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Forbes Korea releases their list of the “Top 40 ‘Power Celebrities of’ 2016.” The list is curated in consideration of sales, frequency of media exposure, and evaluation of expertise.
Idol boy group EXO tops the list for the second year in a row. This year, actor Yoo Ah In follows in second place, seeing success with the film “Veteran” and drama “Six Flying Dragons.” Girl’s Day member Hyeri is in third place, having starred in the hit cable drama “Reply 1988″ and becoming a “Queen of CFs” with eight commercials filmed last year and 10 more coming up.
“Nation’s MC” Yoo Jae Suk rises to 15th place from 21st last year. Fellow emcees Kim Gura and Jun Hyun Moo are new entries into the ranking. Actor Lee Kwang Soo is also new, having become a Hallyu star through the success of “Running Man” in Asia.
Girls’ Generation, sports star Kim Yuna, BIG BANG, and Yoo Jae Suk have been in this top 40 ranking since it was started eight years ago.
See the complete list below.
  1. EXO (singer)
  2. Yoo Ah In (actor)
  3. Hyeri (singer)
  4. Girls’ Generation (singer)
  5. Kim Soo Hyun (actor)
  6. BIGBANG (singer)
  7. Park In Bee (Inbee Park) (athlete)
  8. Jun Ji Hyun (actor)
  9. IU (singer)
  10. Kang Jung Ho (athlete)
  11. Cha Seung Won (actor)
  12. SHINee (singer)
  13. Kim Yuna (Yuna Kim) (athlete)
  14. Hwang Jung Min (actor)
  15. Yoo Jae Suk (MC)
  16. Son Heung Min  (athlete)
  17. Choo Shin Soo (athlete)
  18. Ryu Hyun Jin (athlete)
  19. Son Yeon Jae (athlete)
  20. AOA (singer)
  21. Baek Jong Won (cuisine researcher)
  22. Yoo Hae Jin (actor)
  23. Ha Jung Woo (actor)
  24. Lee Jung Jae (actor)
  25. Kim Gura (MC)
  26. Girl’s Day (singer)
  27. Shin Dong Yup (MC)
  28. SISTAR (singer)
  29. Ki Sung Yueng (athlete)
  30. Lee Kwang Soo (actor)
  31. Lee Min Ho (actor)
  32. Taeyeon (singer)
  33. Seolhyun (singer)
  34. Zico (singer)
  35. Zion.T (singer)
  36. Jun Hyun Moo (MC)
  37. Hani (singer)
  38. Oh Dal Soo (actor)
  39. Suzy (singer)
  40. Lee Byung Hun (actor)
The interview with Hyeri and the profiles of the top 40 will be available in the March issue of Forbes Korea.
Source (1) (2) via @soompi

G-Dragon was on Forbes Asia’s “30 Under 30” List:
Kwon Ji-yong (G-Dragon), 27
In an industry full of lookalike boy bands, singer/rapper G-Dragon (yong is dragon in Korean) stands out. The K-pop star already been on two solo world tours, thanks to a loyal international following. And a cutting-edge style has made him a front-row fixture at Chanel shows. Though in the business since age 5, G-Dragon rose to fame as part of the group Big Bang. “I think not getting much attention from the start actually helped me build a stronger career,” he says. – Rana Wehbe

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