duminică, 20 noiembrie 2016


YG Entertainment announced boy band Big Bang’s plans for their compulsory military conscription Monday.
A YG representative told local media: “It is the duty of every Korean man to enlist and serve his country. Next year T.O.P will be enlisting, and the other members will follow after next year.”
In addition, the National Police Agency announced the list of accepted candidates to the Seoul District Police Conscripted Policemen. T.O.P was accepted into the brass band for the special forces.
T.O.P will have to enlist into a boot camp in South Chungcheong Province within three months to receive four weeks of basic combat training.
As the oldest in the group, T.O.P will be the first to enlist. Taeyang and G-Dragon are set to follow, and have loosely set their sights on enlisting in 2018. Daesung and Seungri are the youngest and intend to enlist in the following year.

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