joi, 5 noiembrie 2015


seungriseyo: Nice meeting u again @raline_shah I really appreciate it ur care and ur kindness plz keep ur beauty and hope to see u soon again ! with best actresse in indonesia 😉
(Seunglish–> English: Nice meeting you again @raline_shah. I really appreciated your care and kindness. Please keep your beauty and I hope to see you again soon! With the best actress in Indonesia 😉)

Seungri was said to have left Bali, taken an 8 hour car and ferry ride to Surabaya, Java and left the area at 2:10am via a chartered private plane. Also, for the car ride, he rode in a police cruiser to get to the airport, stopping to take a photo with the police officer who drove him. The reason for all the travel was because a volcano in Bali has erupted enough to spray some ash and clouds into the sky, causing air travel to and from Bali unsafe at this current time. (information & photo via muhammadramdanii


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