luni, 12 decembrie 2016


Now it is R&B slow music.
BIG BANG unveiled the titles of the double title tracks of “MADE” album to be released on December 12 at 12AM, on December 7 on YG’s official blog.
Along with “FXXX IT” whose title was unveiled on December 6, the title “LAST DANCE” was unveiled on December 7. The two songs will be the double title tracks of BIG BANG’s new album. This means that BIG BANG will perform those two songs in TV music shows and end-of-year music awards.
“FXXX IT”, one of the double title tracks, has cheerful lyrics just as the title suggests. It is a hip-hop song with groovy medium tempo. “LAST DANCE” is an impressive R&B slow song, which might be a slow R&B song that would represent BIG BANG.
BIG BANG’s “MADE” album will include eight songs released last year, as well as “FXXX IT” and “LAST DANCE”, the double title tracks. It will also have other new songs.
YG insider said, “T.O.P will join the police for his mandatory military service in next February, so fans would be feeling very much sorry that they will not be able to see the complete team of BIG BANG for some while. But I hope the quality new songs to be released in BIG BANG’s new album would give comfort for BIG BANG fans”.
BIG BANG has been carrying out Japan dome tour recently. However, BIG BANG will do their best for performances in Korea, along with practicing for their concert to be held on January 7 and 8 next year at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, for four weeks from the release of the new album on December 12.
BIG BANG members also well understand how much fans are sorry for the fact that they cannot see the complete team of BIG BANG for some time. So, BIG BANG has confirmed their appearance not only in music shows but also in MBC’s “The Infinite Challenge” show and “Radio Star” show. In addition, BIG BANG will perform in SBS “GAYO DAEJEON” to be held on December 26.
The YG insider also said, “The reason why BIG BANG’s new album is released on December 12 at 12AM is because BIG BANG will come back to Korea in the afternoon on December 12 after their show at Fukuoka Dome on December 9, 10, and 11. BIG BANG is releasing this new full album eight years after the last full album, so they want to spend the time with fans, in NAVER V-APP’s live-broadcasting in the evening on December 12”.
The “MADE FULL ALBUM” is drawing keen attention, as it will be a special gift for fans who have been longing for BIG BANG’s new release. The album will be released in six different versions. Plus, all the design work for the album will be done manually, unlike previous albums. Reservation for the album will start on December 9 and the detailed information will be released later.
Source: Ilgan Sports via YG Life

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