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In this digital age, a myriad of songs is being released every day. But it’s hard to find anything new and fresh. BIG BANG, a group that has continuously grown as artists for the past ten years, is different. They have shown that Korean musicians can also do unique high quality music.
Q: Ten years have passed since your debut. Your MADE album will be released soon, and so, in many ways, fans have high expectations for this year. What are your plans for this year?
GD: We haven’t worked out the details yet. We have the big picture, but since this year is the 10th year of our debut and we think that this year is special in many ways, we want to take some time before making any decisions. It could an album or a concert. We just want to make this year meaningful for us and for the fans.
TY: Following last year, we are doing our MADE tour, and the last concert will be held in Seoul in March. If possible, we would like to release the MADE album this year and then start another project. 2016 marks the 10th anniversary of our debut, and we would like to hold a concert to celebrate this special year.
T.O.P: We are making preparations for various things. Keep checking us out.
DS: The biggest goal of this year would be to complete the MADE album. We are thinking about doing a variety of things, such as holding a concert, to celebrate our 10th anniversary with our fans.
SR: I want the MADE series to end in success.
Q: BIG BANG members will have to serve in the military soon. Do you talk about the future of BIG BANG amongst yourselves?
GD: We deliberately avoid talking about that. We like living in the moment, and we don’t have time to talk about anything else. One thing is sure through, and that is a brighter future awaits us. Like it always was, we believe that tomorrow will be better than today, and we act on it.
TY: I’ve said this often, but we want to do music and perform until the day comes when we think that we don’t look cool on the stage anymore.
T.O.P: I am always positive about the future and make plans accordingly.
DS: It’s true that all five of us will have to serve in the military soon. That’s why us performing on the stage is all the more meaningful these days. I want to continue to do music after I get discharged but there aren’t any specific plans yet.
Q: Your labelmate, iKON has won the New Artist of the Year Award. How do you feel watching your junior labelmates grow?
GD: I think of my seniors, and I think I know how they felt. I just think they are cute, and I want to take them out and treat them to dinner.
SR: iKON works really hard. I hope things go well for them.
T.O.P: I am so proud of them.
DS: I’ve known WINNER and iKON members since they were trainees. I’m so happy to see them do so well. It’s just the beginning for them, so I hope they will work harder and enjoy themselves at the same time. I also think because we are seniors to them, BIG BANG should set a good example.
Q: Lastly, any words to the fans?
GD: Thank! You! So! Much! From the bottom of my heart!
TY: All five of us were able to stay as BIG BANG and perform on the stage during the past ten years thanks to your unwavering love. There are no words to describe how thankful we are. Thank you. I love you all.
T.O.P: I’m always thankful to our fans. I love you!
SR: We will repay your love by working hard this year!
DS: I just want to say “Thank you and thank you”. People say this all the time but recently, I’ve been thinking about the true meaning of thanking someone and saying thank you more often. Thank you for everything you have done for us so far. We will continue to do music and make music that will stay in your mind and soul. Thank you for loving us five common guys and we love you just as much.
Source: YG Life

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