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Note: While organizers are blaming the problem/cancellation on parental complaints, many are noticing that this may just be a scapegoat for other reasons the 2 p.m. fan meeting could not be held. As shown in the article, YG Entertainment is quoted as saying that the extra performances (like the 2pm one) was never confirmed, thus the promoter handling the fan meetings may have added it later or tried to get an extra fan meeting out of the time Big Bang was there. Now that the fan meeting cannot happen, the parents reasoning is being given. This is speculation, but given the information and the sudden cancellation, many are questioning the reasons given. The promoters Facebook is also filled with multiple complaints and issues relating to ticket sales, response time and the way and reasoning for event cancellation.
On September 1, TV Report released an exclusive report about BIG BANG’s fan meeting in Taiwan getting canceled.
According to a source in Taiwan, BIG BANG’s fan meeting which was scheduled for September 10 will be canceled. There were two fan meetings scheduled, one at 2 p.m. and the other at 7 p.m. that day. Posters for the event have already been distributed according to the article.
Due to the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival (Chuseok), Taiwanese middle school and high school students must have make-up lessons on September 10. Since students might cut class or leave early to make it to the 2 p.m. fan meeting, students’ parents have flooded the organizer with complaints. Thus organizer IMEtw announced the cancelation of the 2 p.m. fan meeting.
When TV Report reached out to YG Entertainment for a comment, a source from the agency stated, “The extra Taipei performances were not confirmed. Since they were not confirmed it’s not correct to say it was canceled.”
BIG BANG is scheduled for performances in Taiwan from September 9 to 11. T.O.P will not be able to attend due to other schedules.
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9/10 BIGBANG FM in Taiwan 2pm show CANCELLED due to parents' complaints that their kids plan to skip class to attend


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