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(Chat says:
BIGBANG Dong Youngbae<3: I love you hyung.
G-Dragon: Sya-ryong-hweh hyung (cute/chilidish “I love you”)
Youngbae-ya I also want love/give me love too.
BIGBANG Choi SeungHyun<3:  Why so suddenly..
ke ke (laugh)
DS (Daesung): Hyungs I love you.  You’re too valuable/precious.
GD: Daesung-ah I love you. You’re too sexy.
Seungri-ya I love you. You are too much.
BIGBANG Choi SeungHyun<3: ke ke ke ke (laugh)
DS: Too much/A lot ke ke ke ke ke
GD: Ke ke ke ke
DS: Ke ke ke ke ke
BIGBANG Lee SeungHyun<3: (This chat’s) A lot/too much..)
(In the chat, every member has their full name except for Daesung, who goes by DS, which GD has seemed to been using for a while now. We also don’t know GD’s name on the chat since he is the one in green and we are seeing it from his chat/perspective.)
Translation via VIP4Daesung

Someone else posted a selca with themselves and G-Dragon. No information on where or when this is from, though it is tagged “@Oldstagram” and “New York”. It may be from the ALIVE concert stop in the U.S.A. He also posted a picture with Seungri, whihc is also below:
Source: jihohahm

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