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this free, BIGBANG-like stages.”
Having excellent self-producing skills, he is also an influential fashion icon.
“It would be a lie if I say I don’t have any pressure about people saying those things, but enjoying fashion is something natural for me.  I loved fashion from when I was young, and I’ve always enjoyed to discover my own style. For those fans who have been watching me for a long time, they are perhaps enjoying the process of my transformation into a fashion icon; like a growth record (laughs).  I feel so happy every day to be able to work with music and fashion that I really love.”
SOL (Taeyang) – Earnest but freewheeling, straightforward personalities are his charms
Capturing the air with the jacket or standing up straight, he is picture perfect in every way.
“Before, I was very competitive and only cared about myself.  Now it feels like I’ve matured and became a person with broader perspective.” There are both earnestness and freewheeling attitude.
“Each member has matured and our voices and expressions have enriched. Please listen to that point.”Says SOL on their new album.  His vocals have grown more depth and his dance moves using his elegant body has evolved.
“Since I am in charge of main vocals, the atmosphere of the song somewhat depends on my voice. That’s why I would like to work hard and gain a lot of experience as a solo singer and come back to the group for the good synergy effect. As for dance, I care about the overall concept more often now, rather than just focusing on choreography. Working as a solo singer is a good opportunity to pursue my own type of music, but I feel lonely when I have to standby by myself (laughs). The fun part of BIGBANG being together is that we could “hang around” together.”
Which place left the most impression during world tour?
“All countries, but especially Mexico where we did our first concert there. The fans were singing and dancing from hours before the concert began, and that atmosphere was different from Asia. In Japan, people restrain themselves at the beginning.  But I could tell that they become all excited toward the end of the concert.  Performing in Japan is motivating because we could say “We were able to make the crowd go wild!” at the end.”
VI (Seungri) – Fluent in Japanese; reliable youngest
VI speaks the best Japanese out of all members.  He has been communicating actively with the staffs during photo session.
“I feel happy when everyone is having fun at the concert.  It’s always like a party singing and dancing!”
High Japanese communication skills mastering suberi-gei (T/N type of comedy when a person tells a boring joke and nobody laughs, but the fact that nobody laughs is funny) and humorous talk like a comedian. BIGBANG’s youngest member is a reliable, hard-worker with various charms.  We’ve told him that many people would be blown away by the contrast of having a sweet singing voice and such funny side. He responds “I see how it is” and does the gesture of goma-suri (T/N the kind of gesture in Japan equivalent to meaning of “apple polisher”, or, spoiling with nice words.)
“Each member has distinctive personality, and mine is that (comedic) type of role. I never stop learning about Japanese culture because I can’t be ignorant if I want to make people laugh!…but in reality I just enjoy those things (laughs) Recently I came to think I am a M (T/N =masochist – In Japan, often refers to people who enjoys hard work, instead of meaning anything sexual!). When I’m given a chance or even when things get tough, I enjoy the hard work. This is so M right?”
Even when the camera is off during the interview session, he keeps on with his full service. He tells us that communicating with the fans during the concert is the most enjoyable.
“I do read all the signs/boards that fans hold. When there are three fans in a row with each holding SEU, NG, and RI, I think: I’m glad all three came. If there were only two of the three, it would read SEU-RI. (laughs).  And often answering to fans holding up a sign, such as “give me a peace sign”. The best part of our concert is that people of all ages are able to have fun together.”
D-LITE (Daesung) – Overflowing healing aura; smile like an angel
He enters the studio with his trademark smile with a healing power.  When camera begins to snap, he now turns on his cool expressions.
“Even when our schedule is tough, everything is alright when I imagine fan’s faces.  They are my big source of energy.”
“Four years; that is pretty long right? Thank you very much for waiting for our album this long.” His kindness overflows with these thoughtful words and his cheerful voice and consistent beaming expressions that shows he truly enjoys music.  “The fact that men and women of all ages came to my concert became the source of power,” he talks about solo tour that he gained confidence through.
“When I go back to work with the group after spending some time doing solo activities, I do feel that we each have grown. There is more depth to the way of expressing the world of our music.  Time flies while going on a tour, but I value how I spend the time off. I need the time to re-think about what I want to do now, what kind of things I want, what kind of music I’m attracted to.”
He never takes a break from studying Japanese even with the busy schedule.
“These days, I learn by having a conversations and talking about my interest.  My Japanese teacher and I love Haruki Murakami. I have recently read his “Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage” in Korean and talked about my impressions with my teacher in Japanese.  I love novels and my teacher loves essays. It’s fun to recommend books to each other. I would make an effort to speak Japanese on stage, so I hope the fans here will also learn Korean little by little (laughs). Learning anything will become your asset in life!”
TOP – Low bass rapper who’s also a successful actor
The successful actor shows various expressions during the photo shoot.
“I believe that an artist needs 10 or more different faces in order to entertain everyone. “says TOP while playing with his sunglasses and showing different faces each cut.
With his gifted low-bass voice rap, TOP raises the storm of excitement with his live performance.  Handling both of his mischievousness and coolness, he is the eldest member with his own pace of life. Asked about his goals while he almost enters his 30s, he answers,
“My mental age stays as 15, so I don’t have anything that I’m concerned about.”
“When people mature too much, they often compromise, so that’s why all artists need the heart of a young boy.  However, when I get tired I become an 80-year-old. I come back and forth so many times becoming a boy and an old guy in one day (laughs).”
He is also a successful actor with his handsome looks.
“I have been challenging different types of roles as an actor. So when I also challenge new things on stage, I am instantaneous and fearless,” he self-evaluates.
“Our latest distress is that we are eager to show new appeals that only WE are able to.  But this is not a big trouble.  Because, it’s kind of like being miserable when thinking how to get a girlfriend when you don’t have one, but when you already have a girlfriend and you want to impress her, that’s a happy kind of distress right?”
So does that mean fans are like your girlfriends?
“Well, I am a ghost so I cannot have a girlfriend. Sorry.  But I will see you at the concert!”

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