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The latest addition to the Big Bang songs makes fans speculate it’s the last of the popular K-Pop group. Now that three of its members are nearing the age of 30, which means they have to serve in the military for two years, VIP (Big Bang fans) are clinging for hope that Big Bang will not disband like 2NE1 did. Is the Last Dance really the group’s last?
It was in August this year when Big Bang member G-Dragon said he fears the end is near for their group. That’s because he’s up for the mandatory military service, which would take him away from the limelight for two years. But disbandment seems not to be in the horizon.
The popular K-Pop group recently released their single Last Dance, which is part of the MADE album they’re going to launch before the year ends. The new song also came with a music video and it has over 12 million views in less than 13 hours. This only proves that Big Bang is still a hot commodity among their fans.
That in itself is the very reason why they’re not breaking up. According to The Inquisitr, YG Entertainment strategically placed the promotions for Big Bang’s 2016 comeback. They’re making true to their promise that Big Bang will make it one and only comeback in 2016. It would seem like the VIP will have an earlier Christmas present.
During a recent segment of V where Big Bang members get to answer fan questions, one fan asked, “The word ‘last’ in ‘Last Dance’ is so sad. Is it really the last?”
As reported by All K Pop, the members replied, “Everyone could interpret it differently… ‘Last’ in ‘Last Dance’ doesn’t mean it’s ‘the end.’ We contained a meaning of recalling the best moments.”
That means Big Bang is staying for good.
The new Big Bang songs Last Dance and FXXK IT are two of the three new songs included in the MADE album. Another song called Girlfriend is also going to be part of the album although the reports aren’t clear if it’s its official title.
The rest of the songs on the album were singles released by the group in the past. These includes include Let’s Not Fall in Love, Loser, Bae Bae, Bang Bang Bang, Sober, If You, Zutter, and We Like 2 Party.
That’s a hot list fans can definitely enjoy over the Holidays. Thanks to the Big Bang songs on the album MADE, VIP can definitely have something exciting to look forward to.
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2016 was one of the most active years for YG Entertainment. The popular entertainment label and company was the center of major news this year, some breathtakingly positive and some critically debilitating.
One example of the former includes the signing of popular Korean actors in both K-dramas and K-movies, specifically Lee Jong Suk of Doctor Stranger and Pinocchio fame. As a part of YG Family, Jong Suk went on to star as the main lead in one of the more popular K-dramas this year, W. As for another example of the former, Black Pink had a phenomenal debut and comeback within less than six months. Also, first generation K-pop boy band Sechs Kies made a successful comeback too.
Then, of course, there were examples of the latter — the news deemed critically debilitating. Probably the biggest of them all is how YG Entertainment handled 2NE1. During contract negotiations, they lost Minzy in which she, or at least someone representing her, says she left because YG Entertainment would do nothing with her compared to the other three members of 2NE1. Yang Hyun Suk, the founder and CEO of YG Entertainment, made a promise to fans that 2NE1 would continue as a three-member girl group, one that he would break just last month when 2NE1 officially disbanded.
Despite all that was happening at YG Entertainment, it did not deter K-pop fans from wondering what was going on with their most popular K-pop act, Big Bang. The last time they did anything outside of their tour and documentary was in 2015 when they released their extended play (EP), a mini-album titled E in their “MADE” series. In all seriousness, many thought that would be the last they would see Big Bang in awhile given that the older members of the K-pop boy band, T.O.P. and G-Dragon specifically, were reaching the age limit in conscription or mandatory military service.
Fortunately for fans, Big Bang had one more comeback before conscription. The five-member boy band — T.O.P., Taeyang, G-Dragon, Daesung, and Seungri — have made their first and only comeback for 2016 with the full studio album of MADE. Big Bang says “FXXK IT” to 2016 as they take their “Girlfriend” to the “Last Dance.”
For those who seem lost by the last sentence of the above paragraph, it is a play on words utilizing the three new songs Big Bang released with their comeback.
