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Boys whose sole goal was debut have now grown into musicians who lead K-pop.
On August 19, BIG BANG celebrates the 10th anniversary of their debut. Ten years ago, YG Entertainment (“YG”) selected the members of new idol group BIG BANG through survival audition show Mnet “Real-docu BIG BANG”. Such format of TV shows is common these days, but back then, there was no TV show that revealed the whole process of production of an idol group. BIG BANG drew big attention as the first idol boy group of YG and the TV show recorded more than million views.
“Real-docu BIG BANG” left a big impression to the public as the first-ever survival audition show and it also became an unforgettable memory for BIG BANG members. In a press meeting of “A to Z” exhibition held in celebration of the 10th anniversary of BIG BANG’s debut, G-Dragon said, “The best thing I’ve ever done in my life was my refusal to go home when Mr. YANG told me to go home. Another was when Seungri explained the reason why he had to join BIG BANG”, making viewers burst into laughter.
BIG BANG who had a sole purpose of debut back then has now become the role model for Korean idol groups, and they have established themselves as the center of K-pop, being recognized globally. In Korea’s music scene, BIG BANG has always at the center of interest.
First, BIG BANG suggested a new direction for idol groups that had been planned in a strict framework of music labels. Starting from G-Dragon, BIGBANG members wrote their own songs for albums from the very debut, setting a good model for idol producers. The reason why many idol singers now are boasting their capabilities as producers such as in the case of Block-B’s Zico, Jinyoung of B1A4, Jung Yong-hwa of CNBLUE, BTS, and Woozi of Seventeen is all attributable to BIG BANG’s trial.
BIG BANG also showed the fact that even for a team, each member’s capabilities are important. Exceptionally for an idol group, all the members of BIG BANG released solo albums and those solo albums showed new music totally different from team BIG BANG’s music. Taeyang presented R&B that best-suits his voice, and T.O.P presented more powerful and intense rap as a solo artist. Daesung tried trot, the genre of adult pop with a little color of Korean traditional music, which was a very rare case for an idol singer. G-DRAGON presented more experimental music in his solo albums.
BIG BANG also proved the fact that an idol group can be split into different unit teams, not just into individual solo artists. GD&T.O.P unit team of rappers and the unit team of GD&Taeyang who are also closest friends, have created bigger sensation.
BIG BANG went beyond the music scene and has become the icon of fashion, leading trends. BIG BANG members are not typical handsome guys, but they have unique style and sense of fashion and they have always tried new styles. The items that BIG BANG wore for “LIES” released in 2007 including high-top sneakers, bandanas, and caps created sensation as “it” fashion items. Ever since then, BIG BANG has always presented experimental styles. Notably, G-Dragon emerged as a fashionista, being recognized as a celebrity not only in Korea but also globally. World-famous luxury brand Louis Vuitton invested in YG, which well-demonstrates BIG BANG’s enormous potential in the fashion world.
BIG BANG is now the icon that represents Korea. BIG BANG has recently been appointed as the PR ambassador for Korea’s new national brand “CREATIVE KOREA”. BIG BANG will work as the PR ambassador from the 2016 Rio Olympics until the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games.
Most of all, it is hard to find any other idol groups than SHINHWA and BIG BANG who have maintained the team for more than 10 years. Plus, BIG BANG has worked with the same company for those 10 years. There have been some scandals for the 10 years including suspicion that G-Dragon smoked weed (2011) and car accidents of Daesung (2008 & 2011) and Seungri (2014), but still, BIG BANG maintained the team and stayed in the top place. That shows how exceptionally meaningful BIG BANG is in Korea’s music scene.

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