sâmbătă, 4 iunie 2016


On June 1st, reports concerning members of BIG BANG reportedly planning on enlisting and fulfilling their mandatory military service at the same time were released.
However, their agency YG Entertainment spoke up about these reports and stated, “The five members of BIG BANG have never talked about enlisting at the same time and will not do so in the future. They will enlist separately and not together.”
An inside source from the agency talked with news outlet Star News and commented, “I heard that there is talk about BIG BANG members enlisting together but that’s not true at all. They will all enlist at different times.”
The source further revealed, “Eldest member T.O.P will enlist first and the other members will follow suit. BIG BANG’s G-Dragon and Taeyang are planning on releasing solo albums next year.”

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