luni, 21 noiembrie 2016


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(The sign says: 88 Tea Room/ Sang Hwa Tea)
(Note: This is a traditional tea room that blends medical herbs and spices to create teas to help with different sicknesses and such. They are popular in Korea and can be found a lot in Insadong. See below for more info about the specific tea GD posted about.)

What is Sang Hwa Tea?
Ssanghwacha or ssanghwatang is deep brown in color with a slightly bitter taste. The word ‘ssang’ refers to energy and the concept of ‘yin and yang’, while ‘hwa’ means harmony. Hence, the name of this tea is derived from an ancient prescription used to supplement energy and bring the body into a more balanced state of equilibrium. This kind of tea is said to cure fatigue, physical weakness, and cold sweats, making it a drink that it often consumed by Koreans when they feel under the weather. Ssanghwacha can be made by boiling down a number of medicinal herbs, but many people today buy it pre-made in medicinal herb shops, pharmacies, or supermarkets. For a more traditional experience, try one of the teashops in Insa-dong, which sell great-tasting ssanghwacha teas.

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