luni, 12 decembrie 2016


A teaser video of the music video of “FXXX IT”, the first title track of group BIG BANG’s first full album in eight years, has been unveiled.
On December 9 at 10AM, YG Entertainment released the teaser video of the music video of “FXXX IT”, one of the title tracks of BIG BANG’s “MADE THE FULL ALBUM”, on the company’s official blog. A D-3 teaser image was also unveiled on the blog along with the teaser video, to raise fans’ anticipation even higher.
What is the most notable in the teaser video of “FXXX IT” is BIG BANG members’ care-free attitude, as well as shocking items such as censored figure of magazines and gambling cards. The members’ brand-new style of colorful clothes and hairdos especially catch the eyes.
“FXXX IT”, the title track of “MADE THE FULL ALBUM” to be released on December 12 at 12AM, is a hip-hop music with groovy medium tempo, which has fun lyrics just as its title suggests.
The song was jointly produced by YG’s main producer TEDDY and G-Dragon and its lyrics were written by G-Dragon, T.O.P, and Teddy. R.Tee, a rookie songwriter of TEDDY’s label “THE BLACK LABEL”, also took part in writing the song, so music fans are paying keen attention to what synergy those artists created for the song.
BIG BANG’s new full album “MADE THE FULL ALBUM” has total 11 songs, including “FXXX IT” and “LAST DANCE” which are the double title tracks, another new song “GIRLFRIEND”, as well as hit songs of “M.A.D.E” series which were released from May to August last year.
BIG BANG will host a special live-broadcasting “Countdown Live” on NAVER V-LIVE on December 12 at 11PM for fans. The music videos of two new songs will be also unveiled in the broadcasting.
Source: X Sports via YG Life

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