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It has been 2,959 days, as many as eight years. BIG BANG, the legendary idol group, is coming back with a new full album on December 12.
On December 7, BIG BANG unveiled the titles of all the double title tracks of their “MADE” album to be released on December 12 at midnight, on YG Entertainment (“YG”)’s official blog.
Along with “FXXX IT” whose title was unveiled a day before, the “LAST DANCE” is the title track for BIG BANG’s new full album. BIG BANG will perform those two songs in TV music shows and end-of-year music awards.
“FXXX IT”, one of the double title tracks, has cheerful lyrics just as the title suggests. It is a hip-hop song with groovy medium tempo. “LAST DANCE” is an impressive R&B slow song, which might be a slow R&B song that would represent BIG BANG.
Other new songs than “FXXX IT” and “LAST DANCE” will be included in BIG BANG’s new album. In other words, multiple new songs will be included in the new album, along with eight songs that were released in “MADE” series last year.
There is a reason why BIG BANG is releasing multiple new songs, which is because T.O.P is to join the police for his mandatory military service, in next February. BIG BANG members well understand how much fans are sorry that they cannot see the complete team of BIG BANG for some while. To reward fans’ great support, BIG BANG is releasing more new songs than expected.
Notably, BIG BANG will appear in TV more than ever. BIG BANG has already confirmed their appearance in MBC’s “The Infinite Challenge” and “Radio Star” show. Plus, BIG BANG will also perform in SBS “GAYO-DAEJEON” to be held on the 26 this month.
An YG insider said, “T.O.P will join the police for his mandatory military service in next February, so fans would be feeling very much sorry that they will not be able to see the complete team of BIG BANG for some while. But I hope the quality new songs to be released in BIG BANG’s new album would give comfort for BIG BANG fans”.
BIG BANG fans are already acclaiming for BIG BANG. Fans are saying, “Just the titles suggest that the songs will be great”, “I’m so much looking forward to BIG BANG R&B”, etc.
On December 12 in the afternoon, right before the release of BIG BANG’s new album, BIG BANG will host live-broadcasting on NAVER V-APP. Music fans are paying keen attention to what BIG BANG’s new songs will be like and what legendary performances they will present.
Source: Ilgan Sports via YG Life

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