marți, 27 iunie 2017

Daesung on “Fantastic Duo 2”

Translations/anecdotes (with possible spoilers!):

Let's watch the official videos to show support for Daesung on Korean TV shows 👍
You can watch the whole show and take outs/rehearsal in 11 videos here. Just navigate through vids at the bottom!

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Daesung felt bad for having to decide 1 winner (and dismiss the other 2 contestants) he kept apologizing when his choice was announced 🙏🙇🏻❤️

The winner's sister couldn't come to the recording bc of an archery contest, so the winner brought a pic of her.
Winner: Look! Isn't she pretty? Give her a kiss!
So Daesung being Daesung he gave the picture a kiss 😂

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