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Group BIG BANG is carrying out a celebratory donation project with UNICEF, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of their debut.
The project between BIG BANG and UNICEF was planned in order to promote UNICEF’s “celebratory donation” program that helps people spend their special days such as graduation, admission to schools, wedding, and employment all the more meaningfully. BIG BANG will encourage donation by implementing the program along with UNICEF.
Notably, August 18th of 2016 is the birthday of BIG BANG’s leader G-DRAGON and August 19 is the 10thanniversary of BIG BANG’s debut. On August 20, BIG BANG is holding a concert that celebrates the 10thanniversary. To spend those special days all the more meaningfully with fans, BIG BANG decided to take part in the donation project.
In a special video clip created for the project, BIG BANG talks about the day when they made debut 10 years ago, the day when they took No.1 in a TV music show for the first time, and the day of their first-ever concert, expressing gratitude for fans’ unchanged support and love for BIG BANG.
YG Entertainment said, “The project to be implemented with UNICEF was planned in order to reward fans’ constant support and love for BIG BANG for the past 10 years and to celebrate BIG BANG’s 10th anniversary in the most meaningful way. BIG BANG made donations on every special day and the ‘celebratory donation’ project with UNICEF will be a meaningful and special occasion to remember and reward fans’ love”.
Recently, BIG BANG has actively communicated with fans in a variety of projects such as a movie and exhibition, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of their debut. On August 20, BIG BANG will hold 10thanniversary concert “0.TO.10” at Sangam-dong World Cup Stadium in Seoul.

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