marți, 16 februarie 2016


Jeff Bernat held a concert for two days in Seoul this weekend and sat down with Star News for an interview.
During the interview, he was asked about which Korean artists he thinks would have the best chance at succeeding in the U.S. market. He responded, “Among the Korean artists I know, there are three people that I think who could succeed. One is BIG BANG‘s G-Dragon, who is already very popular.” “G-Dragon is unique. He is different than anyone in the world. He is like Korea’s Pharrell Williams,” Jeff Bernat said.
He continued, “Another artist would be 2NE1‘s CL. She is already popular in the U.S. and known in the world. The last person would be Dean. Dean is always making new music and music that predicts trends. I think that these three artists can succeed big in the American market.”

Netizens responded:
1. [+916, -70] Bernat’s a singer who is only popular in Korea for his music that’s played only in cafes
2. [+753, -53] Producer Diplo already chose GD and TOP as the most two artists with the most potential for success in America
3. [+599, -38] I know that GD has a lot of influence overseas but to hear Bernat saying that is a bit.. ㅋㅋ
4. [+370, -74] The fact that Bernat is the one saying this makes me less inclined to believe it;;
5. [+99, -11] GD is quite unique..
6. [+51, -4] Our country is too judgmental, it’s a difficult country for an artist to succeed in;; we judge them until their wings break. I don’t think it’s a bad idea for Korean artists to try and spread their wings in other countries instead. I wish G-Dragon would give an American advancement a try.
7. [+57, -6] It’s not only Jeff Bernat but also Pharrell himself who sends GD tweets asking to work with him and even producers like Diplo and Skrillex who chose GD as the most potential for success in America. Billboard journalist Jeff Benjamin chose GD and TOP as well.
8. [+84, -17] I think GD could succeed in America

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