Getting back on subject, Big Bang made their official comeback for 2016, the only one they will have this year, on December 13. It is the technically the finalization or closing of their “MADE” Series in which the comeback is the full-length studio album, MADE. It consists of all the songs from their four single albums in the “MADE” Series — M, A, D, and E — and the aforementioned three new songs, “FXXK It,” “Last Dance,” and “Girlfriend.”
Less than 24 hours after the release of MADE, Big Bang dominated the music charts. According to AllKpop, they topped the charts in 19 different countries on their respective iTunes charts, including include Brunei, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Finland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macao, Malaysia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Norway, Paraguay, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, and Vietnam. As for their impact domestically in South Korea, they have already achieved an All-Kill for both number one and number two slots on local music charts. “FXXK It” is placing number one while “Last Dance” is placing number two on MelOn, Mnet, Bugs, olleh, Soribada, Genie, Naver, and Monkey3. On at least three of the charts, they actually took the top three spots if “Girlfriend” is included.
BIG BANG First Promotional Poster for “MADE”
The very first promotional poster for Big Bang’s first and only comeback for 2016. Through it, we were made known it would be the finalization of the ‘MADE’ Series. [Image by YG Entertainment]
Finally, the music videos for “FXXK It” and “Last Dance” are doing well too. “FXXK It” already has over 6.5 million views with more than 513,000 likes. “Last Dance” has over 5.2 million views with over 464,000 likes. On a personal note, after listening to both songs, it seems Big Bang’s comeback this time comes off as more personal or more heartfelt. As a matter of fact, many K-pop fans, especially V.I.P. (official fan club of Big Bang), thought Big Bang’s song “Last Dance” meant it was the end. Big Bang clarified on the countdown of MADE it is more of a recollection of their best moments.
K-pop fans, especially those who are V.I.P., who want to own their copy of Big Bang’s latest K-pop comeback, their third studio album MADE, it is available for purchase online at YesAsia. The version available now is a first press limited edition copy and can be bought either by itself or with a poster in tube.
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K-pop band BIG BANG released its third Korean studio album and fifth Japanese studio album, MADE, on Monday, almost 10 years after the group got together.
The full album marked BIG BANG’s comeback following a three-year hiatus and their first Korean studio album in eight years. On Feb. 3, the album was released provisionally in Japan, under the name Made Series, and included eight original singles along with Japanese versions of “Loser,” “Bang Bang Bang” and “If You.”
The group also released music videos for “Last Dance” and “Fxxk It.”
The group had an eventful 2016, with BIGBANG being chosen as ‘creative icons’ for South Korea’s new Creative Korea slogan, and their film “BIGBANG MADE” garnering over 10 million views in under 18 hours in China. The group also featured on Forbes’ world’s highest paid celebrities list for 2016, becoming the first Korean act to do so.
Members of South Korean K-Pop band BIGBANG pose backstage after winning Artist of the Year award in 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in Hong Kong, Dec. 3, 2015. Photo: REUTERS/Bobby Yip
With MADE’s release, BIG BANG is already giving major competition to BTS — which have the highest-charting and best-selling K-pop album in the U.S. at the moment.
MADE’s full tracklist can be seen below:
1. ‘Fxxk It’
2. ‘Last Dance’
3. ‘Girlfriend’
4. ‘Let’s Not Fall In Love’
5. ‘Loser’
6. ‘Bae Bae’
7. ‘Bang Bang Bang’
8. ‘Sober’
9. ‘If You’
10. ‘Zutter (GD&T.O.P)’
11. ‘We Like 2 Party’
All songs are available for preview and download at the iTunes store and can be bought for $1.29 each, or $6.99 for the entire album.
MADE is expected to be their last venture together before the members of BIGBANG enlist themselves in the army, because of South Korea’s conscription policy, making it extra special for all their fans across the world.

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