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Members of the South Korean boy group Big Bang on Thursday expressed both happiness and anxiety about their success, being one of the country’s few idol groups that survived 10 years in the competitive K-pop scene.
“I’m happy that we can still be together as a team after 10 years (from our debut), although we are a bit more pressured about the next 10 years,” G-Dragon, the team leader, said during a press conference in eastern Seoul.
The media event was organized as part of a celebratory project for Big Bang, the darling of YG Entertainment. The event was held on the sidelines of “A To Z,” an art exhibition that celebrated the group’s 10-year-long celebrity-fan bond.
“We started Big Bang as teens, and now we are in our late twenties. We gave our youth to Big Bang, which makes these celebratory events ever so special to us,” said another Big Bang member Seungri.
T.O.P, the rapper of the five-member act, called the 10th anniversary event “a tremendous blessing” as a musician. “We hope we can still be loved and mature for 20, 30 years, or longer,” he continued.
Since their debut in Aug. 19, 2006, Big Bang has grown into a world-class band, having successively pulled off a combined 11 concert tours at home and overseas. But at the zenith of popularity and wealthy living, the five artists still feel anxiety and sadness about the uncertain nature of popularity.
Seungri was open about his concerns. “We were lucky enough to be loved by so many for so long — but still, it makes me sad and pressured to think of how long the affection will last.”
It wasn’t until now, as a 10-year champion, that the members began to really look back into the past 10 years and picture blueprints for the next 10 years, the K-pop artists said.
T.O.P reminisced, “When we were starters, we were so tied to such a hectic environment that we couldn’t really feel the public attention and fans’ love upon us. We were, simply, kids who lived the day without thinking of tomorrow.”
Compulsory military service — a two-year duty for all South Korean males — is expected to be the largest hurdle for the Big Bang members. All five are subject to conscription. As of now, none of the members have set dates for joining the military camp. It is common for South Korean boy band members and male actors to postpone military conscription out of pressure that they will fall from the public eye once they return to the entertainment scene after two years of service.
About this, T.O.P said the group will be able to keep singing “as long as fans’ love lasts.”
He said, “Our music is the kind that all age groups can enjoy. Even when we return from military service, we’ll be able to stand on the stage. But if the fans don’t love us anymore, we’ll be ousted even if we want to sing.”
Originality, creativity and confidence were key drivers in Big Bang’s elevation to an icon of Korean pop culture.
As globally followed musicians, the group members’ philosophy was rather simple.
“I think what’s good in my ears are good songs,” said G-Dragon, who co-composed a number of Big Bang’s hit songs “Lies,” “Fantastic Baby, “Last Good-bye” and “Haru Haru.”
For the singer-songwriter, a language barrier meant little when enjoying music.
“When I was young, carefree and completely monolingual, I fell for songs (in English) because the melody and the energy of the song just drew me in. Of course, the lyrics are important — just like a bunch of other factors about a song — but above all, people love our songs because it’s pleasant to the ear, fabulous to the eye and fun (in parties.)”
In addition, the K-pop artist emphasized that Big Bang is not bound to figuring out “which songs would work out well in particular countries.”
“Different regions develop different cultures. They say regions with warm climates prefer fast-paced songs, but we believe people (regardless of their home region) pick their favorite songs on individual preferences (and mood).”
Before the media event, Big Bang members made a brief appearance in the exhibition.
Some of the highlights of the art event are “Dukyang Wall” and a video of BigBang members shattering an angel statue. “Dukyang Wall” is a part of the wall along the parking lot of the Dukyang Building that housed the former office of YG Entertainment during the time of Big Bang’s debut.
The wall was a source of nostalgia and motivation for the members, especially Taeyang, who insisted that a part of the wall be extracted from the parking lot and taken to the exhibition hall. Then, the fans crafted messages on it to Big Bang members. On the other side of the wall are the boy group members’ messages to its fans.
“Apparently, it’s not easy to take out a wall. But it was the first thing that came to my mind at the very beginning of the exhibition planning. I knew the wall would make a terrific work.”
