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BIG BANG’s Seungri shows off his funny side on a variety show.
On SBS’s “Flower Crew” aired on December 18, Seungri was made to take both the “rocky path” and the “smooth path”, making him experience heaven and hell on the same day. It was his first variety show appearance in a long time, but he proved that he can still be funny.
He was on the smooth path, but his hardship began when he was sent to the rocky path. The person who sent him was his labelmate Kang Seungyoon. Kang Seungyoon gave a mischievous smile before sending Seungri to the rocky path. Before leaving, Seungri yelled, “I’m going to have my revenge!”
When Seunrgi arrived at the house, he was greeted by none other than Ahn Jung-hwan. Ahn Jung-hwan had to spend the whole day on the rocky path because of Seungri. Ahn Jung-hwan used the transfer card to switch to the smooth path and said to Seungri, “If Seungyoon hadn’t sent you here, I would have called you in. I’m not done with you though” and made Seungri become flustered.
After spending the night in the rocky path house, Seungri bit into a frozen apple for his own survival. He then said, “I’ve been a BIG BANG member for ten years, and this is the hardest day.” His pitiful situation was ironically funny. Before he started the game, Seungri said, “I didn’t miss my mom even when I was touring around the world, but today I really miss her.”
Then, Seungri got the chance to escape the rocky path. He won the game and became the leader of the smooth path team. He chose Ahn Jung-hwan, Seo Jang-hun, and Nara to be on the smooth path team with him.
He thought he was going to stay on the smooth path until the end of the show. But, this is not how “Flower Crew” works. Ahn Jung-hwan announced that he would send Seungri to the rocky path. He said, “Seungri has been touring outside of Korea so much, it seems to me that he misses talking in Korean. I’ll send him to the rocky path team so that he can speak in Korean” and sent him to join the rocky path team.
It was his first variety show appearance in a long time. However, he did his part without other BIG BANG members and showed off his humor. Luck was on his side too. He experienced a lot of twist and turns but played a pivotal part in the show. Although he had a hard time in the rocky path team, his humor was on the “smooth path”.
Source: Ilgan Sport via YG Life

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