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The artists to give a joint hip-hop collaboration performance in SBS “GAYO-DAEJEON” have been unveiled.
The last artist to join the performance of G-Dragon, CL, and BewhY in “GAYO-DAEJEON” is Okasian. Okasian is one of the key members of The Cohort. He featured for “Don’t Forget” with Keith Ape, to draw keen attention in the United States, the mainland of hip-hop. Okasian has been performing in the underground hip-hop scene for five years and the joint performance in “GAYO-DAEJEON” is his first performance on TV.
An insider said, “As already reported by media outlets, G-Dragon and CL have prepared a hip-hop collaboration performance for ‘GAYO-DAEJEON’. Two more rappers, BewhY and Okasian will also take part in the performance. Both of the two rappers received the biggest spotlight in Korea’s hip-hop scene in 2016 and G-Dragon and CL have great anticipation for the performance with the two rappers”.
YG Entertainment, G-Dragon, and CL are preparing an unprecedented hip-hop performance for “GAYO-DAEJEON”. G-Dragon and CL are the leaders of K-Pop with hip-hop base, who have gone beyond idol music. The joint performance of such artists is creating a big issue already.
The only occasion of G-Dragon and CL working together was CL’s featuring for “the leaders” included in G-Dragon’s album released in 2009. The two performed on the stage of “GAYO-DAEJEON” of that year together and now that another collaboration performance by the two has been confirmed, the two are giving a joint performance for the first time in six years.
Top producer Teddy who has always helped G-Dragon and CL’s growth as artists will build the framework of the performance, as the stage producer. Hip-hop fans are showing keen interest in the joint performance of G-Dragon, CL, BewhY, and Okasian.

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