On the second floor of the exhibition hall are the video clips of Big Bang members shattering a statue of an angel.
“After destruction comes rebuilding,” said a docent of “A To Z.” “The statue-shattering performance art shows Bi gBang’s determination to stay humble and passionate, even in its most triumphant moments.”
The exhibition is set to open up to the public on Friday and run through Oct. 30.
Big Bang has yet another big commemorative concert coming up on Aug. 20 in Seoul World Cup Stadium in western Seoul. Dubbed “BigBang10 the Concert — 0. TO. 10,” the concert is the next batch of the boy group’s celebration of its 10th anniversary.
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With the 10-year anniversary of BIG BANG, the members sat down to remember the good times.
At a press conference, BIGBANG picked out their top moments within their 10-year career. G-Dragon talked about their trainee days saying, “There were a lot of good things that happened after our debut. But the thing I remember the most and was the hardest of times was when we were trainees. If we didn’t work hard during those times of our uncertain futures, we wouldn’t have what we have now. Whenever we’re about to perform a huge concert, we always remember the times before our debut.”
“Lately all the members including Taeyang often say that they’re happy,” said Daesung.
“When I was a trainee, being a singer was my biggest dream. But the real dreams inside that dream are now starting to come true. Even beyond music and the stage, I’ve realized more that the members are precious to me. That’s why I’m happy,” Taeyang explained. “Winning the EMAs was a turning point for BIGBANG. It became our motivation. Since then the albums we’ve released have been loved by lots of people,” he continued.
Seungri spoke of their teamwork saying, “The best thing about these 10 years is that the five of us met. It’s almost to the point where we wonder how five people of different personalities could stay a tight-knit team for 10 years. But we do have worries and burdens about whether or not we’ll still have the love of our fans in the future. Those aspects are sad.”
“Back then we couldn’t experience whether people liked us that much. Now that time has passed I’ve grown thankful  for each and every day with a happy heart,” said T.O.P.
Known for their unique characters and musicality, BIG BANG is currently celebrating their 10-year anniversary through a movie, an exhibit, a concert as well as a variety of projects.
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Big Bang members have shared their love for one another.
On August 4, Big Bang members attended the press conference for Big Bang′s 10 year anniversary and stated, “As time passes, we begin to value each other more.”
Taeyang stated, “Apart from music, I value the friendship of all 5 members. As I get older and older, I begin the value the members more and more. Not too long ago, the members were eating together after a concert and that made me so happy.”
TOP also said, “The 5 members have never fought before. We never clash because our styles are different. I think, ′We′re going to fight big one time.′”
Seungri shared his thankful heart for the members by saying, “I thank the members. We 5 members, who have individual personalities, have been together for 10 years.”
Big Bang′s 10 year anniversary art exhibit will be held from August 5 through October 30 at the S-FACTORY located in Seoul, Korea. The exhibit was set up to reveal Big Bang′s past, present and future with the theme, “Big Bang from 5 different views.”
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Boy group Big Bang leader G-Dragon has talked about his plans for military service.
On August 4, G-Dragon talked about his plans for military service at the press conference for Big Bang′s 10 year anniversary. He stated, “No one knows my plans for military service, but I am ready for whenever the country calls me.”
In regards to his career after his military service, G-Dragron stated, “If time permits, I would love to continue as the 5 members of Big Bang. It won′t be, ′Let′s hurry and make an album since we′re out of the army.′ Rather, we will take our time and release an album when we are confident with it.”
TOP agreed and added, “Although we started music when we were young, I like to think that we′re a team that produces music that young and old can enjoy. If we are still loved after the army, we will continue promoting while we can still be loved. If we aren′t loved, we won′t be able to even if we want to.”
Big Bang′s 10 year anniversary art exhibit will be held from August 5 through October 30 at the S-FACTORY located in Seoul, Korea. The exhibit was set up to reveal Big Bang′s past, present and future with the theme, “Big Bang from 5 different views.”
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