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The first episode that he guest appeared in only just aired within the last few hours. It may take a day or more to get the entire episode online.

Source: @gau899, SBS, @GottaTalk2V1212 & @Crastibi87

Transcript of episode from @HuisuYoon and @chrissy96_:
Seungri got kidnapped from the airport
He didnt know he’ll appear in Flower Crew
He thought he was going to a photoshoot schedule
RI: Where am I…? What recording are you doing in this place? Isn’t this the magazine shooting….?
RI: *picked up the flower road card* YES! I’m always like this! My name is Victory for reason really!
If RI joins the flower road team, one of the flower road team member will be sent to the dirt road team LOL and RI chose…..
RI chose MC An Junghwan to be sent to the dirt road team LOLOL
RI: I’ve actually never met him, but… I’ll sent him to the dirt team haha
The other flower road team members are also curious about the new joining member 🙂
RI: Why are you all so tensed up? LOL I actually came back from Japan this morning and… here I am!?
RI: I got a call from Mr. YG a few days ago, and he said “RI, do you know the program called Flower Crew? Well, now you know!”
RI: The reason why I chose MC An is…. We’re all young! We’re all same same age here LOL
Seungyoon: Well, sorry but I’m now using this “transfer pass” to send RI to the dirt road team.
RI: WHUT?! Seriously?!!?!
Seungyoon: Well, you’re my senior colleague in YG so it’s a bit uncomfortable here.
RI: Really? Is this all really happening?!
RI: *picking up a snack*
Yoo Byeongjae: Ah, you can’t have these.
RI: ?!?! I can’t even have a snack? When did you join YG?!!
RI: Okay I got it. I’ll leave! *leaving*
Seungyoon: *runs after him and grabs him* RI!! This was all a joke!!! LOLOL
Seungyoon: This was all the welcoming show!
RI: I KNEW IT! Seungyoon is a really good one really!
*calls to the dirt road team*
MC An: Show him. I really want to know who sent me to this dirt road team. *being angry* *joke*
RI: *changing his voice* I’m not good at.. playing soccer.
*MC An was a real famous soccer player in Korean national team
They all finally meet at the ski resort 🙂
MC An: Why did you send me? *angry* *joking*
RI: I think you’ve become.. easy to get angry after the 2002 world cup…..
RI: *teaching MinAh how to ski* Make an A w/ your ski when you want to stop. Try it.
MinAh: Like this?
RI: Yeah, good!
RI: *to Byeongjae* You’re wearing the protection gear all wrong!
MinAh: It’s like u’re wearing your underwear over ur pants.
RI taught Byeongjae how to ride a snow board 🙂
Byeongjae: Yep, got it. You should go enjoy yourself now, thanks.
RI: *to the camera man* Well can I go faster now? Can I go enjoy myself?! *rides the snow board freely*
RI: *watching the dirt road team enjoying their poor sled….* I kind of envy them…! It looks fun!
After snow boarding, They’re moving by a car.
RI: Wow this flower road is awesome. I’ll do everything to keep myself being in this flower team.
RI: And to be in this team, I have to work so hard. It’s hard to survive, hard to survive wherever you are. Even in BIGBANG!
RI: Do you know how hard it is to survive in BIGBANG?! They’re all so competent!
RI: TOP is the eldest but he’s most delicate. GD and TY are like adults, they’re warm. And DS is like a grandfather… LOL
RI: DS reads newspaper when he gets up LOL Well I’m still the youngest one, still using polite words to all elder members…
RI: Is Jinwoo doing good?
Seungyoon: Yeah we’re all doing our own stuff…
RI: It’s been 3 yrs since you debuted right…
RI: 3 years, that’s when u get much thoughts. U should fight w/ the ideas like whether u can keep doing what you’re doing….
MinAh: How about when it’s been 10 yrs?
RI: That’s when you’re over everything. You become thankful for everything.
Each team is preparing convenient store food, the viewers don’t know who. Byeongjae and Seungyoon pretended to be RI..
Seungyoon: *winning after pretending to be RI* I’m guilty!!! RI’s fans, I’m guilty!!!
Seungyoon: I chose my senior colleague RI to join my flower road team. 🙂
RI got the “transfer pass” when he just arrived. He decided to give the pass to Nara bc she got in the dirt road team twice.
RI gets close to the dirt road team’s car secretively and put the pass in Nara’s pocket. Nara noticed it and smiled 🙂
RI: I felt bad that Nara stays in the dirt road team for twice already, so I gave my pass to her. 🙂
MC Jo: Byeongjae, you’re older than RI. You should talk to him more comfortably.
Byeongjae: I’m trying that for 10 yrs, but…
RI: Byeongjae should feel more close to me.
Yoo: Ok, I’ll no more use polite words to you RI.
RI: *quiet*
Yoo: Guess I can’t.
but it was Yoo Byeongjae that Mr. An chose and RI get to stay in the flower road team 😀 They went to have a steak!
PD: Nara just used her transfer pass and RI…
*RI gets scared if he’s been sent*
PD: Enjoy the next course.
RI: YES! *dances
Seungyoon: Why don’t you use your transfer pass to bring some women guests here, RI?
RI: idk if I have the pass or not lol
Nara chose MC Jo Saeho to join her dirt road team, so he left LOL The flower team, RI and Seungyoon, is waiting for the steak!
Seungyoon: You’re keeping secrets from me? We’re family here!
RI: YG doesn’t count here. DON’T TRUST ANYBODY! 😉
RI: Well let’s take a shower and get ready to sleep. We should give a call to them later LOL 😉
Seungyoon has the transfer pass and he said he’s in a deep concern how to use it. RI doesn’t know all these and fell asleep.
Seungyoon: I’m using this pass to send RI to the dirt road team. He taught me a lot of things, how to make the program funny..
Seungyoon: He taught me not to think about the senior or junior colleague thing.. So I decided to send him….!
Seungyoon: Damn what have I done… I can’t sleep tight starting tonight….!
RI: Seungyoon really did this…?
Seungyoon: It’s for this entertainment program!
RI: It’s not a program, it’s a war!
RI: I’ll remember this. I still have time!
Seungyoon: *checking time* You should hurry then…
RI: I’ll get revenge!!!!!

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