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BIG BANG is to make a comeback soon, and naturally, the group is expected to take the charts by storm.
BIG BANG is to release its third regular album after an eight-year break. It will be the grand finale to BIG BANG’s MADE series albums that were released last year and the icing on the cake of BIG BANG’s 10th anniversary celebrations. The album is to be released on December 12, and teasers have been released to raise expectations.
BIG BANG’s comeback was announced quite a while ago. News of BIG BANG shooting new music videos and recording new songs had been posted on YG and Yang Hyun Suk’s SNS pages. After the release date has been finalized, YG gave little hints one by one about BIG BANG’s new songs and made the fans more excited about the new album.
Because people have deep trust in BIG BANG’s music, the group’s three new songs are expected to rock the charts and set new records. BIG BANG’s songs always top the charts upon release. This is possible because not only BIG BANG’s fans but also people in and out the country trust that BIG BANG’s music is going to be good. The songs in BIG BANG’s new album will most certainly dominate the charts.
It is taken for granted that BIG BANG’s new songs are going to top the charts even before the songs are released. It is only natural as there is always a great chemistry between G-Dragon, YG producer Teddyand the other members.
The album will consist of songs that were released last year and three new songs: “FXXX IT”, “LAST DANCE” and “GIRLFRIEND”. “FXXX IT”, one of the title songs, is a medium-tempo hiphop song that has witty exciting lyrics.
“LAST DANCE”, the other title song, is a slow R&B song, completely different from “FXXX IT”. “GIRLFRIEND” is a song written and composed by G-Dragon and very different from the two title tracks. All the three songs each show a different side of BIG BANG.
After the release of BIG BANG new album, all the songs in the album are likely to enter the charts and take all the top spots. Even the songs that were released last year such as “LOSER”, “BANG BANG BANG”, and “BAE BAE’ are likely to reenter the charts. BIG BANG’s comeback will provide an opportunity to see the group’s huge popularity and strong presence.
Source: OSEN via YG Life

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