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G-Dragon, “My Mentality Is Stronger Than Ever”

G-Dragon, "My Mentality Is Stronger Than Ever"
Kwon Ji Yong introduced singer G-Dragon.
The photography for the cover of Elle’s July issue was completed with G-Dragon’s flagship charisma and mood. The photography was taken with Chanel’s Cosmopolite collection. G-Dragon displays an overwhelming aura with his eyes and reveals a new appeal, wearing coats without inner wear.
In an interview that followed the photo shoot, G-Dragon openly talked about the reason why he put the stories of ordinary man Kwon Ji Yong in his first new solo album in four years, what he felt while working on the new album, and his life as G-Dragon.
To a question about the difference between G-Dragon and Kwon Ji Yong, G-Dragon answered, “G-Dragon is full of self-confidence and he is a fancier and stronger person. But Kwon Ji Yong is an introvert guy who has many thoughts in his mind and who wants to rely on family and friends. Kwon Ji Yong is searching for the comfort and reliable people that G-Dragon doesn’t have offstage.”
Regarding the most brilliant moment in his life, G-Dragon said, “At least until now, I shine more today than yesterday. Fortunately, the name itself as Kwon Ji Yong or G-Dragon is not important, but I firmly believe that I will stop doing this work without any hesitation, when I see myself not shining on the stage or my artistic outcome does not satisfy me any longer”.
G-Dragon also recollected his career so far, saying, “I feel so fortunate that my time as G-Dragon is not a dream. If it is a dream, it would be a very long dream. G-Dragon has existed from 2006, but I have lived as G-Dragon from the age of 13 and entered the entertainment world at the age of six. I’ve been in this world for 24 years. There has been no time when I was not belonging to some company. I may be physically weaker than in the past, but my mentality is stronger than ever before. I will think that this time was very meaningful, when looking back on these days later”.
Lastly, G-Dragon also talked about what he thinks about opening his heart in his new solo album, “So far, Kwon Ji Yong has acted G-Dragon on the stage, but this time, G-Dragon acts Kwon Ji Yong. It is hard, awkward, and cautious”.
The first show of G-Dragon’s solo world tour “ACT Ⅲ, M.O.T.T.E” which was held in Seoul was finished in a great success. G-Dragon will continue with his solo world tour in three cities in Asia, eight cities in North America, four cities in Oceania, three cities in Japan, and five cities in Europe.
The 16-page-long photography and interview of G-Dragon are available in Elle magazine’s July issue and the magazine’s website.
Source: DongA via YG Life

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