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Information & Translation via @_BBMusic:
This article repeats a lot about the local filming in the area of BAD OEYNHAUSEN.  Here the focus is on the Shanghai Press conferences, where the trailer for “Out of Control” delights visitors. 300 journalists took part in the press conference and the trailer was accepted with sensationally well by the audience which according to Action Concept CEO Hermann Joha took them by surprise.
A top floor at the Congress Center in Shanghai was re-modeled for the press conference with a large stage and LED Screens. Only the largest of productions would get this type of treatment for a press conference with a six-figure budget here in Germany. To avoid a fan commotion the location of the press conference has been kept quiet until the morning of the event.
In the end 40 security personell were required to accompany Cecilia Cheung and T.O.P from the red carpet to the actual press conference, states Magdalena Pelc (speaker for Action Concept). Regardless fans managed to buy tickets for the press conference on the black market at a price of up to €1.000 (approx. $1,128 USD).
300 journalists attended the press conference which took about 2 hours. “Each excerpt of the movie caused acclaim. Instead of applause at individual scenes the audience gave a synchronized scream, especially with scenes by actor T.O.P”, states the Action Concept speaker.
A second article repeats about the local filming, however this sentence also stands out:
Online articles about the movie OUT OF CONTROL are followed with great interests by the fans of the  main actors. On various fansites by T.O.P aka Choi Seung-Hyun you can find translations of Westfalen Blatt articles in English, French, Spanish and Chinese.
For the original German articles, visit here.

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