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The first official trailer for the movie will be shown in June at the Shanghai International Film Festival. Shooting has finished.
Löhne/Bad Oeynhausen (WB). The filming of the German-Chinese Action-Film with the working title “Out of Control”  have finished. The production company Action Concept has confirmed this on request. Part of the production has been done on the future A30 (motorway).
By Malte Samtenschnieder
After kicking of the filming of the movie »Out of control« in February, the team of the production company Action Concept filmed further scenes on the future A30 motorway in April. On the photo above you can see the main actor Choi Seung-hyun with the Löhner cable-stayed bridge. Photo by Tom Trambow/Action Concept.
“The last filming day was on May 20th. Action Concept and the whole team for  ›Out of control‹ are very satisfied as all went according to plan”, says Action Concept speaker Magdalena Pelc in a conversation with the newspaper. As reported previously, 46 filming days were planned in Cologne, Wuppertal, Dusseldorf, Cochem, Berlin, Aldenhoven as well as the future A30 motorway in Löhne and Bad Oeynhausen. The budgget for this modern Hightech-Action-Adventure is in a two-digit million area.
The elaborate staged explosion at the Löhner cable-stayed bridge are one of the key moments in the German-Chinese Action Film. These scenes were already filmed at the end of February. Photo: Tom Trambow/Action Concept
To start the filming at the end of February a elaborate staged explosion at the Löhner cable-stayed bridge was on the plan. Many stuntmen by the production company Action Concept were involved. The main actor Choi Seung-Hyun from South Korea and the main actress Cecilia Cheung from Hong Kong took part in the April continuation of the shooting and only then joined the set at the future A30 (motorway).
After finishing the actual filming, Magdalena Pelc outlines that postproduction begins. Postproduction is also being undertaken by Action Concept who is responsible. “The movie is expected to be finalized by the beginning of November and will then be forwarded to  Dreams of Dragons Pictures”, explains the speaker. Dreams of Dragons Pictures is the Chinese partner of the German production company from Hürth nearby Cologne.
During postproductions special effects will be included. For example the explosion scene at the Löhner cable-stayed bridge will be extended to show the bridge fully destroyed. Another step will be to completely dub the movie into Mandarin Chinese. As “every actor speaks their own mother tongue during filming”, which is what Tobias Knubel mentioned in his exclusive Interview with the newspaper in the beginning of April.
In a tunnel scene the main actress Cecilia Cheung is holding onto one of the stretch limousines. The scenes at the entrance of the tunnel was filmed in Bad Oeyenhausen, the remaining bits in Cologne. Photo: Tom Trambow/Action Concept
At least a first trailer of the Cyber-Action movie will be finalised shortly. It will be shown at the 19th International Shanghai Film Festival in June. “The movie is expected to come into cinemas in China in December”, underlines Magdalena Pelc. When the international production will possibly be shown in Germany is still open.
A central role in the Action-Adventure next to main actors Cecilia Cheung and Choi Seung-Hyun are 30 stretch limousines. With the help of a computer virus, the cyber criminal (Michael Trevino) takes control over the luxurious cars. Important parts of the showdown between good (Cecilia Cheung and Choi Seung-Hyun) and bad (Michael Trevino) were filmed on the not yet open motorway A30.

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