luni, 30 mai 2016


seungriseyo: 2016年 Bigbang ‘fantastic Baby’ fan meeting! お疲れ様でした! この二ヶ月間 #vipjapan の皆さんとまた大切な思い出作られたと思いまして幸せです皆さんとゲーム、トーク、ライブなどいろんなことができてメンバーとの絆も強くなりVipjapanの皆さんの愛をまた確かめたファンミだったと思います、僕達は10周年もライブで5人揃って戻って来ます!また会うの楽しみにします!
(Year 2016 Bigbang ‘fantastic Baby’ fan meeting! Thank you for all the hard work! We have created many wonderful memories with #vipjapan for the past 2 months and I felt very fortunate. Our interactions in the fan meeting with everyone through game, talk, live and various activities, not only strengthen the bonds between the members but has also once again proven the love that VIP Japan has for us! The 5 of us will gather and perform together for our 10th anniversary! Looking forward to meeting everyone again!)

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