people to spend this Thanksgiving holidays with”.
Source: OSEN via YG Life

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